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By August 5, 2017 Commerce

One of the major challenges that virtually every large administration faces is alteration. West, R. and Turner, L. ( 2004 ) suggests that “ companies and administrations are undergoing important alterations in the 21st century ” . For every administration to do it to the top ( and remain at that place ) , the administration must accommodate to every state of affairs it finds itself. This can merely be achieved if the administration changes its modus operandi and broaden its skyline to suit the present economic state of affairs.

“ People-U-Like ” is a enlisting bureau that is get downing to see recognition crunch, accomplishments shortage e.t.c, and for these grounds and the fact that there are having increasing questions originating from international houses, is sing spread outing into Europe.

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After analyzing the brief history of “ People-U-Like ” , I am proposing that the company should travel to France. This is because France is one of the most modern states in the universe and is a leader among European states. For us to properly render quality service that the people would appreciate, we would necessitate to buy a company that has already built a name for itself in the state. Reason being that, we would salvage ourselves a batch of clip and energy. Besides, if we are able to purchase an already bing administration successfully, we can easy amend the civilization of the administration to suite ours.

However, we would hold to use some fresh capable custodies and alleviate some of the employees with bad records. Although this would be us some money as we are traveling to hold to pay them off, but it is better to hold workers who are willing to assist the administration grow as that is what we need to stand house in the market.

The director of this new subdivision has to be person from the corporate caput office, who speaks French and understands how their market works. He/she would be required to travel to France to keep meetings with the employees of the new subdivision, on behalf of the direction, put things in topographic point and return to the UK and give provender back to the caput office.

The assorted communicating & A ; power spread, cultural differences, alteration direction e.t.c. will be critically analysed in the chief organic structure of this study.



Watson and Gallagher ( 2009 ) states that “ organizational communicating corresponds to the assorted methods administrations use to inform employees about affairs direction believes to be of import ” .

There are a batch of theories on communicating ; nevertheless I have chosen to work with the Network Theory and Analysis ( societal web ) in organisations. The societal web analysis is the survey of how the societal construction of relationships around a individual, group, or administration affects beliefs or behaviours. It is the survey of how relationships influence or impact the behavior of people in an administration. In general, web analysis focuses on the relationships between people. These relationships may consist the feelings people have for each other or the exchange of information. “ The web analysis helps to bring out the emergent and informal communicating forms present in an administration, which may so be compared to the formal communicating constructions. Since the forms of relationships conveying employees into contact with the attitudes and behaviors of other organizational members, these relationships may besides assist to explicate why employees develop certain attitudes toward organizational events or job-related affairs. ” University of Twente ( 2010 ) .

Associating this theory to People-U-Like, it suggests that the topographic point employees take in the communicating network/ place they hold in the organisation influences their entree to information, which can either work for or against the administration. In this respect, most of the employees in the lower degrees would hold small or no entree to information in the administration and this might impact their overall productiveness.


Power is “ the capacity to affect the laterality of one ‘s ends or values on others ” . Watson & A ; Gallagher ( 2009 ) .

One of the most noteworthy surveies on power was conducted by societal psychologists John French and Bertram Raven in 1959, who identified five bases of power ; Legitimate, Reward, Expert, Referent and Coercive.

Legitimate – This comes from the belief that a individual has the right to do demands, and anticipate conformity and obeisance from others.

Reward – This consequences from one individual ‘s ability to counterbalance another for conformity.

Expert – This is based on a individual ‘s superior accomplishment and cognition.

Referent – This is the consequence of a individual ‘s sensed attraction, worthiness, and right to esteem from others.

Coercive – This comes from the belief that a individual can penalize others for disobedience.

The sort of power exercised in People-U-Like is the coercive type. This type of power is based upon the thought of coercion. It involves coercing person to make something that they do non desire to make. The ultimate end of coercion is conformity. This beginning of power can frequently take to jobs and in many fortunes it involves abuse. This beginning of power is debatable, and can be capable to mistreat.

Menaces and penalty are common tools of coercion. Implying or endangering that person will be fired, demoted, denied privileges, or given unwanted assignments – these are illustrations of utilizing coercive power. While one ‘s place may give the individual the ability to hale others, it does n’t automatically intend that one has the will or the justification to make so. However, extended usage of coercive power is seldom appropriate in an organizational scene.

Trusting on this signifier of power alone may ensue in a hapless manner of leading. For our directors to be true leaders, we need a better beginning of power that can be supplied by a rubric or an ability to honor ability. Coercion would surely work if the company has no purpose of spread outing, but since we are opening a new subdivision, we would hold to be really smart. This we can accomplish if our staffs are difficult working and the on the job conditions are favorable to the employees. For us to acquire the coveted consequences from our employees, we need to carry them and non coerce them to make the work. Merely so can we accomplish our purpose of rendering quality services that would pull clients.


