The Life And Work Of Martha Stewart Film Studies Essay

November 14, 2017 Film Studies

For bulk of people, the name Martha Stewart is synonymous with linens, bake ware, and family contraptions, but for others it is fraud, dishonesty, and daze. Originally Martha Kostyra, she represented the flawlessness of the American Dream. Martha was wholly self-made, holding come from a hapless household in New Jersey. After much difficult work and dedication she collected a multi-media imperium, runing from magazines to radio plans. Unfortunately, this all came crashing down after she made one error that ruined it all. This one error would alter the face of Martha Stewart forever.

Martha Kostyra was born in a little town in New Jersey, where she lived with her parents and five siblings. She grew up being highly active in many extracurricular activities and besides perused a patterning calling on the side. She appeared in several telecasting commercials and magazines and with this success, every bit good as graduating with straight A ‘s, Barnard College in New York City offered her a partial scholarship. After graduating with a dual grade in History and Architectural History Martha married Andrew Stewart, a alumnus from Yale Law School, and they started their lives together.

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Andrew and Martha shortly moved to Westport, Connecticut where they purchased and set about a Restoration of the 1805 farmhouse on Turkey Hill Road, which subsequently became a theoretical account for the Martha Stewart Living show. Stewart and her hubby took on the monolithic undertaking of reconstructing the house by themselves and Stewart ‘s oculus for adorning and reconstructing was rapidly apparent. At this clip Martha was besides working on her providing concern and her occupation as director of a epicure nutrient shop. Andrew Stewart had become the president of a really successful New York City publishing house and Stewart ‘s catering company was contracted to host a book release party. This is when Martha had her first major discovery. The caput of the publication group was so impressed with Stewart ‘s cookery, he contacted her to develop a cookery book of her formulas and exposures from her many catering events. Her first book, Entertaining, rapidly became a New York Times Best Seller and genuinely jumpstarted her calling.

Following Entertaining ‘s success, Stewart released many more books and besides wrote several newspaper columns, magazine articles, became a frequent visitant on telecasting plans such as Larry King Live and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Stewart shortly signed with Time Printing Ventures to develop her first magazine, Martha Stewart Living, which she would function as editor in head. The first issue was released in late 1990, with circulation top outing in 2002 at more than 2 million transcripts per issue. In 1993 a hebdomadal 30 minutes plan was aired, based on her magazine, this 30 minutes was shortly expanded to a full hr, so about instantly to half-hour episodes on weekends. Stewart made regular visual aspects on CBS ‘s The Early Show and was the star of several premier clip vacation specials on the same web. On the screen of their May 1995 issue, New York Magazine declared her as “ the unequivocal American adult female of our clip. “ 1 Martha Stewart had made her grade on the universe and was traveling to maintain mounting until she reached the top.

In September 1997, Stewart, along with the aid of concern spouse Sharon Patrick, was able to procure support to buy the several print, telecasting, and trading ventures related to the Martha Stewart trade name, and consolidate them into a new company, named Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Stewart served as the president, president, and CEO of the new company and by holding all the trade name ‘s assets under one roof Stewart felt she could hold greater control of the trade name ‘s direction.1 On top of all of this, Stewart besides launched a web site and a catalog concern. I find it impressive how far Martha Stewart was able to win in such a short span of clip

In the autumn of 1999, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the heart symbol MSO. The public offering was ab initio set at $ 18 per portion, and rose to $ 38 by the terminal of trading, doing Stewart a billionaire on paper.1 She was the bulk stockholder, with 96 % control of voting power in the company. Stewart ne’er could hold anticipated the success she shortly held. The Martha Stewart name was nationally known and recognized in families everyplace. It seemed as if Martha Stewart genuinely ruled the domestic frontier.

I find it rather astonishing that person made it so far by merely being a great cook. Of class Martha Stewart is talented and quite intelligent but to cognize that she got her great start by merely being a caterer is animating. It goes to demo you merely how of import networking and cognizing the right people genuinely is. Her name was on everything, her face was everyplace ; her dream life was wholly falling in to topographic point.

