The Man after God’s Own Heart Essay

August 20, 2017 Religion

David. King of Jews. possessed every failing and wickedness that “a adult male of blood” is capable and yet God still showered and bestowed him with abundant approvals. He was the fornicator of Bathsheba whom he forced to travel with him to bed and convinced to lie about her gestation to her hubby Uriah. He was the liquidator of his friend Uriah whom he sent in forepart of the battleground if merely to have Bathsheba. He was responsible to adultery and slaying which are considered to be wickednesss that are abhorrent in the eyes of God and yet he was still considered to be a great male monarch and was called by God as “the adult male after His ain heart” .

Notwithstanding the fact that he was found guilty of many wickednesss. King David was considered to be the 1 who was chosen by God as his life absolutely portrays how a adult male went from being a good shepherd. to a brave elephantine killer. to a great male monarch of Israel. to a adult male in expatriate and so to being a great adult male once more. David is the 4th boy of Jesse of Bethlehem. At his early childhood. he was chosen by God to win Saul as the male monarch of Judah whom God had rejected because of noncompliance.

Though he has other older brothers who can break presume the kingship of Saul. God anointed and blessed immature David alternatively since he has seen to hold an reliable. uncomparable and digesting love for God. As a male child. David was considered to be an obedient and brave boy. He was described as a male child who will bravely contend and kill wolves if merely to protect his father’s sheep. David’s bravery. furthermore. was even highlighted as he defeated and killed elephantine Goliath of the Philistines. King Saul’s ground forcess. including David’s three older brothers. were contending against the Philistines.

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In one of their conflicts. the Israelites found trouble since cipher can get the better of a immense Philistine soldier named Goliath of Gath. Because Goliath was so big and strong. cipher among the soldiers would make bold to step and contend against the elephantine. During that clip. Jesse. the male parent of David. would frequently direct the immature David to the battlegrounds to convey nutrient for his brothers. When immature David heard that the giant was cussing his God and doing merriment of the Hebrew soldiers. he was challenged to give the giant a square battle. David chose non to have on protective combat shields and usage blades during the battle.

He alternatively brought with him a sling and a rock coupled with his great trust and religion with the Lord. In the terminal of the battle. immature David defeated and killed the giant. After immature David killed the elephantine Goliath. he assumed a place at the tribunal of the land of King Saul. He similarly won the friendly relationship over Jonathan. boy of Saul. However. even though Saul was delighted with David’s accomplishments as a warrior. musician and politician. Saul became distrustful of David as his replacement. David’s popularity among the people ignited the green-eyed monster of King Saul to the immature hero.

In order to set David out of his land. he forced the immature male child to populate entirely in the dark and run through the enemy’s district. King Saul. because of green-eyed monster. even plotted several ways to kill David. But David’s trust to God ne’er tainted and his old ages of solitariness and tests with God built his great character and firm religion. After the decease of King Saul. David assumed the kingship of the Hebrew people. During his reign as male monarch of the chosen land. God bounteously and copiously blessed him with cognition and accomplishments since his love for God is firm and reliable.

David remained low and pious as he persistently trusted God and tried to obey His will. Even though he endured much persecution from Saul and his other enemies. he did non even raise his manus against Saul when he had the opportunity to kill the male monarch amidst what Saul had done to him. David had placed all his hope to God that is why he was anointed by God and delivered him from all his enemies. David became a great male monarch of the Jews as what God had promised to him. There were many workss that he accomplished while he was the male monarch of the chosen land.

During his kingship. he united the people of Israel as he proceeded to steer the kingship over Judah and so all the folks of Israel North of Judah. Besides. he was the 1 who made the ark’s return to Israel’s centre of worship possible. Because of this. all the people were praising and joying God before the Ark in Jerusalem. Furthermore. David. during his kingship. besides returned to his place to bless his family. This shows the interior goodness of the male monarch as a boy to his male parent and a younger brother to his other older siblings.

However. though he was considered to be mild and pious. David besides experienced to disobey God whom he trusted and loved most. Among the wickednesss he committed which are against the will of God include criminal conversation and slaying. King David became responsible of the wickedness criminal conversation when he met a beautiful adult female named Bathsheba who was married to his soldier Uriah. Even though he knew that his matter to Bathsheba would take to adultery. he still pursued his relationship with the adult female who became pregnant after he forced her to travel to bed with him.

In order to conceal his matter with Bathsheba. King David recalled Uriah from conflict and pretended that the soldier was the male parent of Bathsheba’s babe. In this instance. King David did non merely commit criminal conversation but he similarly committed misrepresentation among his people. In the terminal. King David became the liquidator of his friend Uriah as he sent him the soldier in forepart of the conflict lines if merely to acquire Bathsheba as his ain married woman. Because of these wickednesss committed by the great male monarch of Israel who was chosen and anointed by God. King David’s autumn from grace happened.

He was punished by God as he admitted his wickednesss when confronted by Nathan the prophesier. His first kid with Bathsheba died and he was cursed with the promise of rebellion from his ain land. Even though he committed serious wickednesss against the will of God. King David is still considered to be “the adult male after God’s ain heart” since his life merely tells that no affair how great a individual Idaho in the eyes of the people and God. no 1 has the capableness to defy against wickednesss. King David shows the humanity that no 1 is without wickedness.

But what is good on the portion of King David is his capacity to atone his wickednesss from God after he disobeyed Him. Though David committed serious noncompliance on the will and commandments of God. he still found forgiveness since he instantly showed penitence for the wickednesss he had done. This is therefore the ground why God still loves him amidst he fails God for many times. David’s life teaches the people how to keep religion and love to God even though tests seem to steep his whole life.

David would non be considered as the greatest male monarch of the Jews without the convulsion that he successfully surpassed. Likewise. through the narrative of King David. God shows that how large or little the wickedness that worlds have done. there is still room for forgiveness. Despite the wickednesss that King David had done against the will of God. King Davis still received forgiveness and he was even bestowed with more approvals. The same holds true with the life of human existences. King David represents every individual in this universe.

Though we are iniquitous and we frequently disobey the will of God. He still considers everyone of us as “the adult male after His ain heart” . All we need to make is to atone our wickednesss so that we can seek forgiveness from God. In entire. King David is so worthy to be considered as “the adult male after God’s ain heart” since he managed to keep his trust and religion to God amidst the tests and agonies that bombarded his life from the beginning of his journey until he tasted his sweet success in life together with God.


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