The Man In Black English Literature Essay

Most of us know of Johnny Cash, the Man in Black. But do we genuinely know who he is, the fable in the darkness? Not many are able to reply with a solid yes. Some can state he was a great state performing artist, being wholly unaware of how his music, every bit good as his image, had a enormous impact on their ain lives, including the music they listen to. Johnny Cash was an influential individual in American history because his i??Man in Blacki?? image helped solidify his topographic point as a music author and performing artist, he was able to bounce from the deepnesss of drug dependence, and he pioneered many different genres of music although he was a state singer.i??

Johnny Cashi??s chief ground why he and his set wore black is rather absurd. Of all the vesture options they had, black was the lone common colour. It besides became a well-known phase criterion once the vocal, i??Man in Black, i?? became highly popular in 1971. Wearing black, to Cash, is a method of conveying a message, a mark. This message was for the weak, the downtrodden, the sick, the hopeless, the lonely, and those that merely merit more in life. Be it trust? Lone Cash would cognize. Unfortunately, the message was stolen by the powerful clasp of Death.i??

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Johnny Cashi??s family image in the United States, and finally, the universe, was that of an criminal, a condemnable. This is a really common misconception about Cashi??s life. Interestingly, he ne’er served a prison sentence. Additionally, every bit good as ironically, most of Cashi??s fan mail came from those in prison. His seven one-night corsets in gaol lasted merely that, one dark at a clip. Rumors about Johnny really making clip were merely rumours. Another illustration that works against Johnnyi??s image is his songwriting. The vocal i??Folsom Prison Blues, i?? for illustration, has lines saying Cash shooting a adult male merely to watch him decease, but this is strictly inventive, non biographical.i??

From the 1980i??s to today, there has been a repute with difficult stone sets, like Mi??tley Cri??e, and hotels. These reputes areni??t what most would name pleasant. Cash is linked to the beginning of such jokes, and hence incriminations himself: i??

i??Ii??ve done no direct physical force to people, but I surely hurt many of them, peculiarly those closest to me, and I was hard on things. I kicked them, I punched them, I smashed them, I chopped them, I shot them, I stuck them with my bowie knife. When I got high I didni??t attention. If I wanted to allow out some of my fury, I merely did it. The value of whatever I destroyed, the money it cost, or its significance to whoever owned it or used it didni??t matter one spot to me, such was the deepness of my selfishness. All it cost to me was hard currency ( if that ) hands off. Person else, normally Marshall Grant, had to really confront the people and do the payingi?? i?? Iti??s disturbing, excessively, to face the fact that, in many eyes, the sort of motel hooliganism I pioneered is now a sort of totem of stone and axial rotation rebellion, a harmless and even admirable mixture of vernal exuberance and disdain for convention. Thati??s non what it was for me. It was darker and deeper. It was violence.i?? ( Cash, and Carr, 154-155 ) i??

To believe that Johnny Cash would associate himself, as a performing artist, to the atrociousnesss that come along with the stone star outlook, is take downing to his image. Many of the greater known hotel destructing fiascos seems to hold some sort of awful undertone to it. What does it dwell of? The simplest reply would be drugs and alcohol.i??

Johnny Cash flirted with catastrophe. He slept with the jurisprudence, and Death itself, though the latter was guised in pleasance. Cash was to a great extent addicted to pep pills, barbiturates, and intoxicant. The pep pills helped him wake up and remain awake ; while the barbiturates and liquor helped convey him down if the stimulations put him over the top. If Cash couldni??t acquire them illicitly, he would see the nearest physician and acquire his hole prescribed. Sometimes this method wouldni??t work. In instances like that, Cash had friends and connexions all over the United States while touring. He could hold pills shipped in anyplace, at any clip, by the hundreds.i??

One of Cashi??s first darks in gaol besides showed marks of dependence on the drugs. In 1959, he was arrested for trying to interrupt into a closed nine in Nashville, Tennessee, to steal intoxicant. Another brainsick drug-induced daze involves Cashi??s truck firing down half of a national wood. He blamed the truck, and said that the tribunal could non oppugn it because it was dead. He did pay for the amendss, however.i??