The great success continued until December 2001, when Stewart ‘s calling was brought to a arrest with charges brought against her sing the sale of her portions in the pharmaceutical company ImClone, yearss before its application for a new malignant neoplastic disease drug was denied. Stewart sold about 4,000 portions of stock under cryptic fortunes. The ImClone company was run by Stewart ‘s good friend, Samuel Waksal who had late helped with a rapid stock monetary value Ascension. With everything looking good for the drug company, it seemed unusual that Stewart would all of a sudden make up one’s mind to sell all her portions at a $ 60 monetary value. It became even more funny when the value of the stock dropped drastically after the FDA ‘s determination the following twenty-four hours. Harmonizing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) , Stewart avoided a loss of $ 45,673 by selling all 3,928 portions of her ImClone Systems stock.1 The U.S. lawyer for the Southern District of New York claimed that Martha Stewart may hold been smart but she was non smart plenty to cognize on her ain about the FDA ‘s timing in rejecting the new drug. It appeared that Stewart had received a call from her stockbroker, who relayed pressing information from Waksal, and so immediately decided to sell. This action demonstrates authoritative insider information, a federal offense, which gives privileged investors an unjust advantage over all other shareholders.2 Stewart ‘s lawyer argued that she had ever had a “ program ” to sell her stock when it reached the $ 60 level.2

I personally can non believe the statement that Stewart ‘s lawyer made. It seems far excessively coinciding that the Stewart would merely so happen to sell the stocks at $ 60 instantly before the monetary values tumbled. I understand desiring to salvage money, but she had everything she could hold of all time imagined and she threw it all off with one icky determination. She may hold suffered a significant loss at first, but she was basically a billionaire, I ca n’t conceive of a loss of $ 45,000 being that detrimental to her life.

Immediately after these allegations were made publically, Stewart ‘s repute, every bit good as company ‘s stock monetary values, began to worsen. Suddenly people did non see Martha Stewart as the housewife they inspired to be, alternatively they saw a treasonist merely looking out for herself. In add-on to the ruin of her repute, Stewart was forced to step down from her function as CEO and president of Martha Stewart Living and resigned her place as a board member for Revlon and the New York Stock Exchange.

Over the following two old ages she became known as the “ soundless prima donna, ” ne’er stating anything to the imperativeness or anyone else for that matter.2 Stewart ‘s visual aspects on telecasting and wireless became fewer and fewer and shortly the adult female who was one time everyplace was all of a sudden nowhere to be found. In the summer of 2003 Stewart made a station on a website claiming her artlessness in the full instance and would go on to contend to support her name.

I think it was good for Stewart to remain soundless through the full procedure. The imperativeness had no manner of turning her words around, or doing a jeer of her ideas. Although, I do believe she should hold confronted the state of affairs at least one time. She should hold to the full explained the charges brought against her and why she believed she was guiltless, merely stating that she was was non plenty for the people.

The test of Martha Stewart began on January 27, 2004 and lasted for two months. In the terminal, Martha Stewart was convicted on four counts of lying to research workers and obstructor of justness. Her agent was besides found guilty and they both faced prison time.2 Since Stewart is a former stockbroker, who was besides a board member for the New York Stock Exchange, her extended background in trading and regulations oversight, gave her a major disadvantage in her instance ; Stewart was instantly viewed as actively being complicit in the insider trading charges.1

After losing her occupation, her company, near to $ 500,000 in stock market wealth, and her repute, Martha Stewart lost her freedom. She was sentenced in five months in prison and two old ages probation.2 Alternatively of waiting around to hear the finding of fact of her entreaty, Stewart decided she would instead get down her five month prison sentence early so she could get down working on seting the muss behind her. Stewart started her strong belief on October 8, 2004 and was released on March 4, 2005, greeted with a swamp of imperativeness.

I find it interesting that Stewart decided to get down her sentence early without hearing the finding of fact of her entreaty. In my sentiment, that proves that deep down she knew she was guilty and had no manner of acquiring out of it.

Immediately following her release, Stewart launched her monolithic rejoinder. She rapidly returned to daytime telecasting and became involved once more with Martha Stewart Living. In late 2005, she released a new book which appropriately was based on get downing and pull offing a new concern and a month subsequently launched a new cookery book. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia besides started a 24-hour orbiter wireless web in 2005 where Stewart hosts a hebdomadal call-in talk show. Since so Martha Stewart has continued to reconstruct her repute every bit good as her imperium, in hopes that she will be remembered for her homemaking, non her strong belief charges.

Equally far as rejoinders go, Martha Stewart may be the queen. Equally shortly as she was released she get downing working once more to shift public ideas of her. Today if you are watching telecasting or reading the newspaper you are about guaranteed to see an advertizement for her merchandises. Stewart is working diligently to set the yesteryear behind her and repossess her place as Queen Martha.


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