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August 16, 2017 Commerce

This chapter will discourse the proposed merchandise of the advocates. It includes a merchandise description which highlights the particular characteristics, benefits and advantages of the merchandise. A elaborate merchandise specification will be discussed to better depict the proposed merchandise of the advocates. It will besides include the natural stuffs, equipments and engineering to be used in the production procedure.

Merchandise Description

Merchandise Name: ZILI Plus

ZILI Plus is an herbal nutrient addendum made from grinded chili pepper Piper nigrum. Cayenne Piper nigrum is one of the most powerful herbs in the universe because of its benefit to human organic structure. It is made out of vegetable capsules which has the highest concentration of Capsaicin among other Piper nigrum herbs. Capsaicin, a compound found in Cayenne Piper nigrum, stimulates blood circulation and digestion. It contains Vitamins A and B composite every bit good as Vitamin C and K. The herb contributes significantly to a healthy bosom and strong peripheral circulation.

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It contains mineral compounds that promote systemic cleaning, increase peripheral circulation, and promote overall wellness and wellbeing.

The health-related history of cayenne Piper nigrum began with traditional Indian Ayurvedic practicians and was subsequently used in Asiatic states like China, Japan and Korea. The vitamins, minerals, and compounds found in cayenne Piper nigrum work to cleanse the system and advance overall wellness and wellbeing.



General: Treatment for wellness conditions such as hapless circulation, weak digestion, chronic hurting, sore pharynxs, concerns and odontalgias.

Digestion: used to cut down weight, stimulates organic structure metamorphosis, tummy spasms, sourness, reflux and gas, and helps modulate digestion of saccharides, used as a redress for irregularity

Circulation: maintain blood sugar degrees, better blood circulation, better bosom maps and prevent bosom diseases.

Muscle strivings: Provides relief to rheumatic, articulation, and arthritis strivings

External utilizations: usage as a powerful coagulator ( stops hemorrhage ) , wound-healing, bactericidal,

USP ( Unique Selling Proposition ) :

It contains extremely concentrated capsaicin found in no other herbal merchandises ; Used in cleansing the digestive piece of land and helps peripheral blood circulation.

ZILI Plus as a Food Addendum:

Maintains a healthy digestive system

Cayenne Piper nigrum stimulates digestive system map. It helps to cleanse the digestive piece of land and to cut down gas buildup. Cayenne besides stimulates stomachic juice end product and acts as a natural digestive agent.

Maintains healthy circulation

Cayenne Piper nigrum helps back up healthy circulation and in peculiar, cayenne Piper nigrum helps to increase peripheral circulation. Cayenne Piper nigrum contains vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant that keeps the bosom healthy. It besides contains Vitamins C and K. These foods are associated with healthy blood circulation.

Enhances metabolic efficiency

ZILI Plus is made up of Capsaicin, an of import alkaloid in cayenne Piper nigrum. It helps hike energy released by the organic structure and therefore additions metamorphosis rate.

Strengthens the immune system

Cayenne Piper nigrum is one of the best beginnings of vitamin C and is frequently used to excite intense perspiration. Cayenne Piper nigrum besides contains folic and Para-benzoic acids, plus vitamins A and B-complex.

Enhances the efficaciousness of other herbal and nutritionary addendums

Cayenne Piper nigrum is a accelerator for other herbs, chiefly due to its oleoresin content, transporting them rapidly to where they are needed most.

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Table 1.1

Serving Size 1 Capsules

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Cayenne ( Capsicum frutescens ) ( fruits )

450 milligram

Other Ingredients:

Plant Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate

Side Effectss of ZILI Plus

Gastrointestinal Side Effectss

Substance of cayenne Piper nigrum can do stomach annoyance in some persons if taken. Anyone who is prone to heartburn is advised to speak to their physicians before taking cayenne Piper nigrum capsules. Peoples with cranky intestine syndrome or tummy or enteric ulcers may non be able to safely devour cayenne Piper nigrum addendums.

Moisture Effectss

The organic structure of the user may respond to effects of capsaicin stimulation by bring forthing excess wet. A individual taking cayenne pepper capsules may see perspiration, flushing, watery eyes, and a fluid olfactory organ.

Allergic Reaction

Some persons may see an allergic reaction to cayenne Piper nigrum. Signs include trouble external respiration, thorax hurting, stringency in the pharynx or thorax, a tegument roseola, urtications, and itchy or conceited tegument. An allergic reaction to cayenne pepper capsules should be considered a medical exigency.