Not all of Cashi??s apprehensions turned out awful, though. An nightlong stay in Carson City, Nevada had Cash locked in a cell with an tremendous adult male who was invariably holding temper swings. The adult male had threatened to interrupt Cashi??s cervix, finally trying to make so. Johnny had now sobered up from whatever he was making earlier that eventide, and started singing i??Folsom Prison Bluesi?? and i??I Walk the Line.i?? The adult male began to quiet down, seting two and two together. Alas, he was leery, still believing Cash isni??t who he said he is. Johnny continues to sing, and the adult male is blasted back by the beauty before him, and calls himself to sleep.i??

Equally pleasant as that dark turned out, it can be every bit awful. On a crossing over from Dallas to Los Angeles, Cash makes a halt in El Paso, Texas, and crosses over into Mexico to refill his supply of Dexedrine. He hails a cab and asks the driver to acquire all he can from anyplace. Back in El Paso, Cash pops a few pills, and so buys an antique handgun at a pawn store. Subsequently, he is stopped by what looks like a fan, but Cash knows iti??s truly a plainclothes officer. Cash thinks he was stopped because of the gun, and said that he collected old-timers, presumptively to throw the officer away. The officer asked what clip the flight to Los Angeles left, and Cash said that it would go forth at about 9:00 that evening.i??

Merely before the flight is scheduled to go forth, the planei??s door opened and Johnny was asked to step off the plane. One of the work forces collaring Cash was the plainclothes officer he had talked with earlier that twenty-four hours. Cash was believed to be possessing diacetylmorphine, when all he had were his pills. They, nevertheless, were sealed in concealed compartments in his bag and guitar instance. Cash comes to a realisation that he could finally destruct his life, his calling, and his household by populating the manner he was. The media rapidly jumped on this apprehension narrative, and Johnny was faced with changeless humiliation. This, coupled with the usual force per unit area on a performing artist while touring led Johnny back to his safe oasis, the drugs and alcohol.i??

Cashi??s last one dark base with the jurisprudence happened in October of 1961, in Lafayette, Georgia. After Cash finishes the dark, the sheriff releases him, and gives him two things, his money and his pills. Cash asks why, saying that what the sheriff was making is illegal. The sheriff gives him two options: throw the pills off, and salvage yourself, or take the pills and dice. It broke the sheriffi??s bosom to see Cash in gaol, and he even had ideas of retiring. Leaving the constabulary station, Cash thought that God had sent the sheriff to him, or frailty versa. Because of this, Cash realized that what he was about to kill himself with these drugs, and that he needed to acquire himself on the right way. He began to make so by throwing off the drugs.i??

It would take far worse than this realisation to frighten Cash off drugs. He needed to see Death face to face. While under the semblance that he could, Cash visited Nickajack Cave in Marion County, Tennessee, with a torch and attempted to travel as far in the cave as he could. When the batteries ran out, he would halt creep, and merely sit at that place and hunger to decease. However, Cash claims to hold seen God through this suicide effort, and was able to happen his manner out of the cave. Cash has been a truster in the word of God, and has besides abstained from drugs from that twenty-four hours forth, until his death.i??

Cash has a message for his readers in his 1977 autobiography, Man in Black. i??To any and all who can be saved from the decease of drugs, if merely one individual turns to God through the narrative which I tell, it will all have been worthwhile.i?? ( Cash, 13 ) He besides has a message for those already functioning God. i??To fellow Christians who feel they have failed and fear there is no hope ; it is my promise that this book will demo you there is hope.i?? ( Cash, 13 ) i??

As a kid, Cash went by his birth name, J. R. This was due to a dissension between Johnnyi??s parents, who couldni??t decide between John or Ray for his name. When enlisting for the armed forces, he submitted John R. Cash as his name, because initials were non allowed to be submitted. When subscribing onto Sun Records, Cash adopted the phase name, Johnny.i??

