The Kite Runner, Amir and Hassan Essay

August 16, 2017 General Studies

Khaled Hosseini’s “Kite Runner” is a novel about an Afghan male child. Amir. and his best friend. and illicit brother. Hassan. The narrative of Amir and Hassan is filled with escapade. secrets. love. trueness and salvation. It is told through Amir’s position. Amir is raised in an flush Afghani vicinity in Kabul. Amir is really privileged in contrast to his servant Hassan. Amir is Pashtun. and Hassan is Hazara. Hazaras are discriminated against by most Pashtuns. Amir and Hassan are bullied for existences near despite their racial differences. Amir feels bitterness towards Hassan because Hassan is the boy that Amir’s male parent ever wanted.

Hassan is athletic and strong unlike Amir who is sensitive. and prefers reading and composing over athleticss. Hassan has an unconditioned trueness towards Amir. Hassan is willing to give anything for Amir even his ain well-being. Amir has a trueness towards his male parent. Amir longs for his male parent love and attending. and is willing to give Hassan for his father’s love. Hassan is altruistic and is willing to give of himself to Amir. Amir. is selfish. and willing to take advantage of others for his ain benefit. Hassan is brave. Hassan is willing to stand up for himself. and for Amir.

Hassan stands up for Amir. even when he knows that he can’t win. In the terminal. Hassan is a foil for Amir. Hassan is everything that Amir isn’t. while Hassan is strong and athletic. Amir is more sensitive and he prefers reading over athleticss. While Hassan is altruistic. and willing to give himself for others. Amir is selfish and willing to take from others for himself. While Hassan is courageous and willing to stand up for Amir in any state of affairs. Amir is a coward. and willing to let Hassan to be sacrificed in order to continue himself. and to acquire what he wants. Hassan is Amir’s better half.

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The half he will ne’er be. As a kid. Amir was ne’er able to carry through the stereo type of a typical Afghan male child for his male parent. Baba wanted Amir to be athletic. and to love athleticss like he does. Amir feels as if he has disappointed. by non being athletic and by preferring to read than to play athleticss. “I was traveling to win. and I was traveling to run that last kite. Then I’d Bring it place and demo it to Baba. Show him that one time and for all that his boy was worthy. so possibly my life as a shade in this house would eventually be over. ” ( pg. 56 ) This quotation mark shows Amir’s feelings towards winning the kite for his male parent.

This quotation mark reveals that Amir thinks that in order to win his father’s blessing. he has to win the kite for Baba. Amir thinks that Baba will merely accept and love him if he is able to stand out in a athletics. In contrast to Amir. Hassan is effortlessly good at athleticss. He hardly has to seek. and he wins Baba’s fondness. Amir feels covetous towards Hassan because he has won Baba’s love in a manner that Amir will ne’er be able to vie with. “I wanted Baba all to myself. And besides. one clip at Ghargha Lake. Hassan and I were planing rocks and Hassan made his rock skip eight times. The most I managed was five.

Baba was at that place. observation. and he patted Hassan on the dorsum. ” ( pg. 14 ) This quotation mark takes topographic point when Amir is holding a flashback to when he was younger. and Hassan wins Baba’s blessing over him. Amir is covetous in this quotation mark because Hassan is more athletic than him. He is able to effortlessly win what Amir wants so severely. All Hassan has to make is throw a rock. and Baba is proud of him. while Amir. his boy. attempts and can’t addition his pride. Hassan is the boy Baba wishes Amir would be. Hassan is brave while Amir is weak. Amir and Hassan’s foremost encounter with Assef ended with Hassan frightening Assef off.

He was courageous and protected Amir by standing up to Assef and endangering him. Assef had merely threatened Hassan and Amir by stating that they out figure them. for there is three of them and merely Amir and Hassan. Hassan answers to him while keeping a catapult pointed at his face. He responds. “You are right. Agha. But possibly you didn’t notice that I’m the one keeping the catapult. If you make a move. they’ll have to alter your moniker from Assef ‘the Ear Eater’ to ‘One-Eyed Assef. ’ because I have this stone pointed at your left oculus. ” ( pg. 2 ) although Hassan was scared he did non demo his fright. Amir on the other manus. showed his fright and didn’t even try to make false courage. We see Amir’s cowardliness and failing most when he witnesses Hassan being raped. He does non seek to step in and salvage Hassan. like Hassan had done for him so many times earlier. Alternatively he turns to his usual flight path. which is running off. “I ran because I was a coward. I was afraid of Assef and what he would make to me. I was afraid of acquiring injury. That’s what I told myself as I turned my dorsum to the back street. to Hassan.