Kidney and Liver Issues

Devouring excessively much capsaicin can do kidney and liver harm. Peoples should non transcend recommended doses, and anyone with kidney or liver jobs should non take chili pepper pepper capsules.

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Table 1.2

B-A-F Matrix

Benefits to Customers

Advantages V.S Rivals

Features of the Merchandise

Food addendums

Conserves nutritionary unity

Easy to take

Healthy life style

Cheaper than other wellness addendum

3 benefits in 1 capsule

Prevents diseases

All natural made

Bottle used is push and turn.

Best pick for diet

We use capsule to forestall the existent gustatory sensation of the chili pepper

Easy to hive away. Can be put it anyplace

Health bosom, Stimulates digestion, healthy circulation

Information is printed in the bottle

Functions of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne or most normally known as “ chili, ” is a popular spice used by assorted states non merely for cooking but besides for medicative intents for 1000s of old ages now. Capsaicin, the key ingredient which gives all sorts of pepper their heat, is the chief natural chemical constituent of chili pepper. Peppers are measured harmonizing to their heat, and normally, a Piper nigrum contains 0-15 % of capsaicin. A Piper nigrum ‘s heat grade determines its use and value. This means that the hotter the Piper nigrum, the more capsaicin it contains which besides means that it has more usage and value. Capsaicin non merely gives heat to the Piper nigrum, it besides acts to cut down thrombocyte stickiness and besides relives hurting. Other elements of chili pepper are vitamin E, vitamin C, and carotenoids.

Degree centigrades: UsersAPRILDocumentsEXPROJIMAGESfoodchart.php.jpg

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Health Benefits

Cayenne Piper nigrum, non merely adds heat and spice to the nutrient but besides an first-class beginning of vitamin A carotenoids including beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is extremely of import in our organic structure for it helps in cut downing the symptoms of asthma, degenerative arthritis, and arthritic arthritis. Besides, because of cayenne Piper nigrum contains antioxidant, it is really helpful in the bar of free extremist amendss that can finally take to atherosclerosis, colon malignant neoplastic disease, and diabetic complications, nervus harm and bosom diseases.

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Cardio Vascular Benefits

Cayenne and other ruddy chili Piper nigrums are known to cut down blood cholesterin, triglyceride degrees, and thrombocyte collection. They are besides known to increase the organic structure ‘s ability to fade out fibrin, a substance necessity for the formation of blood curdling. Cayenne Piper nigrums are really helpful in cut downing the hazard of holding bosom onslaught, shot, and pneumonic intercalation. Harmonizing to research surveies, people who are accustomed to eating hot Piper nigrums like chili pepper, has a lower rate or possibility to hold such diseases.

Prevent Stomach Ulcers

Cayenne Piper nigrums does non do ulcers, alternatively they help forestall such disease by killing the bacterium that you might hold ingested in your organic structure. While making such, it besides stimulates the cell liner in the tummy to assist release protective buffering juices that would forestall ulcer formation.

Merchandise Specification

This merchandise comes in vegetable membrane capsules. Contained in a white unit of ammunition medical specialty plastic bottles that can suit 60 capsules of ZILI Plus


Empty vegetable Capsule Physical Specifications


OUTER DIAMETER ( millimeter )



( milligram )




450 milligram

Vegetable Capsules

Vegetable capsules are made from natural works cellulose unlike gelatin capsules. It has the same map as gelatin capsules. Vegetable capsules are starch-free, gluten free and it does non incorporate preservatives. These capsules are made so that the demand of vegetarian and particular cultural life style would be met.

Vegetable capsules are from HMPC ( hydroxyl, propylm, methyl cellulose ) which is comprised of works cellulose. It has been widely used in nutrient, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals all over the universe. These capsules can besides be coloured by natural comestible colorants and can be imprinted with natural printing inks. Besides vegetable capsules run swimmingly on all sorts of high velocity and semiautomatic filling machines.

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Illustration 1.1

Capsule Specification

40.5 mm/ 4.05 milliliter

*Scoville Unit of measurements refer to the capsaicin degree in a specific Piper nigrum or pepper merchandise. The grade of “ heat ” in a peculiar Piper nigrum is straight relative to the capsaicin degree.


