The Life of Jesus Christ

April 13, 2018 Teaching

The Life of Jesus Christ The birth of Jesus Christ to the Virgin Mary is said to have happened in a humble stable in Bethlehem, which is of some controversy. There is belief that the Christian Monks miscalculated the actual time and date that Jesus was born. It has been stated that Jesus, born in Bethlehem as told in the Old Testament, could have been born in or near Nazareth in the town of Galilee. With that, some scholars have dated Jesus’ lineage back as far as Adam, the son of God, as well as King David and Abraham from the Old Testament.

With the birth of Jesus, nothing else is told about his childhood until he reached the age of twelve. It is said that he found himself lost from his parent during Passover in Jerusalem, when found by his parents; Jesus was in the Temple discussing the Torah with the rabbis. The rabbis were astonished in Jesus’ comprehension of the Torah and the answer he had provided them to their questions. There is little said about Jesus’ climb to manhood, he is about thirty when it is told about his Baptism by John in the Jordan River for his preparation for the Kingdom of God.

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After the Baptism, Jesus then began to gather his first disciples, having them leave their processions and human attachment to follow him. Jesus taught that the spiritual treasures were far more fulfilling than the material riches of the earth, that prayer to God for help will hem them find what they seek. Jesus’, Or the Messiah as he was called by his disciples, began performing miracles in his travels such as; turning water into wine, healing the sick, resurrecting the dead and the widely know, walking on water.

Jesus taught that everything was possible with God and that god was forgiving to those who are willing to repent their sins. In Jesus’ travels he finds himself back to Jerusalem, the place where Jesus knows will bring about his end, but continues. Jesus is then put on trial and Crucified on the hill called Golgotha, also know as the Place of the Skulls. It is at the Crucifixion that Jesus’ disciples became fearful and took to hiding till the word of Jesus’ Resurrection. The resurrection was seen as a victory for Jesus, making his followers believe that he was God sent down into human form to guide them to the Kingdom of God.

The Life of Muhammad Muhammad, unlike Jesus, was a prophet that was sent out by Gods angels to spread his word. Mohammad’s mother and father passed away when he was very young and was taken care of by his protective uncle. Muhammad had been noticed by a Christian Monk that identified the marks on his body as that of a prophet. When Muhammad reached the age of twenty three, a woman named Khadijah offered to marry him and became his biggest supporter as he began his teaching of Allah.

It is said that angels in human form would come to Muhammad giving him the word of god, which at first, Muhammad was opposed to accepting. The teachings that Muhammad was told to preach publicly, were rejected by the Qurayshites at Ka’bah, and Muhammad was ridiculed and stoned for preaching these beliefs. It is said that after this public preaching, Muhammad and his followers were banished for three years to a desolate place to struggle for their survival. At the age of fifty, also know as his “Year of Sorrows”, Muhammad lost his beloved wife and protective uncle.

With his strongest backers gone, the persecutions increased when he returned to Mecca, thus causing him to accept an invitation to Yathrib to assist in solving their social and political problems. This movement caused the Meccans to feel threatened by Muhammad, causing the Meccans to wage war against Yathrib or al-Medina. After several battles, Muhammad was able to negotiate a truce between the two cities. In 630 ce, Mohammad returned to Mecca, with a following so great that the Meccans did not fight and began to accepted Muhammad as a prophet.

Muhammad, using Qur’anic revelations, emphasized that the traditions of Abraham are the religious unities of Jews, Christian and Muslim belief systems. With Mecca reclaimed, Medina was kept as the political and spiritual base of Islam, allowing campaigns to spread the faith to Africa and Persia. The Death of Jesus Christ After the Crucifixion of Jesus, many that followed him became fearful and hid from the Jews, spending that time in hiding mourning instead of continuing Jesus’ preaching’s. His death was thought to be the end of the religion as had happened to numerous other messianic religious cults.

With his death, the belief that Jesus was God in human form was crushed till his resurrection from his tomb. The Death of Muhammad Muhammad’s death had little impact on Islamic religion because he was and still is considered just a man. There was no thought that Muhammad was anything more than a man that was a servant to God, helping spread God will to those around him. The humble life that Muhammad led is what allowed the continued strength of the religion, the non discriminatory way about him is was every Muslim strives to be.

Muhammad may not have been God, or a Messiah, but the way in which he led his life is still a very important part of how the Muslim religion works. Good Muslins try to live in the footsteps of Muhammad as though he was just man as they are, instead of a God. The Worshipping of Jesus Worshippers of Jesus believed that he was the Messiah and Savior for humanity, even though Jesus himself refused to be considered in that way. Communion, the sharing of bread and wine, and Hymns are just a few way that Jesus has been worshipped.

The Mass is a gathering of Christians to, in prayer and preaching, remembering Jesus Christ and all the suffering he did for the good of humanity, and then is praised with music and hymns. The sharing of the bread and wine are for the remembrance of Jesus, the bread a sign of his body and the wine of his blood, the comer is thought to bring Jesus in them. The cross, from which Jesus was crucified from, is the centerpiece of the Christian faith as a reminder that Jesus had sacrificed himself for the good of humanity. The Death of Muhammad

Mohammad’s followers would have done anything and everything for him, if Muhammad would have let them. Worshippers of Muhammad were told that worshipping him would discrimination, God would not was his servants to consider themselves as superior to another. It wasn’t till after Muhammad’s death that he was worshipped for the way that he led his life, which true Muslims try to model their own lives. Muslims now face Mecca for their daily prayers on the urging of Muhammad, and remember the trial and tribulations he endured for God. Christianity Today

In modern day Christianity, many different views of the bible have formed as well as doctrines. These four doctrines would be; the Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and other Catholics, and Restorationists , all having a slightly different version of worship. In some aspects, Christianity has taken on some of the Muslim belief as far as discrimination. The cross is still a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity, and there is now a place for a Christian to confess their sins for forgiveness. Aspects of Christianity have had to do a certain amount of changes to conform away from the skepticism today.

Islam Today The Muslim religion today, minus a few setbacks early on, still holds true to the teachings of Muhammad. The changes in the Muslim culture have set on some changes to help those less fortunate, to help increase the right of equality and kindness. The Qur’an is still used as the Muslim scriptures and adhered to as it was when Muhammad taught them. Islam has rejected Christianity as a brothering religion and women are returning to being veiled in public. References all information came from Fisher, M. P. (2005). Living Religions (6th ed. ). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Inc.


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