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March 6, 2019 English Literature

The unification that language brings within people, communities and cultures has driven my desire to pursue a degree course in Spanish with a second speciality. Cultural immersion, such as weekly conversation with a native speaker, the enjoyment of Hispanic music and numerous visits to Spain, has amplified my passion for the Spanish language. From my perspective, understanding a second language deepens your understanding of your own and I feel that every new language learned causes you to view the world in another light. Despite the variations of vocabulary, dialect and grammar, it is language that makes everyone relatable towards each other, therefore my spirited enthusiasm to embark on this language-learning journey derives from the universal nature of Spanish language and culture.
In my study of English Literature, I have refined my analytical skills through the exploration of literature’s complex meanings which relate to wider societal themes. Also, this subject has increased my expression of ideas. The controversial nature of Government and Politics has given me the opportunity to enhance my ability to interpret and evaluate information and enable me to solve problems more efficiently through the study of the equivocality in government’s character. Spanish ‘A’ Level has not only given me confidence to speak, learn and understand another language, it has also improved my interpersonal skills due to the repetition and frequency required to improve my knowledge of Spanish. My ‘A’ level subjects have given me transferable skills that will assist me in my future studies, helping me both academically and independently.
One of the factors that has motivated me in aspiring to study a language is my work experience placement. In Year 13, I assisted in an extra-curricular Spanish Club at a local primary school. This experience grasped my fascination of the boundless nature of languages – everyone has the ability to become absorbed by unique gifts that languages give to us, regardless of age or background. In terms of practicality, this placement sharpened my capability to act on initiative, to communicate and to incorporate a language into everyday life which will aid me in undertaking a degree course.
Additionally, being a member of the School Magazine Committee has enabled me to give back to the school whilst strengthening my research, writing and independence skills. Obtaining a qualification in First Aid displays my ability to acquire new skills and at the same time, potentially help others. Being chosen as Senior Prefect requires my cooperation and responsibility to be executed throughout school as well as displaying respect and to uphold the school’s values. I feel that these aspects of my school life have developed my confidence and enabled me to develop myself as a person in society.
Furthermore, outside of school I am currently in the process of learning the basics of another language, namely Russian. I am passionate about learning therefore I like to gain new knowledge and increase my potential. Reading is a major part in my life, whether it be novels, articles or poetry. It stimulates my mind whilst enhancing my vocabulary, writing skills and analysis. Comparatively, I enjoy lifting weights in the gym. Not only is this an activity that I enjoy but it has taught me that determination is key to progress and success. These activities have strengthened my skills and qualities that will be transferable to studying at university.
Penultimately, applying for deferred entry gives me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of cultures and languages when I travel, to discover and improve myself, and to prepare myself for university, academically and socially.
To summarise, with all the skills, qualities and gap year in mind, I deem myself ready to pursue a course at university and embrace it. As a highly motivated person who can undertake new challenges, I am determined to embark on this transformative journey.


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