Height: 7.5cm or 2.95 inches

Length: 5.5cm or 2.16 inches

Width: 5.5 centimeter or 2.16 inches

ZILI Plus Bottle

Sizes: ZILI Plus bottle= 2.95×2.16×2.16 inches

Weight: 27,000 milligram per bottle

Shape: Round

Color Scheme: White

Brand Name: ZILI Plus

The advocates have decided to utilize ZILI Plus as our trade name name because the merchandise is made up of 100 % natural spice herb with 3-in-1 wellness benefit. The name ZILI gives accent that the merchandise is made up of spice herb peculiarly Cayenne Pepper. This gives us a competitory advantage because Singaporeans will be attracted to our trade name name because of its “ Plus ” wellness benefits.


Direction for usage:

Take twice a twenty-four hours before repast.

Do non transcend recommended doses to avoid complications.

Best Before: 2 old ages from fabrication. See underside of bottle ( DDMMYY )

DOH logo: Recognized by DOH and BFAD that it is proved safe to utilize

Manufactured by: ZILI Company Corp. 2111 MM Ave. Binan Laguna Ph, Economic & A ; Technical Developing Zone of Philippines

Imported by: ZILI Corporation Philippines

For more information: TEL. NO. 744-33-21/744-3322 or 1800-10-4546259

Production Procedure

Production Process Flow Chart


Receiving of natural stuffs: Every month – General Manager

Quality checking of natural stuffs: Upon bringing – General Manager

Measure 1: Grinding

The dried Piper nigrums are ground into all right pulverization utilizing a all right spice factory.

Illustration 1.3


Measure 2: Encapsulation

Capsule make fulling machine will be used to make full the vegetable capsules with 4.5ml of grounded chili pepper pulverization. Capsules will be fed into the machine, the filler so align, clears and accurately fills each capsule and recloses. Fillers generate minimal dust with lowest degree of merchandise loss. Non-separated, dual loaded capsules and improperly inserted capsules are automatically rejected by machines to keep the consistence in the quality of merchandise.

Illustration 1.4

Capsule Filling Machine

Table 1.4

Machine Specification




160,000 pcs/hr

Machine size LxWxH ( centimeter )

119mm X 126 mm X 223 millimeter

Net Weight

1800 kilogram

Measure 3: Capsule Inspection

This review machine is designed and used for inspecting capsule or tablet which is patched, broken, or non standard by vision through automatically revolving the capsule over 360 grades or turning the tablet from one surface to the other surface. The inspector can easy take out any bad capsule or tablet and roll up together.

Illustration 1.5

Capsule Inspection Machine

Table 1.5

Machine Specification




160,000 pcs/hr

Machine size LxWxH ( centimeter )


Net Weight

130 kilogram

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Measure 4: Bottling

Machines count out capsules and drop them into empty bottles standing like soldiers at attending on another conveyer belt. The bottles so move beneath a optical maser, which seals a protective line drive over the bottles ‘ tops.

Illustration 1.6

Bottling Machine


Table 1.6

Bottling Specification




60 bottles/minute

No. of numeration channels



1980x1870x1740 millimeter

Net Weight

130 kilogram

Measure 5: Capping

Caping machines will be used to procure caps onto medical specialty bottles. This semi-automaticA capping machine allowsA a individual operator to execute everyday activities rapidly and accurately.

Illustration 1.7


Table 1.7




60 bottles/minute

Cap diameter

10-60 millimeter

Bottle diameter

15-100 millimeter

Bottle height

50-150 millimeter

Machine dimension

2400x1000x1900 millimeter


700 kilogram

Measure 6: Labeling

The fully-automatic, single-side labeling machine is an ideal machine for labeling unit of ammunition, ellipse, level and square bottles. It can besides be used for wrap-around labels.

Illustration 1.8


Table 1.8




60 bottles/minute

Bottle diameter

15-100 millimeter

Bottle height

50-150 millimeter

Machine dimension

2400x1000x1900 millimeter


700 kilogram

Measure 7: Putt manufactured and termination day of the month

Manual Stamping of fabrication day of the month and termination day of the month will be done by the employees. Termination day of the month will be 2 old ages after the fabrication day of the month.

Measure 8: Concluding Inspection

A concluding review will be made to look into the overall quality of the merchandise. Check if the bottles are decently sealed and there are no clefts and materials. The quality control staff would utilize any or all of their five senses to analyze and look into the merchandise.

