The Manifest Destiny Movement Essay

August 17, 2017 General Studies

With Antebellum America followed a desire for Manifest Destiny. The people shortly wanted to have all of the land in the state and began traveling West. While this westbound motion seemed euphoric for the Americans. advertised about as a pickup from the already crowded east. such a feeling did non be for the Indians.

Manifest Destiny was an aggressive imperialism pursued at the disbursal of others due to the facts that it was made out to be an enlargement prearranged by Heaven when it merely was the craving of more land. it took the Indians merely place that was promised to them by a old pact. and when the Manifest Destiny motion was created. it entitled the American people ownership of the Indian’s themselves. John O’Sullivan. an enthusiastic yet intriguing editorialist. was the first to coin the movement’s rubric.

While he had non used the existent words “Manifest Destiny. ” he was highly close. foretelling a “divine fate. ” It was merely six old ages subsequently. when composing an essay that he used the phrase of Manifest Destiny. While it has meant many things to people. Manifest Destiny has been translated as “an enlargement prearranged by Heaven. ” While it was used on advertizements for the new motion. the Democrats besides used it to explicate their demand for enlargement.

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Not merely this. but the Democrats used it to warrant the war with Mexico and even derive parts of Beaver state from the British. While the common people of America may non hold known much of it at the clip. the authorities was crooked. working the term and the motion. when candidly the motion did non include much good for anyone other than the Americans. The group that the Manifest Destiny created the worst fortunes for was the Indians.

The Indians had merely antecedently been pushed west when the U. S. Congress passed an Act to modulate trade and intercourse with the Indians and to continue peace of the frontiers. The act set aside all land West of the Mississippi River as lasting Indian District ; nevertheless. before the jurisprudence could be put into consequence. the line between U. S. and Indian lands was moved many stat mis to the West. The pact forbade any white individual from come ining Indian state without their permission. The motion of class broke this pact.

This “permanent Indian territory” was diminished in merely a twosome of decennaries. Paintings. besides used in the advertizement of Manifest Destiny. demo the Indians and their American bison and Equus caballuss as darkness and immorality against the angel that represents America. Pathetic use of the Americans led to the shrinking of Indian places and land. Not merely though did the American’s take the Indian’s land. they even decided that Manifest Destiny meant they could have the Indians.

The people of America believed that the Manifest Destiny entitled the Europeans and their posterities. by fate. to govern America. This included the lands. woods. minerals and H2O rights. Many included the Indian people themselves in the ownership. It is said that one time earlier. the Indians’ harmonious vocal could be heard all through the state as the vocal enveloped it. Then. afterwards. it was seldom heard repeating through the waste vale. The Indians had been pushed out of every place they had since the settlers foremost settled in America.

The Manifest Destiny motion fundamentally took all that was left and promised to the Indians. It shows that the Americans were crooked. interrupting promises for their ain benefit. This proves Manifest Destiny was an aggressive imperialism pursued at the disbursal of others through the advertisement that the motion was an enlargement prearranged by Eden. the breakage of the pact that entitled the western land to the Indians. and the ego proclaimed ownership of the Indians to the Americans.


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