Organizational civilization is an thought in the field of organizational surveies and direction which describes the psychological science, attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values ( personal and cultural values ) of an administration. It has been defined as the specific aggregation of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an administration and that control the manner they interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the administration. The organizational construction of People-U-Like is Unitary/Functional type of organizational construction. In this type of construction, everyone knows where they are and a line is drawn between the staff. The major demerit of this type of construction is that the sections might make barriers between each other, work to run into their ain terminals without needfully working to favor the administration.

Prof. Geert Hofstede ( 1973 ) conducted a comprehensive survey of how values in the workplace are influenced by civilization. The diagrams below compare the assorted cultural issues between France and the UK.http: // hypertext transfer protocol: //

( Please happen the account of the cardinal points in appendix 3 ) .

Comparing the organizational civilization of France and the United Kingdom, it is rather easy to see that the two states have different organizational civilizations. While the Power Distance Index ( PDI ) in France is high, intending that the less powerful in France believe that power is distributed unevenly, the PDI of the UK is low, significance that the less powerful in the administration believes that power is distributed every bit. This would impact the manner the employees behave and view the organizational construction.

The IDV per centum of the two states are high, intending that they portion the impression that every person in the administration is expected to look after him/herself.

While the MAS per centum of the UK is high to intend that the concern environment is more masculine than feminine, that of France is low which means that France ‘s concern civilization is the antonym of UK ‘s.

The UK ‘s concern environment is tolerant to sentiments different from what they are used to, but the France concern environment is non. This would besides reflect on the manner we are traveling to interrupt into the market and incorporate our civilization into the civilization of the administration we are traveling to construct ( purchase or unify with ) .


All of these things have to be decently sorted out to do our interruption into the market easy and rewarding.

To do it easy for us to interrupt into the market, we need an appropriate alteration plan/programme.

Watson and Gallagher ( 2009 ) , suggested that alteration is the procedure of “ analyzing the yesteryear to arouse the present actions required for the hereafter. It involves traveling from a present province, through a passage province, to a hereafter desired province ” .

There are assorted grounds why administrations might necessitate a alteration programme. These includes

Organizational growing or contraction.

Change in the concern environment.

A sensed demand to diversify.

The reaching of new forces or the outgrowth of new mentality.

The debut of new engineering.

We need a alteration programme because we are traveling into another state. To decently implement this alteration, we need to do certain that the people affected by this alteration, most particularly the forces who would be traveling to France to stand for us, understands the demand to spread out and if possible, give the individual a opportunity to be involved in the alteration procedure. Since our administration would imply new actions, aims and procedures in France, we would necessitate to promote the direction squad ( that would be taking the France subdivision ) to utilize workshops to accomplish apprehension, engagements, programs and committedness. However, some of the employees might be immune to the alteration. Some of the grounds responsible for this include fright of new programmes, economic frights, incommodiousness, general disfavor of the thought, competency frights, menace to inter-personal relationship, menace to position or accomplishments.

( Please happen affiliated, in appendix 1, the alteration programme proposed for the administration ) .


Effective communicating is indispensable, since “ accomplishing alteration is facilitated by working with stakeholders to hold a clear and realistic set of desirables ” [ Molly, E and Whittington, R. ( 2005 ) ] .


Having analysed the state of affairs, I recommend that:

We should purchase a company in France. This would salvage us a batch of clip and energy. It would besides do our occupation easier, though it is traveling to be expensive. We would hold to alleviate some of their old staff, of their occupations and acquire new 1s to replace them, in other to acquire new thoughts and able heads.

Whoever is traveling to travel to France ( sooner, a unmarried man or a freshly wedded adult male ) would hold to be cajoled to remain in France for at least six months. However, if we can non acquire a unmarried man, agreements would be made to relocate his household to France after a few hebdomads. This would afford us clip to decently fix for them.

For the communicating form, I recommend that the communicating system in the administration should be flexible. Employees should be allowed to go through remarks and sentiments freely without fright.

Sing that the power distance per centum of France is rather different from the manner it is done in the UK, I recommend that we work towards the system that is used at that place. The power spread should non be allowed to be excessively big. This would do it easy for the employees to work in a relaxed environment and do suggestions/opinions when needed.

The director should pattern the adept type of power. If he has knowledge and accomplishments that enable him to understand a state of affairs, suggest solutions, usage solid judgement, and by and large outperform others, people would listen and obey him. If he can show expertness, people would swear him and esteem whatever he says. That manner, his thoughts will hold more value.

The unitary/functional organizational construction used now in the caput office should be used in the France subdivision every bit good.

If all of these things are put in topographic point, I believe strongly that our intent of enlargement would be fulfilled.

4. Decision.

Proper direction of the subdivision we are about gap is really of import. The direction procedure must affect proper planning, commanding, organizing, organizing, taking, and/or put to deathing to put to death this. To acquire the best out of our proposed operation in France, the person who is traveling to stand for us must cognize what it takes to be a good leader.

( Please happen attached the qualities he/she is expected to possess in appendix 2 ) .

Proper communicating, organizational culture/structure, power relationship and managerial procedure all work together, manus in manus to convey out the best in the employees of an administration.


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