Measure 9: Export Packing

After go throughing concluding quality criterion cheques, merchandises will be carefully packed in a carton box. It will be marked consequently to guarantee proper handling of the merchandise. Sealed with packing tape, it will be so be fitted into a wooden crate which is mounted on a palette for lading convenience.


22.44 inches

14.37 inches

11.22 inches

The dimension of the carton is 14.37×22.44×11.22 ( inches ) . In 1 carton there will be 200 ZILI Plus bottles.

Calculation to cognize how many ZILI Plus bottles will be placed in a carton:

( 14.37×22.44×11.22=3618.03 ) / ( 3.50×2.16×2.16=16.33 ) =221.55 OR 200 boxes The extra infinite is for the splitter inside the box.

The box must incorporate the undermentioned labels:

Company name: ZILI PLUS

Merchandise name: ZILI Plus: Cayenne Pepper Capsules

Batch Number

Bar Code

Precautions steps for managing

State of beginning

Volume content: 5,400,000 ( 27,000mg x 200 ) or 54 kgs

Gantt ChartC: UsersAPRILDocumentsEXPROJIMAGESgantt-revised.jpg

Maximal Daily Production: 2,100 Bottles

60 Capsule per bottle

450mg per capsule

27,000 milligram per bottle

56,700,000 milligram or 56.7kg in 2100 bottles

126,000 capsule in 2100 bottles


From 8:00 am to 8:25 am

The Grinding Machine will crunch 56,700,000 milligram or 56.7kg of dried chili pepper Piper nigrum in to pulverize. This is will take 25 proceedingss.

From 8:25 am to 9:15 am

Encapsulation Machine will hold end product of 126,000 capsules. This will take 50 proceedingss.

From 9:15 am to 10:05 am

Capsule Inspection machine can inspect 126,000 capsules. This will take besides 50 proceedingss.

From 10:00 am to 10:30 am

There will be 1 batch of worker will take 15 proceedingss break and another batch will be for the following 15 proceedingss, so the machine will non close down, the machine will work continuously.

From 10:05 am to 10:40 am

Bottling Machine will set the capsule in the bottle and ready for cresting. This will take 35 proceedingss.

From 10:40 am to 11:15 am

The Capping Machine will crest the bottles that came from Bottling. This will take 35 proceedingss.

From 11:15 am to 11:50 am

The Labeling Machine will set spine of the label in the bottle. This will take 35 proceedingss.

From 11:50 autopsy to 1:30 autopsy

The workers will set fabrication and termination day of the month in the bottle manually. This will take 1hr and 40 proceedingss.

From 12:00 autopsy to 2:00 autopsy

The will be besides divided in two batch, 1st batch will eat tiffin from 12:00 autopsy to 1:00pm and another batch will take their tiffin from 1:00 autopsy to 2:00 autopsy. So there will be no arrest or close down of machine.

From 1:30 autopsy to 3:15 autopsy

The merchandise will hold a concluding review of the cresting whether it is cap good, labeling whether the spine is put in the bottle orderly and in conclusion the inspect in the every bottle whether there is fabricating and termination day of the month.

From 3:00 autopsy to 3:30

There will be another interruption of 15 proceedingss per batch of workers, and will hold a sum of 30 proceedingss for 2 batch of workers.

From 3:30 autopsy to 5:00 autopsy

The worker will set all bottles in the boxes manually, 100 bottles per box, so there will be a sum of 21 boxes in a day-to-day.

Estimated Production capacity

Table 1.9

Production Estimates




















Production Procedure Estimates:

Sum of grounded chili pepper Piper nigrum per twenty-four hours = 56,700,000

Sum of grounded chili pepper Piper nigrum per capsule= 450 milligram

Entire no. of capsules produced in a twenty-four hours = 2,100 capsules

Entire no. of capsules in a bottle = 60 capsules

Gantt Chart of Transporting

Calendar month



















Twice a Month

20ft Container

( 232.28×92.52×94.09=2,022,045.436 ) / ( 14.37×22.44×11.22=3618.03 ) = 558.88 or 558 Boxs

111,600 Bottles

Need 2 Months and 2 twenty-four hours to Fill the 20ft Container

200 Bottles per Box

1st Year ( LCL )

157 Boxes Every Transportation

31,400 Bottle

2nd and 3rd Year ( LCL )

315 Boxes Every Transportation

63,000 Bottle

4th and 5th Year ( FCL )

472 Boxes Every Transportation

94,400 Bottles


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