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March 15, 2019 General Studies

The hero is the main character of the novel who has better qualities than other characters. The protagonist is therefore admired by many people. He is one who do important and daring things in the novel. The main purpose of a hero is to set an inspiration for the audience. In the novel, The Great Gatsby there are two vital characters, the Gatsby and the narrator Nick Carraway. Nick is the narrator of the novel. He narrates everything about Gatsby and after reading the novel I believe that Gatsby played the real hero role more than Nick. However, Nick is my favorite character in the novel because he is very observant, honest and smart.

Nick narrated the novel so it is possible that his arguments and comments on people can be biased. He tells about his own experiences and gives his point of view only. He has portray himself in the book as truthful but at some events he lies. On the other hand Nick is fascinated by the gatsby because of his lifestyle so I believe that he would not say anything false about him. By reading the novel I can tell that Gatsby never shows that he is superior to anyone. He also has feelings for other people. Like in the novel when gatsby met Tom for first time he felt a bit sheepish. “They shook hands briefly and a strained, undamilar look of embarrassment came over Gatsby’s face… I turned toward Mr. Gatsby, but he was no longer there.” His face showed embarrassment because he is madly in love with daisy and is taking Daisy away from Tom. So when he met, daisy’s husband Tom he felt guilty. This shows that Gatsby is not a competitor or enemy.
Gatsby’s love for daisy is not false. He became a bootlegger of alcohol only to earn the money that would get daisy back to him. This shows that he loves her more than anything else. Unlike other people he’s not cheating and not lying with Daisy. He doesn’t want anything in return from her lover. This shows that he is committed and can do anything to get the women he love. In my point of view this is a great quality a man could have. So I respect him more than nick carraway and I believe this makes him more epic and romantic as compared to Nick carraway.

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