That’s what I made myself believe. I really aspired to cowardice. because the option. the existent ground I was running. was that Assef was right: Nothing was free in this universe. Possibly Hassan was the monetary value I had to pay. the lamb I had to murder. to win Baba. Was it a just monetary value? The reply floated to my witting head before I could queer it: He was merely a Hazara. wasn’t he? ” ( pg. 77 ) This quotation mark shows Amir’s cowardliness and inability to truly stand up for himself or anyone he cares about. It besides shows Hassan’s unconditioned trueness for Amir but besides shows his altruism.

He risks himself so Amir can derive his father’s fondness. One of Amir’s worst traits is his selfishness. Amir is really occupied with his ain feelings. and he frequently harms others in order to do himself experience better. When Amir wants something. he is willing to give anything and anyone in order to acquire it. ” ‘Hit me back. ’ I spat. ‘Hit me back. goddamn you. ’ I wished he’d give me the penalty I craved. so possibly I’d eventually sleep at dark. ” ( pg. 92 ) This quotation mark takes topographic point a twosome hebdomads after Amir witnesses Hassan being raped. Amir feels intolerable guilt over allowing Hassan’s colza go unnoticed.

In order to alleviate some of his guilt. Amir tries to acquire Hassan to revenge. but Hassan merely walks off. Alternatively of believing about Hassan’s feelings. Amir merely tries to do himself experience better. Amir throws Punica granatums at Hassan in order to acquire him to throw one back. so that he is able to kip once more. Amir doesn’t realize that he is aching Hassan. He is merely seeking to ease his ain hurting. Hassan loves Amir so much that he would ne’er ache him. Unsatisfied that Hassan would non ache Amir and give him what he deserves. Amir conjures up a strategy to free of Hassan. Hoping that his strivings will ease one time Hassan is gone.

He remembers Baba had told him that the lone wickedness in the universe is larceny. He frames Hassan and accuses him of stealing his ticker that Baba gave to him for his birthday. Hassan and Ali are called in and Baba asks Hassan if he stole Amir’s ticker. Amir is anticipating Hassan to state the truth but he admits to Alternatively Hassan lies for Amir. he one time once more forfeits himself for Amir. “I flinched. like I’d been slapped. My bosom sank and I about blurted out the truth. Then I understood: This was Hassan’s concluding forfeit for me. If he’d said no. Baba would hold believed him because we all knew Hassan ne’er lied.

And if Baba believed him. so I’d be the accused ; I would hold to explicate and I would be revealed for what I truly was. Baba would ne’er. of all time forgive me. And that led to another apprehension: Hassan knew. ” ( pg. 105 ) . Hassan knows how much Amir wants his male parents blessing and so he sacrifices himself one time once more. “I loved him in that minute. loved him more than I’d of all time loved anyone. and I wanted to state them all that I was the serpent in the grass. the monster in the lake. I wasn’t worthy of this forfeit ; I was a prevaricator. a darnel. and a stealer. ” Amir is a coward once more and does non fess up to his incorrect behaviors.

He let’s Hassan take the incrimination for him because he is non strong plenty to support his friend and illegitimate brother. Amir and Hassan aren’t similar in anyhow. They are complete antonyms. Their visual aspects aren’t similar nor are their personalities and involvements. Hassan has an athletic physique and a separating birth defect on his face. a cleft lip. Amir does non hold an athletic physique nor any birth defects. Hassan has a selfless and brave personality while Amir has a selfish and cowardice personality. Hassan’s involvements are athleticss and delighting Amir.

Amir’s involvements are reading books. stating narratives. delighting Baba and deriving Baba’s fondness. Hassan and Amir have small in common. practically the lone thing they portion in common is blood. It is dry that Amir’s visual aspect alterations and becomes similar to that of Hassan’s. Amir is inflicted with a lesion. after a awful battle. that causes him to hold a cleft lip like Hassan’s. Amir can no longer run from his yesteryear and errors. He’ll ever have a cicatrix on his lip to remind him of Hassan and his yesteryear. Amir can non be a coward and run any more he is forced to confront the truth.


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