The Maltese Falcon Sam Spade English Literature Essay

September 24, 2017 English Literature

Sam Spade: Sam Spade is the hero of the novel. He is a detective, who worked for a big bureau before ramifying out on his ain in San Francisco. He has a really noncompliant attitude towards jurisprudence, which he portrays to the upper limit to clients, able to keep his rebelliousness in a manner that does n’t compromise his pattern.

Sam Spade has a really misanthropic and one might state a really ‘typical ‘ attitude towards adult females harmonizing to the clip this novel was set in. Womans were deriving independency in the early 1920s and 30s, and Sam Spade would likely retrieve the clip adult females were non allowed to vote in the United States. He seemed to be in love with Brigid O ‘ Shanughnessy ‘s character, and yet he hands her over to the ploce for perpetrating the slaying of his spouse Miles. Sam Spade ‘s character did n’t do any sense to me at foremost. The drive force behind Sam Spade is a complex morality which sometimes sits at odds with his character portraiture by the writer. But the author likely wanted the readers to experience empathy towards Sam Spade ‘s character, but in the modern times, his attitude towards adult females would gain him a black oculus for certain.

Casper Gutman: is an enterprising and timeserving felon who wants the “ Maltese Falcon ” statue and has been trailing it all over the Earth for 17 old ages. He is successful in showing a gay forepart, even in high degree condemnable traffics and choler. He has been really elaborately, crafted by the author, because even though he is a stealer, he is non a really negative or evil character as felons would be expected to be. He has a by and large reasonably and personable even when he fails to busy the much coveted Maltese Falcon. As a character he seemed more sympathetic than Sam Spade.

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Brigid O’Shaughnessy: originally is the individual who hires Spade and Archer with an false narrative about seeking to happen a adult male who ran off with her younger sister. She besides uses an assumed name: Ms. Wonderly. Her major aim in making this was to hold her spouse in offense, Floyd Thursby followed. This is a fallacious character in its most obvious and classical description. The word picture is slightly a stereo type of a female scoundrel, who seems to hold no ethical motives and seems to hold no witting. She is the liquidator of Miles Archer. She is manipulative and dramas games with most characters. She even fools some that she is a nice individual, but restlessness shapes her ruin. In world she possess ‘ a unreliable bosom and merely cares about her ain ego involvement.

Wilmer Cook: used to work as Gutman ‘s secretary, Wilmer is a immature adult male who tries to chief a tough and intimidating facade which is shattered without many jobs by Sam Spade. He has a speedy pique and takes his hatred of Sam Spade out on other people. He has no jobs pulling his guns to kill person. He lacks forbearance and thinks excessively extremely of himself. Unfortunately for him, Sam rather easy disarms him several times. This shows that he is non the sort of individual who would larn from his errors. It seems that Wilmer and Cairo must at one clip portion a stopping point relationship, but Wilmer shows no regard for him, and verbally abuses him every opportunity he gets.

Joel Cairo: Joel Cairo is sometimes referred to as “ the Levantine ” which likely indicates the eastern Mediterranean country he appears to belong to. He is really emasculate in the manner he talks and frocks. He likes to come across as a ‘man of the universe. ” He has originally hired Sam Spade to happen the elusive Maltese Falcon, after he has Spade ‘s offices ransacked at gunpoint. He is besides non strong plenty to contend for himself, particularly when he is punched by Sam Spade and when he gets into a battle with Brigid. He besides has zero consciences. He helps to drug Sam who so gets beaten up by Wilmer Cook. He is largely motivated by greed.

Effie Perrine: is Sam Spade ‘s secretary and confidante, in the Maltese Falcon. This seems to be the lone character who does non hold any subterranean motivations or unscrupulous intrigues. She besides seems to hold a crush on her foreman. She seems to keep Sam together and she takes attention of him. She does n’t oppugn him, even when he calls her in the center of the dark. She comes across as an intelligent character, who fulfills the demand of the hr.

Iva Archer: is Miles Archer ‘s married woman in novel. She and Sam Spade shared a close relationship at one clip, but it seems that Sam Spade hates her. This is apparent when he goes to great lengths to avoid her after Miles Archer has been murdered. Sing him with Brigid O’Shaunghnessy, Iva become covetous and acts in a really revengeful mode.

Miles Archer: is Sam Spade ‘s spouse in their detective bureau. Miles seems to be really taken with Brigid O’Shaughnessy ‘s good expressions and offers to manage her instance personally. He dies, because he is concentrating more on Brigid, than on the occupation at manus, and besides acting unsuitably with a client. He gets shot by the same client. Sam Spade, it seems despised Miles Archer and was traveling to throw him out of the concern shortly.

Phil Archer: is Miles Archer ‘s brother in the novel. Even though he does n’t look in the novel, he is fundamentally the 1 that suspects Sam Spade killed Miles Archer and tells this narrative to the constabulary.

Ted Christy: Christy is Effie ‘s cousin, a professor of history at the University of California at Berkely. Effie is sent to Christy by Spade in order to acquire a better thought about the worth and authencity of the “ Maltese Falcon ” and the narrative environing it.

Lieutenant Dundy: a police officer who is repeatedly comes to see Spade to happen out about what he knows about the events related to Miles Archer ‘s decease. Dundy is a hard-boiled constabulary officer, who suspects Spade as the liquidator of his spouse. He comes across as really covetous of Sam Spade and is hatching up strategies to at least seek to acquire Sam Spade ‘s detective licence revoked.

Mr. Filcraft: a character belonging to Sam Spade ‘s yesteryear. In my sentiment, non really instrumental in the original secret plan of the novel.

Mr. Freed: plants at a St. Mark ‘s Hotel desk, where Brigid is registered as Ms. Wonderly as the narrative begins. He is a discreet gentleman and proves really instrumental to Spade by supplying valuable information to him.

Rhea Gutman: Mr. Gutman ‘s girl, appears merely one time in the novel. Sam Spade finds the 17 twelvemonth old drugged after he goes to the Alexandria Hotel to seek to look for Brigid O’Shaunghnessy. Spade subsequently finds out that after directing him on a wild goose pursuit she exits the hotel without any hints of being drugged at all. Her axial rotation in the play, other than misdirecting Sam for awhile, was non really of import.

Captain Jacobi: The captain and bearer of the Maltese Falcon for Brigid O’Shaunghnessy from Hong Kong. He delivers the statue to Sam Spade ‘s office, where he dies as he has been shot several times. Its non clear how he got to Sam ‘s office despite being shot, and still pull offing to retain the Maltese Falcon to manus over to Sam Spade.

Luke: Luke works as a house investigator at the Hotel Belvedere, where Joel Cairo was remaining. It is non clear why, but he keeps Spade informed about Cairo ‘s activities. He besides chases Wilmer out of the hotel on Spade ‘s prod.

Floyd Thursby: besides ne’er appears in the novel physically. He is a criminal from St. Louis and Chicago, who met Brigid O ‘ Shaunghnessy in Hong Kong and helped her steal the Maltese Falcon. Brigid hires Spade and Archer to follow Thursby, in the hope that he would either be killed or scared away. Wilmer killed Thursby to seek to frighten Brigid into uncovering the whereabouts of the statue.

Sid Wise: is Sam Spade ‘s attorney and is a member of the house Wise, Merican and Wise. He is consulted excessively many times by Sam Spade to do certain the schemes he is plotting are legal or non. Spade sends Iva Archer to Wide after she has given the constabulary information, stating that Wise will protect her lawfully.


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