The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Analysis Essay

October 8, 2017 General Studies

Shirley Jackson is a maestro of suspense. She starts the narrative The Lottery off by depicting what seems to be a normal summers twenty-four hours in an mean small town. This gives the reader a false sense of security which rapidly turns into a sense of horror by the terminal of the narrative. Jackson uses the elements of a short narrative. atmosphere. secret plan and characters to make a sense of horror. One of the five elements of a short narrative that Jackson uses to make a sense of horror is atmosphere. Jackson describes the narrative as taking topographic point on a clear. warm and cheery summer twenty-four hours but when one foremost reads about the kids in the narrative. they are non playing and holding merriment and one would anticipate. alternatively they are softly grouped together non making much of anything. The fact that these kids. more specifically the male childs. are moving uneasy. and buming about on beautiful summer twenty-four hours is one of the ways that Jackson uses atmosphere to make a sense of horror. Another one of the elements that Jackson uses to make a sense of horror is secret plan.

When Tessie Hutchinson finds out that her hubby and caput of the household. Bill. has drawn the pronounced piece of paper she starts shouting out that “You didn’t give him clip adequate to take any paper her wanted. I saw you. It wasn’t just! ” so everyone should hold to pull once more. it is get downing to go clear that being the victor of this lottery is non a good thing. This is made even clearer when Tessie starts seeking to hold her in-laws added to the roll of the following group of contestants in order to break her opportunities of non being picked. Fictional characters are the 3rd and concluding component of a short narrative that Jackson uses to make a sense of horror. One of ways that Jackson usage characters to make a sense of horror is through their names.

An illustration of one of the characters she uses to make this is Mr. Graves. Sculpt can be used as an adjectival or noun. The adjectival agencies to do dismay or to be serious. The noun refers to a burial topographic point. typically a hole in the land. Black is a colour normally associated with bad. cryptic and dark things. decease being one of those things. When Mr. Graves makes his visual aspect he is conveying in the black box. The fact that a adult male called Mr. Graves is walking in with a black box. the writer is allowing the reader know that something bad is traveling to go on. This is one illustration of how Jackson uses the characters to make a sense of horror.

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Shirley Jackson tells a cliff-hanging narrative about a group of mean people in an mean small town. She uses atmosphere. secret plan and characters. three of the five elements of a short narrative to make a hideous narrative which shows the reader how what we think to be normal imposts and rites can really turn out to be hideous and barbarian if one takes a measure back and Judgess them from a different position.


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