The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock Essay

September 4, 2017 Communication

Imagination. literary conventions. and acknowledgment of specific poetic devices can present even the most novitiates of poetic readers to a degree of comprehension that might hold been overlooked in insouciant reading. Most tend to read through a verse form without seting much thought into the inside informations and the intent of those inside informations being placed as they are. Although non ever knowing ; writers use certain literary conventions and poetic devices to pull the reader in so that they excessively may visualize what was in the author’s head at the clip they wrote the verse form. The remainder is up to the reader.

How much imaginativeness one contributes to the verse form is boundlessly unrestricted. The survey of poesy has and will ever be a valuable portion of history ; particularly when covering with an emotion every bit cosmopolitan as love. Interpretation “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. ” by T. S. Eliot takes the reader on a depressing. cautious. overcautious. middle-aged adult male. It could be said that he is afraid of his ain shadow. Eliot begins the verse form with a short extract from Dante’s heroic poem verse form ; “Divine Comedy ; ” to propose that Prufrock. like Count Guido is in snake pit. This is an illustration of allusion.

While Count Guido is in the Eighth Circle of Hell ; Prufrock is in a snake pit on Earth. Like Count Guido ; Prufrock can show his feelings “without fright of opprobrium. ” This comparing is how Eliot uses literary allusion to set the text in a new context under which it assumes new significances and indications. They are both in snake pit because they have both committed wickednesss ; nevertheless Prufrock’s wickednesss are mistakes of skip. inactivity. vacillation. insufficiency. and deficiency of self-assertiveness. Eliot shows us how genuinely unhappy he is with himself ; to the point that he believes he deserves a topographic point in snake pit.

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This gap already paints a black position on what’s to come. The tone is heavy with melancholic and great uncertainness. There are several subjects that can be deduced from this reading. There is decidedly a sense of solitariness and disaffection. Prufrock is depicted as a hapless adult male whose anxiousnesss and compulsions have isolated him from the remainder of the universe. One can besides state the subject is indecisiveness ; because of how Prufrock shys off from determinations for fright of a negative result. Prufrock besides shows his insufficiencies while invariably worrying that he will be perceived as a sap and people will roast him for his vesture.

Pessimism is his worst ruin. He can merely see the negative in his ain life and the universe around him ; and with that we are lead further into Prufrock’s agonizing minute in clip. Literary Devices and Poetic Devices The scene takes topographic point in the eventide. Prufrock is in a bare portion of a contaminated metropolis walking entirely. The edifices are creaky and full of discards of happier times. Everyone is gone and the concerns that were one time alive and booming now seem to be haunted. The obsessed concerns can be thought of a symbol of Prufrock’s life.

Although he ne’er was able to go to a happy matter at one of these concerns ; he speaks as if he is haunted as good ; which gives of the imagination of a shade town. Possibly it is because he ne’er had the bravery to seek and be a portion of the gay times? The pollution and rubbish in the metropolis gives insight on how Prufrock feels about himself. He thinks he is left over rubbish and unwanted. We are besides able to experience what it is he is sing as he is walking. He is headed to a societal assemblage where he would wish to run into a adult female but he is afraid he will be looked down upon.

Prufrock is the storyteller in this verse form and Begins by stating. “Let us travel so. you and I. ” ( Eliot. 1915/2011 p. 199 ) Then in the undermentioned two lines we see how Eliot uses simile to compare the eventide to a patient. “When the eventide is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherized upon a tabular array. ” ( Eliot. 1915/2011 p. 199 ) Eliot besides makes extended usage of metaphors throughout the verse form. “The xanthous fog that rubs its dorsum upon the window-panes. The xanthous fume that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes Licked its lingua into the corners of the eventide. ” ( Eliot. 1915/2011 p. 00 )

In lines 15-22. the xanthous fog and fume are both being compared to a cat ; it licks its lingua. springs. and rubs against things. Then once more in line 51 ; Prufrock says. “I have measured out my life with java spoons. ” Prufrock is comparing his life to java. Another metaphor used in line 58 says. “When I am pinned and writhing on the wall. ” He is comparing himself to an insect preserved and placed on show for all to see. ( Eliot. 1915/2011 p. 201 ) Repeat is besides used legion times throughout this verse form. Eliot begins lines with the word. “And. ” 20 times.

This is exemplifies Prufrock’s humdrum life. He besides says “Let us travel. ” “In the room the adult females come and travel speaking of Michelangelo. ” “There will be clip. ” “Do I dare. ” “Should I assume. ” “I have known. ” and “Would it hold been deserving it ; ” repeatedly. ( Eliot. 1915/2011 pp. 199-202 ) There are several fluctuations in line length and metre every bit good. There are some lines with merely three words. whereas others have every bit many as 14. The metres seem to stop with the shifting of ideas. Prufrock’s train of thought displacements several times as if to copy how the human head plants when reacting to external stimulation.

There are besides several displacements in subjects. Prufrock goes from junior-grade affairs ; such as his bald topographic point and the length of his bloomerss ; to clip and the existence. He besides goes between abstract and concrete linguistic communication. For case in line 5 he says. “muttering retreats ; ” so in line 8-9 he says. “tedious statement of insidious purpose. ” ( Eliot. 1915/2011 p. 199 ) Some concrete illustrations are from lines 7 and 19 ; “oyster-shells. ” “soot. ” ( Eliot. 1915/2011 p. 199. 200 ) Decision To read a verse form with no imagination would non make either the poet or the reader justness.

Imagery is indispensable in conveying what the writer sees in his/her head. Poetry in itself is already a condensed signifier of literature necessitating elaborate examination. The ability to “see” with our heads is a erudite accomplishment. We must measure and analyse the words and how the writer arranged them so that one can set the mental image together. These images will ever be different for each single reading. Wordss on paper are processed into images in our heads which create a whole phase in which to watch the events of the verse form unfold before us. It is a drama on the set of our minds…


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