The Kreutzer Sonata Leo Tolstoy English Literature Essay

Throughout the narrative, adult females are continually portrayed as intriguing persons that have to be watched closely and handled in a particular mode when it comes to relationships and matrimonies. As Pozdnischeff believes, adult females are weaker by nature and accordingly are lacking in the rights that have been afforded to work forces. In malice of this belief, adult females can equilibrate things out merely by utilizing what Pozdnischeff notes as their “ sensualness ” . Once they utilize this certain accomplishment to ‘seduce and chasten ‘ , their places compared to work forces are non removed but alternatively reversed and the adult female so additions all the power. This makes Pozdnischeff awfully uneasy, “ Even in former times I ever felt ailment at easiness in presence of a lady arrayed in all the luster of ball-dress: at present I positively shudder at the sight for I recognize therein the tangible danger to people in general, a danger that has no legal right to existaˆ¦ ” ( p.84 ) . Pozdnischeff is mistrustful of this influence that adult female are able to keep over work forces surely because he sees it as a window of chance for this Indeed, Pozdnischeff is wary of the power that adult females possess, because he sees it as an chance for lese majesty. Portrayed as frivolous nymphs, he feels adult females will attach themselves to the first thing that attracts their illusion. Therefore he believes that work forces must maintain adult females in cheque, non merely to recover their balance of power, but besides to forestall personal businesss from happening. He says dryly, “ Do n’t swear your Equus caballus in the field, or your married woman in the house ” ( p.528 ) . This misgiving in a relationship leads to the adult male taking drastic steps to forestall his greatest fright from going world. Once in a matrimony, Pozdnischeff feels that it is the adult male ‘s occupation to transfuse fright in the adult female. “ Yes, the female sex must be curbed in clip or else all is lost! ” ( p.528 ) . This fright would be the agencies of modeling the adult female into the adult male ‘s ideal form and characteristic. Unfortunately, love can non be insured nor enforced through fright and misgiving, so hence true love could non be in such an environment.

The importance of “ physical ” love that the people place in relationships is emphasized in order to demo that most matrimonies are based on sexual relationships. All interactions between work forces and adult females are Acts of the Apostless of “ physical ” love and hold really small to make with deep emotional fond regard or “ spriritual affinity ” . “ Among us, people marry sing matrimony as nil but sexual intercourse, and the consequence is either misrepresentation or coercion ” ( p.531 ) . Marriage is a relationship consummated by love, yet Pozdnischeff does non O.K. of it because the matrimonies he has seen were for all the incorrect grounds. These sorts of matrimonies promote promiscuousness and allows love personal businesss to run rampant in the matrimony. Despite the many defects he sees within matrimonies, he acknowledges the being of true love. He has his ain thoughts of what love should be like yet he is unable to portion it with his married woman. “ Love is supposed to be religious and non animal. Well, if the love is religious, a religious Communion, so that religious Communion should happen look in words, in conversations, in discourse ” ( p.545 ) . Unfortunately, Pozdnischeff ne’er experienced this sort of deep religious fond regard towards his married woman which is why he condemns this sacred establishment known as matrimony. “ First you say that matrimony is based on love, and when I express a uncertainty as to the being of a love other than animal, you prove the being of love by the fact that marriages exist. But marriages in our yearss are mere misrepresentation! ” ( p.531 ) . Pozdnischeff wants to believe that true love can be within matrimonies, but in world, all he has of all time seen points to the reverse.

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“ Love is an sole penchant for one above everybody else ” ( p.530 ) but as Pozdnischeff puts it, love can merely last for a short sum of clip. He refuses to believe that love can last for a life-time in a universe where everything is altering all the clip. “ In existent life this penchant for one may last for old ages ( that happens really seldom ) , more frequently for months, or possibly for hebdomads, yearss, or hours ” ( p.530 ) . It is love which keeps a twosome faithful to each other, yet people change invariably. Human existences are capricious and freakish in nature, hence a life-lasting committedness such as a matrimony based on love can ne’er genuinely survive. Love is an passing feeling and for two people to love each other at the same time for a life-time is an unlikely impression in the eyes of Pozdnischeff. “ To love one individual for a whole life-time is like stating that one taper will fire a whole life ” ( p.531 ) . Pozdnischeff believes this to be because of the traumatic experiences with his married woman. When he foremost quarrels with his married woman, he describes the experience as like meeting another being full of coldness and hatred that he had ne’er seen earlier. “ I remember how horrified I was when I saw this. ‘How? What? ‘ I thought. ‘Love is a brotherhood of souls – and alternatively of that there is this! Impossible, this is non she! ‘ I tried to soften her but encountered such an insurmountable wall of cold virulent ill will ” ( p.549-550 ) This experience sheds a new visible radiation on the adult female that he one time thought he knew and loved so much. After seeing a separate side of her, he realizes that he does non cognize her every bit good as he thought he did and therefore the love that he felt for his married woman easy diminishes.

Pozdnischeff ‘s unsuccessful matrimony gives him new penetration on relationships between work forces and adult females. It enables him to come to the misanthropic realisation that true everlasting love can ne’er be so long as adult females continue to be unfaithful, relationships continue to be based on physical pleasance and impermanent love remains the footing for matrimony. Tolstoy portrays Pozdnischeff as the tragic hero who is unable to encompass any emotional facets of love and is condemned to populate a life of purdah and solitariness. He continues to oppress himself for his actions but ne’er truly finds a solution.



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