The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance English Literature Essay

May 5, 2018 English Literature

The movie begins with the reaching of an aging Ransom “ Rance ” Stoddard, a U.S. Senator to a little town called Shinbone in the company of his married woman Hallie. It raises inquiries as to why the Senator is in that town sing it is about obsolute and has nil to offer to prosecute a U.S. Senator ‘s visit. It is even more confusing that the senator is at that place to go to the funeral of a adult male who lived in the town, an evident cipher, Tom Doniphon. As ordinary citizen ‘s it is obvious that curiousity takes its class when an of import individual whether a politician or famous person comes our manner in the absence of an of import event taking topographic point. It is believed that “ these ” sort of people merely visit the topographic points where ordinary citizen ‘s unrecorded when there is a map suiting their position taking topographic point. One of the journalists is funny plenty to inquire the U.S. Senator why truly he is at that place. From this point on, the secret plan takes a flashback to decennaries earlier to give the spectator a world circuit of the Senator ‘s head therefore giving an reply to the journalist ‘s inquiry. This is when the other characters in the movie besides take their places in the whole movie secret plan.

Sometimes the smallest and oddest brushs can take to womb-to-tomb friendly relationships and even organize relationships that can with stand the tides of clip. In the instance of Senator Rance Stoddard, his unplanned brush with a entire alien is the beginning of his flashback. The so immature lawyer was on a stagecoach since the rail route had non come to Shinbone yet and the part was still a Western district with the purpose of puting up a jurisprudence office in the little town. The universe has a amusing manner of conveying people together whether it is by usage of familiarities or opportunity brushs. The stagecoach that Rance was siting is waylaid on its manner by criminals who are out to rob the riders. Rance being the charismatic and fearless adult male he is, dares the criminal and in the procedure earns himself a barbarous whipping and is left for the dead. This unfortunate event is the start of a long term relationship with a rancher called Tom Doniphon. This adult male demonstrates the human virtuousness of commiseration and altruism when he takes the severely beaten Rance to his friend ‘s place to be taken attention of. Rance additions more friends in that household, Peter and his married woman Nora and their girl Hallie. These people become his new household and even offer him a occupation in their eating house once he is back to his two pess.

There is offense about everyplace and in some instances the same felons maintain terrorising people and nil seems to be done to maintain them in cheque. It is no different in the town of Shinbone. It is depicted that the people in this town know the pack that had ambushed Rance ‘s stagecoach ; the pack is led by one Liberty Valance, a felon who uses fright as his arm to maintain people from collaring him. He is a gunfighter who wields a silver-handled whip to intimidate people therefore no 1 dares inquiry him or his pack. This lone goes to demo the degree human existences can fall to when faced by fright and bullying. There is a town Marshal who besides seems to hold been enveloped by the fright of the pack and is left spineless and incompetent to manage the criminal. The town Marshal shows his incompetency when he explains that the stagecoach ambuscade was out of his legal power since it happened outside the town bounds, everyone knows that he is merely as terrified of Valance and his pack as the ordinary folks.

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Peoples in a place of power, nevertheless they acquired it, can utilize the same to mortify and mistreat others. This point is good demonstrated in the instance of Valance and Rance meeting in the eating house where Rance works. Valance remembers Rance from their earlier brush on the stagecoach and is out to strictly mortify him for he knows that Rance and practically everyone in the town fright him. He trips Rance who falls and spills the contents of a home base he is functioning to a client on the floor. Cornice so orders him to pick the strewn piece of steak from the floor with his oral cavity. His friend Tom Doniphon comes to his assistance once more by step ining in the tense match-up though Rance coppices him off and tells him non to contend his conflicts.

Genuine people will ever demo their true egos and ever stand by the good values they have taking to break themselves and those around them. Rance is a good adult male and he searches for a manner to refund the Erickson household for holding looked after him when he was ailing and for offering him a occupation in their eating house. On larning that their

girl Hallie was nonreader, he offers to learn her how to read and compose and put up a stopgap school where even the local kids and some grownups could go to. He teaches them the benefits of holding a democracy and lectures them on issues about the fundamental law. All this he does for free and with the good purpose of sharing what he knows with anyone else willing to larn for their ain good.

It is in this category that the facet of race comes up. One of his pupils is an Afro-american called Woody Strode who while declaiming the American Declaration for Independence lurchs on “ all work forces are created equal ” claiming he merely forgot the portion. Rance makes merriment of it in an attempt to maintain the whole issue controlled for he is intelligent plenty to cognize that racial comments and anything touching on racism could blow out of proportion and convey on animus and divisions among people. This lone goes to demo how the issue of racism had spread even to the smallest of towns like Shinbone and how the African-American community takes it personally even when there is no cause to or mark of favoritism against them, as with Pompey.

Love conquers all. This has been a stating for old ages and every twenty-four hours we encounter or read a narrative that proves this as true. Hallie is presented as Doniphon ‘s true love and the two are even engaged for matrimony at some point. Doniphon misjudges Hallie ‘s tearful fondness towards Rance after he is beaten once more though this clip he manages to kill Liberty. She had gone in front and alerted Doniphon of a gun conflict that was to take topographic point between Rance and Liberty and cognizing excessively good that his friend could ne’er come out of it alive, Doniphon had gone in front and aided Rance, hence he had came out of it winning and a hero in everyone ‘s eyes. When Doniphon sees Hallie with Rance after the battle, he feels dejected and downplays his accomplishment by stating Rance to maintain her and since he had already taught her to read and compose, tells him to give her something to compose approximately. In fact, Doniphan is the true hero but feels he is no lucifer for Rance therefore gives his love up for Hallie. In making this, Doniphon leads a lone and alone life in the town till his decease, since he had given up on his true love.

True friendly relationship is a bond that can stand the trial of clip. In the present twenty-four hours we see the now Senator Ransom Stoddard go toing his late friend Doniphon ‘s funeral. He had married Hallie and had a successful calling in political relations. Rance so confesses to a newsman that he was non the 1 that had killed Liberty Valance instead it had been Doniphon who had been concealing and changeable Liberty to salvage Ransom ‘s face. He had fought a battle for Rance and in the procedure lost his one true love and made Rance expression like the hero at his ain disbursal, abandoning himself to take a alone and suffering life. The newsman has no purposes of printing the narrative now and declares the stating that, ‘what you do non cognize will non ache you ‘ . The Senator does non bury his friend and comes all those old ages subsequently to go to his funeral. His friend Doniphan had sacrificed a batch for him and the universe would ne’er allow him bury as witnessed in the train journey back place when the train music director tells him that another train was waiting for him, that nil was excessively good for the adult male that had killed Liberty Valance.


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