Cashi??s youth played out like a clichi??d calamity. The immature J. R. had a close relationship with his older brother, Jack. Jack was two old ages older than J. R. However, Jack being the older brother was short lived, rather literally. Jack died at age 14 due to a freak accident at their occupation. He was about chopped in half by a tabular array proverb. Whether or non this really was an accident is still a enigma. The whole incident could hold been avoided. Both male childs could hold had a twenty-four hours off and gone fishing, but Jack insisted that they work, since the household didni??t have much money.i??

Even decennaries after Jacki??s decease, Johnny ever had a topographic point in his bosom for his brother. Cash frequently spoke of seeing his brother in dreams, and hoped to see his brother in Eden when he died. Johnny recalls being on a plane that had merely gone through some turbulency. He looked out the window, and happens to be winging over a general country where Jack was laid to rest. Johnny felt that this was Godi??s manner of stating him that he was on the right path. Hei??s making what he is supposed to be making, which is entertaining. It was a reminder to be a function theoretical account, be strong, stay respectful, honest, and be a positive influence.i??

Not everything behind Cashi??s

life is pain and agony, although most of it is, unluckily. Johnny Cash left behind an huge bequest, with its bouldery start, aureate age, ruin, and mount back to celebrity. For case, one time Johnny hit pubescence, his voice plummeted to the deep and rich barytone the universe knows today. Once he learned to play and utilize his voice to his advantage, he auditioned for Sam Phillips who was stand foring Sun Records. Johnny was rejected for singing gospel melodies, and was told by Phillips to travel place, wickedness, and come back with a vocal that really could sell. Sun Records was used to holding higher profile creative persons, like Elvis Presley.i??

Cash went and sinned, and he came out with chef-d’oeuvres. He wrote down whatever came to mind, set an insane sum of experiencing into it, and whenever Sung, it seemed that he was singing straight to the individual listening. The significance of the vocal was alone to that individual every bit good, as there is no clear and concise significance that many people can hold on. This was a cardinal factor in holding a big and diverse fan base.i??

Some of Cashi??s vocals were written about the lives and battles of Native Americans, chiefly the Cherokee Indians. He believed that Cherokee Indian blood resided in his venas. Upon researching his household history, nevertheless, Johnny found that he was one hundred per centum Scottish. This didni??t halt him composing about the Natives, or composing in general.i??

One of Cashi??s most celebrated vocals, i??Folsom Prison Blues, i?? was non really written by Johnny Cash. The original vocal, called i??Crescent City Blues, i?? was written by Gordon Jenkins. Cash plagiarized most of the vocal, altering some of the words and composing merely a few parts. There was no case, but the two settled out of court.i??

Although Johnny Cashi??s bequest is long gone, and he has passed off about seven old ages ago, he is remembered throughout todayi??s civilization through distribution of his music and image throughout new media. Examples include telecasting specials, intelligence articles, etc. Even video games are portion of this. The popular music simulation game, Guitar Hero 5, characteristics i??Ring of Firei?? as a playable path, every bit good as a digital reincarnation of Johnny, dressed in black. Besides, on-line music retail merchant iTunes late sold their 10 millionth vocal, with the vocal of award being Cashi??s i??Things Happen That Way.i??i??

J. R. , John, Johnny Cash lived the much sought after, about ne’er come-at-able American Dream. His life decidedly had its ups and downs, but because of the different waies he had been down in his life, he could associate to anyone and everyone. Johnny Cash was an influential individual in American history because his i??Man in Blacki?? image helped solidify his topographic point as a music author and performing artist, he was able to bounce from the deepnesss of drug dependence, and he pioneered many different genres of music although he was a state vocalist. If Johnny Cash were still alive today, he would still be populating his American Dream. He wouldni??t be sitting around making nil. He would likely, i??i?? travel to work, or if you like, to travel drama. Thati??s what we musicians name it, after all. Ii??ll put on this black shirt, clasp up the black belt on my black bloomerss, tie my black places, pick up my black guitar, and travel put on a show for the people in this town.i?? ( Cash, and Carr, 292 ) i??



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