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April 23, 2019 Health

The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

Growing up, I have always been perceived as a malnutritional skinny little girl. No matter how much I ate, I was still as slim as a skeletal. The reason is that I have an extraordinary digestive system and a speedy metabolism. Because of this, people always joke about me that I am a food waster. However, as I stepped into the adolescent, my body’s hormones changed. My body grew rounder day after day, just as a balloon dilating with air. I indulged myself on food, ate snacks all day long, and finally, completely lost control on my diet.
At first, I felt that being a bit overweight would not have any huge impact on my daily life. However, I soon became aware of the detriments. I was always listless and in low spirits; I can feel pressure exert on my knees when I walk; and the symptoms of dizziness appeared often when I change my position. Most importantly, my out of shape body placed a psychological burden upon my mind as I became self-abased.
Afraid of the heavy consequences of obesity, I made a firm commitment: to lose weight. For the first week, I ate almost nothing and I could feel my stomach cramping inside of my body, just like someone was twisting it. At the end of that week, I received a noticeable result: I lost 5 pounds. However, excessive hunger increased my appetite and made me gluttony. I rewarded myself with hearty meals and unhealthy snacks the following week thinking that it is ok to have a break. Pleasant time did not last long, my weight rebounded and gained even more pounds. I realized that I have been using a wrong method.
Eager to carry out an effective plan, I searched it up on the internet. Approximately 650 million results showed up but all of those are revolving around a central point – persistency. It can take years before I can actually see a remarkable result. Again, I began my weight loss journey. I went to the gym three times a week and started by focusing on running. At first, even with a speed of 3.5mph, I could not catch my breath and had a feeling of my heart jumping out of my throat. I was so exhausted that I almost slumped down on the floor as I stepped down from the treadmill with my trembling feel. However, by following a restrictive training routine, I saw a huge improvement in my endurance and strength. I not only became able to run for 45 minutes easily with an increased speed of 5.0mph but also participated in different workout classes. During the training, the thoughts of giving up have popped up into my mind thousands of times because of the fatigue, the muscle soreness, and some minor injuries resulted after exercise. But, in the end, all those thoughts have banished due to my unyielding spirits .
The toughest part of my weight loss journey was controlling my diet and getting rid of all the snacks. I have always dreamed of becoming a gastronome since I was a kid. I love to cook and have a strong passion for food. Every time my family went to the restaurant, I have to resist myself from the temptation of delicious food. Whenever the waiter brought the food to us, there has always been an organic and healthy dish of salad surrounded by steaks with side dishes of french fries. Eating under the ambrosial aroma of the steaks, I sometimes have an illusion that I was eating them. However, the crunchy texture of green leaves soon pushed me back to reality. Limiting the calories consumption was arduous. Whenever I’m thinking of giving up, I would get motivations from the fitness accounts on social media, found inspirations by reading health magazines, and thought of my previous painstaking efforts.
After sticking with my goal for three years, my hard work finally paid off. I lost a total of 40 pounds. Losing weight is a physiological discipline, but it is more of a psychological challenge. This experience not only made me become a more perseverant person but also shaped me into a more determined person. Hoping to testify the effectiveness of my exercises, I signed up for my first International Vertical Marathon this summer. I raced up to the top of a tower that has 45 floors, 1170 stairs, and a height of 195 meters. I was able to accomplish this challenge not only because I became fitter and more energetic, but also because I kept the lessons learned from my weight loss experience in mind all the time: the essential to success is to have an unswerving faith and the ability to stand firm. Even though obstacles and setbacks are inevitable in life, a determined person might fail, but will never be defeated.

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