The Lack Of Exposure And Practice Community English Language Essay

September 8, 2017 English Language

In Malaysia we have the Bahasa Malaysia as the national linguistic communication but because of Malaysia is a multi-ethnic state, we have a assortment type of linguistic communication and idiom in the community ( Eg: the Chinese community speaks Cantonese or Citrus reticulata and the Indian community speaks Hindi ) . Peoples and pupil will be given to utilize their ain idiom / linguistic communication to talk among with their schoolmate due to they are more comfy and eloquence in talking the several linguistic communication. It is besides a fact that bulk of the parent will speak to their kids by utilizing their ain linguistic communication alternatively of English ( Hentan, 2011 ) .

As we are cognizant, pattern makes perfect and hence, English will necessitate to be portion of our life in order to be more fluid in the linguistic communication.


In the 1970s, learning medium in national-type primary and secondary school was changed from English to Bahasa Malaysia. Due to this alterations, Malaysian who studied in national-type school were less exposed to the English linguistic communication as all of import topic were being thought in Bahasa Malaysia except for the English linguistic communication itself. Some pupils who continue their third instruction in private establishment merely started to acquire full exposure of the English linguistic communication as English is being used to learn in all topics. Unfortunately, the sudden switch in learning medium creates fear among the pupil who are weak in the linguistic communication and hence these pupils are afraid to pass on and interact during categories. While in public establishments, Bahasa Malaysia was continue as a medium of direction and unfortunately, these group of pupils did non even acquire any opportunity to expose themselves in the English Language. Harmonizing to Teoh ( 2011 ) , academicians are non surprise that proficiency in English among local alumnuss are at a worsening phase as pupils were less exposed and deficiency of foundation in English linguistic communication.

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The consciousness of English importance.

Many of the pupils do non cognize the of import function of English linguistic communication in today society and pupil survey and memorise English merely to go through the test in instruction. Hence, pupils self developed a bad attitude towards larning the linguistic communication and makes them non interested to research and haunt in the linguistic communication. It was mentioned by Teoh ( 2011 ) that

“ the position of English decreased to such a degree that it became merely a topic of survey like other topics such as history, geographics, and natural philosophies and another ground is the deficiency of accent on English as it now non a compulsory topic to base on balls ”

Students need to understand that most of the beginnings or information related to scientific discipline, concern, engineering and medical specialty are largely written in English. Therefore, before a pupil can hold on clasp of the related industry ‘s information, they will necessitate to hold powerful bid in English. Gooch ( 2009 ) mentioned that pupil does non aware the importance of English until the enter the on the job universe and these lead to student unwillingness to tilt proper English linguistic communication. We need to confront the fact that many of import cognitions is in English and we can non truly convey certain construct in other linguistic communications.


Lack of good trained English coach.

Quality old instructors who have a batch of exposure to the English linguistic communication is retiring bit by bit. These instructors is being replaced by new and younger instructor which have less exposure to the linguistic communication and experience. This is surely true as we are cognizant that many immature alumnuss could non acquire keep to a good bid in English. Apart from that, there will be immature alumnuss enter the instruction industry and go and English Teach. Therefore, It is non a surprise that most local English instructor now are non equip with the proper accomplishment and cognition to learn English linguistic communication. Nowadays, local English coach frequently use bilingual methods while learning in English categories. A English instructor will seek to explicate in female parent linguistic communication when a pupil is confused or do non understand during categories. This is a incorrect effort and methodological analysis used as position by English Language Teacher ( ELT ) specializer, said Kannan ( 2009 ) . A English instructor has to promote pupils to talk in English merely during categories. With this, the pupil will merely get down to larn while doing errors and pupil will be more confident in utilizing the linguistic communication

It is besides mentioned by Dr. Khalid ( 2012 ) that Teaching linguistic communications require accomplishments, competency, preparation, and thorough cognition. Therefore, it seems foolish to presume that merely because person speaks English he can learn it efficaciously.

Languages is really of import in footings of speech pattern, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. A instructor without these cognition might take to student holding the incorrect apprehension in the linguistic communication.

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Language influenced by presents tendency

it is inevitable that English linguistic communication is portion of the modernisation procedure where nowadays pupils tend to do alterations to the grammars while directing messages through nomadic phone, computing machine or utilizing other communicating hardware. These alterations fundamentally involve shortening of words by handily go forthing out vowels and go forthing out concurrences as reported by quicksand ( 2012 ) . In add-on, some words even replaced with figure when the pronunciation of the peculiar word enchantment or sound similar to the Numberss. Below is an illustration of presents tendency in messaging

Figure 1: word or letters replaced by figure. Adapted from “ Victim Of Evolution – The English Language ” by Quicksand, 2012

Immediately, the tendency of shortening messages is widely influenced and accepted by people around the universe due to it would salvage up single clip holding to spell out every individual word or missive. As this have been adopted by most pupil, get the hanging English in grammar and spelling will go a job for these pupils as they are used to compose in such a manner.

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