The main issue on which the play

March 20, 2019 General Studies

The main issue on which the play focuses on is the position of women in the society, how they are treated by men in general. The play exposes many of the stereotypical ideas of how a woman should behave and where they normally belong in the society. Notions that a girl should be “irrational, naïve and dependent on men”(Balaky & Sulaiman, 2016) can be portrayed through Nora, the protagonist and where she stands in her marriage. However, Nora, eventually becomes “an epitome of a modern woman” (Balaky & Sulaiman, 2016) and introduces women to seek out their individuality and goals. Therefore, this essay will discuss on how Nora at first embodies the stereotypical notion of femininity, then how she rejects it after the incident with Torvald and whether these ideas of a feminine woman still exists in our times.
Even though Nora possesses many qualities which could deem her to be as influential as any man in the society or her husband, such as her decisive mind; her readiness to open herself up to the financial realm, which is mostly dominated by men, to help her husband, the conventions of how a wife should be dependent on her husband bounds her search to find her own place in the society.


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