The Internet has revolutionized modern society Essay

September 14, 2017 General Studies

The Internet has revolutionized modern society like no other phenomenon before it. To day of the month. its effects are felt in all sectors of modern economic system. With the cyberspace. hunt engines like Google allows pupils to pass less than seconds to happen the relevant information instead than pass hours in the library researching on the subject. In entire the Internet has non merely increased the sum of larning possibilities outside the schoolroom but it has created infinite sums of larning chances for pupils. However. I do non hold that the Internet will do schoolroom acquisition redundant

First. the cyberspace is unable to supply synergistic and custodies on larning. One of the most effectual ways of acquisition is to hold schoolroom treatments with the instructors to ease such treatments. Surveies from the Harvard University have shown that the pupils tend to larn better in a sociable environment and are more likely to lodge to their surveies when they feel portion of a strong group. Repetition is critical to larning and retains information’s but it can be boring. During these activities key points of the lesson have to be repeated in an interesting and natural manner to better retain what is being taught. This can be experience in a schoolroom -based learning environment.

Second. non everyone can afford to hold engineerings like computing machines to entree the cyberspace. In less developed states such as Uganda where approximately 67 % of Ugandans are either hapless or extremely vulnerable to poverty. Thus. classroom-based lessons are still needed in these states to increase the school registration rate as the bulk of the people are unable to afford computing machines and smartphones.

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