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October 2, 2017 Commerce

Directors. Without the presence of these parties the company can non run decently. Stockholders are the individual who own portion of stocks in an organisation. In another word, the 1 who hold one or more than one portions in the company. They are besides known as the shareholders. They have got rights to buy and sell the portion in or out the organisation, rights to vote for the board and has power to take what assets remains after settlement of a company. But they do n’t hold rights to look into the books of fiscal recognition.

Similarly, where as director are the individual who are the encephalon of an organisation. All the success and failure of an organisation depends upon the activities, thoughts, cognition, and experience of trough. In another word the individual who use the ‘management accomplishments ‘ to command overall organisation is known as director. The director has got power to supervise the public presentation and manage plants to the lower members in an organisation. Directors chiefly focus to take lead in a competitory environment utilizing different sorts of resources like capital, homo, natural, rational and intangible.

Populating together in same edifice creates tonss of jobs. Likewise no 1 wants to be little in related to concern. The most obvious job that occurs in company is struggle in involvement between stockholder ( chief ) and trough ( agent ) . This job normally arises when both the parties tries to maximise their benefits. Stockholder wants to see higher net income in the organisation which in consequences they get dividends from it and manger wants to see higher gross because more disbursals can be made to derive benefit from them. For illustration if the company or stockholders said to director to purchase another edifice for concern and director can easy increase the rate and take remainder of the money as their benefits which is disbursals for the company or stockholders but company does non gain because it is in higher gross. Both the parties have different attitude towards hazards excessively. Stockholders do non desire to bear immense sum of loss in the organisation so they invest money in ‘many ‘ organisation. So, when one company might travel to stop so remainder of the money are still safe. Therefore their fiscal securities are non threatened. But director ‘s fiscal security depends upon how good is an organisation is running.

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Harmonizing to the bureau theory, the house can be viewed as a link of contract between resources holders. An bureau relationship takes castle when the more than one single known as chief and employ one or more than one other person called agents, to make certain undertaking in the organisation. This theory shows that it creates primary job in an organisation i.e. self-interested behavior. If the market and the labor are hapless outside the organisation than the trough tries to increase their ain benefit at the disbursals of stockholder. Agents ( director ) in the company knows more than the Principal ( stockholders ) so agents has got more opportunities in their ain opportunism instead than the company ‘s involvement due to asymmetric information and insecurity. This theory besides shows the chief agent relationship.

Similarly, if the director of a company own less than 100 % of the organisation common stock than the possible bureau is formed. But if the company is exclusive proprietary than the proprietor ain ego as a director should pull off to increase its benefits. So, following are grounds that create struggles of involvement that coup d’etat between director and the stockholders:

Net income related wage

Rise in portion value

Direct intervention by stockholder

Menaces of coup d’etat

Directors can be more interested to take over the stockholder ‘s involvement if stockholders did non supervise and take certain action to them. To cut down these sorts of jobs stockholder must convey bureau cost. Agency costs are those cost made by stockholders to convey directors in the right path or in another word to promote director to maximise stockholders gross instead than their ain opportunism. In order to supervise the activities of directors following activities should be done like:

Performance based motive programs

The menace of firing

The menace of coup d’etat

Controling unwanted managerial behavior

Proper accountings

Budget maximizing

Codes of moralss


Stockholders should ever be attentive towards the director behavior and activities because directors have better information of company than the stockholder so they can cleverly temp to utilize the house ‘s assets of their ain terminal. Some inactive portion holders will travel along with whatever direction wants, some active stockholders have tried to act upon direction, but they frequently met with licking. So, the pros and cons of this statement are as follows:


Flexible in capital market If the company is corporate than the investors can be easy pull because corporation ‘s ability to publish portion is a strong point to sell those who wants to put in the concern. So the capital is easy entree in the market.

Power formation Corporate or joint stock company has got power construction and direction signifier ; stockholders, directors, Board of managers. Each of them has got their ain rights, responsibilities and duties which help to maintain organisation in control.

Owner have limited liability Harmonizing to the jurisprudence the corporation is a separate concern. Members of corporate company can non be held personally until the legal formalities are completed. So the proprietors are protected from legal liability.

Infinite life corporate company has got infinite life unless the company goes to ruin or unless it is compound by other company or people.


Cost and clip Runing these sorts of corporation organisation it consume tonss of cost and clip which is non a good facet of an organisation. Similarly holding the jobs between stockholder and trough can make immense jobs while fixing different legal paperss and fees must be paid to the secretary of province office.

Follow tonss of legal formalities Harmonizing to jurisprudence a corporate company is a separate entity, independent of proprietors where different corporate formalities should be ensured. The formalities like managing regular meeting, maintaining records of activities, fiscal records etc.

Double Tax In this sort of corporation the stockholders are exposed to pay dual revenue enhancement. It means that corporation itself is taxed from the any net income of the concern earned plus the any other stockholder who earns net income in the signifier of dividend is besides taxed.

Similarly the board of managers are the individual who lead and control overall organisation utilizing their accomplishments, experience and cognition. They besides act as a nexus between the trough and the stockholders. The board of manager ‘s chief intent is to attest the company ‘s success by supervising the companies ‘ personal businesss and supplying appropriate involvement to stockholders and stakeholders. The functions of board of managers are determining the company ‘s purpose and programs, monitoring, managing meeting with effectual aims, work outing the fiscal issues. They are the person who are been elected by the board of members. They are besides sometimes known as board of legal guardians, board of governors, board of director.

There are different responsibilities that the board of managers should follow in the corporate company which are described below:

Fiduciary responsibility Under the fiducial responsibility the board of managers enhance the house ‘s profitableness, avoid struggle between the portion holders and the directors, act as a good belief in the best involvement of the company.

Duty of attention under this subdivision the board of managers do what a normal wise individual would make under same place. Using accomplishments, cognition, see the managers takes good determinations. Business opinions regulations are held.

Duty of trueness and just covering in this subdivision the board of managers makes a determinations which act in the involvement of company beside moving involvement of proprietor which means involvement of stockholders are given first precedence. It is frequently called as self-dealing minutess.

Duty of revelation Under this subdivision the revelation to stockholders are provided in two instances i.e. when stockholders are asked to vote and when there is struggle of involvement dealing.

So, those were the responsibilities of board of managers to do a balance in the organisation and to supervise the different activities of trough and to command the jobs in struggle of involvement between stockholders and troughs. It is an of import facet of good corporate administration that board will, in its bend, be accountable to stockholder and supply them with relevant information so that good determination can take topographic point.


Corporate administration is merely every bit related to a family-owned concern as to one with a diverse stockholders support, and merely every bit related to a populace limited company as to a state-owned endeavor. Whatever is the signifier of concern but the good corporate administration organisation helps to do a concern durable commanding its internal differences, direction constructions, public presentation of a organisation, programs and policies and complete contemplation of stockholder and trough involvement.

Similarly, it can be clearly seen from the above treatment that the board of managers can do a immense part between the principal and agent job. To command such struggle of involvement between stockholders and directors the board of managers should utilize the leading accomplishments and the monitoring power in the corporate administration or Joint Stock Company.


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