The Joy Luck Club Novel Amy Tan English Literature Essay

September 29, 2017 English Literature

The most imperative technique Tan uses is flashbacks. Tan uses flashbacks to exemplify the upbringing of her characters. For illustration, Lindo Jong presents her past narrative in the chapter, The Red Candle. The chapter depicts her upbringing in a Chinese civilized society in which she is engaged to Tyan Yu at the age of two. Jong is shortly abandoned by her household due to a inundation, which leaves her in the custodies of Yu ‘s household. Fighting through her existance, she eventually creates a program to get away her unjust life. She tricks her family into believing she will convey pandemonium to the household, hence her in-laws provide her with money, which she uses to go to America ( Tan 49-66 ) . Jong ‘s mention to the yesteryear shows the reader that Jong did non hold an ordinary life but grew up fighting for freedom.

Waverly Jong, Lindo Jong ‘s girl, refers to her yesteryear as an ordinary American. Waverly briefly describes her life and how she bonds with the game of cheat. She so describes her jobs with her female parent. Waverly accuses her female parent of utilizing her as a item to demo off since she was a Chess prodigy ( Tan 89-101 ) . Lindo pushed Waverly out of love and expected regard and esteem in return. But, Waverly idea of her female parent as a sneak adult female with selfish demands. This shows how simplistic and nescient Waverly truly is. Lindo on the other manus was abandoned by her parents and had to fight to make the freedom which Waverly had achieved at birth. The flashbacks truly show the difference between a rough Chinese upbringing compared to the insouciant life of an American-raised Chinese adult female. We have the privilege of detecting their position by point of position.

Point of position, another key technique utilized throughout the novel, is deviously presented by Tan to demo the reader each character ‘s position. In The Joy Luck Club Tan presents her novel in seven different first-person point of positions ; An-Mei Hsu ‘s, Lindo Jong ‘s, Ying-Ying St.clair, June Woo ‘s, Rose Hsu Jordan, Waverly Jong, and Lena st. Clair. “ This is how a girl honors her female parent. It is shou so deep it is in your castanetss. The hurting of the flesh is nil. The hurting you must bury. Because sometimes that is the lone manner to retrieve what is in your castanetss. You must skin off your tegument, and that of your female parent, and her female parent before her. Until there is nil. No cicatrix, no tegument, no flesh ( Tan Pg. 41 ) . ” This quotation mark is presented in An-Mei ‘s point of position after she experiences her female parent cutting meat of her organic structure to bring around her grandma. The quotation mark deeply show ‘s An-Mei ‘s position of the connexion between female parents and their girls. An -Mei extends so far in her position that she describes regard, or shou, as being in the castanetss as a portion of a Chinese girl. She feels really strong toward the connexion and Tells Rose, her girl, to speak to her alternatively of traveling to the head-shrinker because she knows Rose best and is in her castanetss. On top of that An-Mei faced flagitious experiences like the other female parents in the book. These adult females would travel so far for their ain female parents, in contrast to their ain girls.

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On the contrary, the girls in the novel are lack experience and civilization. As typical American citizens, they tend to confront much simpler jobs. “ I watch her, expanse after expanse, waiting for the right minute to state her about ted and me, that we ‘re acquiring divorced ” ( Tan pg.116 ) . This quotation mark presented in Rose Hsu Jordan ‘s position represents a major job in her life. Rose is about to acquire a divorce, a typical job faced in American society. An-Mei ‘s position on a mother-daughter relationship is emotional, but Rose still hesitates to portion her jobs with her. Rise looks down on her female parent because her female parent keeps forcing her to repair the matrimony. An-Mei pushes her because she knows the value of a relationship, but Rose still oversees her female parent ‘s purposes. An-Mei had to confront such flagitious jobs where as one of Rose ‘s major job was divorce and yet she seems to non be given to it as much. Analyzing each of their positions helps to demo the differentiation between these two relationships. The female parent ‘s life, a Chinese cultural and wise life, was really different in a more hard sense, where as the modern American citizen life was unmindful.

A symbol that represents the female parents in the novel is the swan. “ This bird, boasted the market seller, was one time a duck that stretched its cervix in hopes of going a goose, and now look! -it is excessively beautiful to eat ” ( Tan 17 ) . The swan is a beautiful animal that represents hope. The old adult female is going to America for a new life and with hope in her bosom. The female parents in the novel are described the same manner. They all have nil but hope left and push for a new life.

A symbol that represents the girls is the list on Lena St. Clair ‘s icebox. The list divides up the points Lena bargains and those that Harold, her hubby, bargains. Tan uses the list to knock the American society. A married twosome should non account for the points they purchase. Marriage is a bond that is based of love, whereas their matrimony kind of seems as a concern partnership. Tan show her sentiment on this by Ying-Ying ‘s dissension. “ This, you do non portion! ” stated Ying-Ying. Ying-Ying. Ying-Ying knows that such an imperative bond should non reflect the points shared in a family. The swan represents the female parents in such an elegant mode. However, the list presents the girls in such an insensible mode.

If Tan was to be described she would be described as the girls in the book. Like the girls she was raised in America. Tan ‘s female parent had left behind three kids in Shanghai, which relates to Jing-Mei ‘s position. This novel does n’t stand for seven fictional characters but it represents a cultural society today. Partss of the book were from Tan ‘s life. Tan uniquely expresses her personal ideas through this novel which opened the reader ‘s eyes to a whole new universe of civilization consciousness.


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