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February 15, 2019 General Studies

The Cosmological Argument is an argument for the existence of God that declares all things must have a cause in order for it to come into existence. For everything to come into existence, something must have created it into being. With that being said, everything that is present now had to have come from somewhere, it can’t be infinite. Nothing can cause itself to come into existence or be the reason for its own well-being. In order for there to be a cause there has to be a beginning cause to create it. By way of explanation, for a beginning cause to exists there would have to be an uncaused explanation for this to make sense, and the only thing that can be uncaused is God which also means He is the cause of the universe and therefore has to exist.
However, there is one that thinks the only explanation for the existence of the universe is it causing itself to seek its own existence. One may think this because they do not believe in an uncaused cause like God. Instead, one believes the existence of the universe never had a real beginning or will never really have an end because it is infinite. For this to be remotely possible, one would have to then believe that all previous events are relevant meaning the universe must have started by some type of explosion. To many, this may be known as the Big Bang Theory. One might think the universe was then created in that moment and all time began right then and there.
Although their argument is possible, since neither side of this argument has yet to be proven, I would have to disagree because only something that is uncaused can cause something to exist. In other words, there can’t be a first cause if something before that never came to existence. Any and everything that came into existence had to have had a beginning cause which leads me to believe the Big Bang theory is wrong. In fact, the Big Bang doesn’t sound that convincing. How do you explain the cause of the bang? How do you explain everything that is currently existing? Where did it come from? Did the universe truly start from a “bang”? If that’s the case, how did the bang even start? And from all of that, how did something come from nothing? I think it is close to, if not, impossible for something to come from nothing which is what the Big Bang theory sounds like. Think about it this way. Say you have dominos and they begin to fall. Someone had to have pushed the first domino down causing the rest to fall with it. That’s just like the universe coming into existence. The universe had a beginning which indicates that it also had a cause. God had to have started it which caused the world into existence.
I would also have to disagree to the person’s argument because I believe God exist and contributes all the properties presented in the cosmological argument. Those properties include God being uncaused, changeless, timeless, immaterial, and personal. For there to be a cause there must be a reason. God is that reason and that cause because he is uncased. Nothing in this world is going to happen or will happen without a cause, and because of that, there has to have been a beginning cause, which leads me to believe that God is the uncaused cause. God is also timeless and changeless because He is eternal. Lastly, I was convinced by the cosmological argument that God is personal because I believe everything has a reason and cause that was intended by God.


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