The Marketing Contingency Planning Marketing Essay

Solar power is most turning industry in the Australian market for the last decennary as the beginning of Renewable Energy. Harmonizing to Australian Bureau Statics, 7 % of Australians are bring forthing the renewable energy by their solar system which is installed at their topographic points. Solar energy devoted to both globally and locally revolution in power resources.

The solar industry growing gross has been $ 1.39 billion in the twelvemonth of 2012-13, and at the terminal of this decennary solar powers has been adopted by the 20 % of Australian households.According to Australian Clean Energy Regulator, by the terminal of June 2013 there will be about 858,000 families will able to bring forth around 2 gig watts.1st of June 20120 the Australian authorities introduce the C revenue enhancement which consequence on the electricity rates, around there was 12 % to 13 % increase in rates. In Queensland State there was the increase about 10.4 % in electricity rates.

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As the rivals in solar industry the Origin Energy and the AGL is two top most existing company have strong place in the Australian Solar industry. Flexible merchandises with different monetary value, topographic point and publicity techniques are besides explained in item in this study. Different solar bundles with mention to people ‘s houses are to be brought for successful concern. Promotion has to be given chief precedence as the concern is new and would be viing with old market participants.

The get downing cost outgo, hard currency influx and interrupt even analysis are the fiscal appraisal which provides the possible sight of future concern. To accomplish success control mechanism has to be monitored all clip guaranting the cost of operation does n’t travel overhead and concern is running as per the set criterions. Solar company is making its concern mature industry hence gross revenues has to be monitored carefully. In instance if there is any unconditioned perturbation in regular work so eventuality program helps to transport out its operation swimmingly.

Table of Contentss


Green energy is doing inroads as economic systems of graduated table Begin to cut down the monetary values of production. Solar power is most turning industry in the Australian market for the last decennary as the beginning of Renewable Energy. In this system the electricity is generated by interrelated solar exposure Gur cells by and large called as solar panels and applied to the families and different industrial countries and fed back in to electricity grid and can derive money. Harmonizing to Australian Bureau Statics, 7 % of Australians are bring forthing the renewable energy by their solar system which is installed at their topographic points. Entering as a new house in solar electricity industry high upfront cost is the highest barrier. Photovoltaic cells come with a long life rhythm ( about 25 old ages ) , and consumers can easy get down doing money from this merchandise. The solar industry wholly needs regulating cast-iron certainty, but it besides needs to go sustainable on its ain.

Situation Analysis

Industry Analysis

Solar energy devoted to both globally and locally revolution in power resources. Solar energy system creates better, effectual, cheap electricity power from the Sun in to different countries. All theindustrialists to bring forth the top merchandises at the most sensible monetary values for the Australian market for the entryway for a better credence for solar power. From the last decennary the solar panel installing industry in Australia has been driven to the forepart of electrical installing services. The solar industry growing gross has been $ 1.39 billion in the twelvemonth of 2012-13, and at the terminal of this decennary solar powers has been adopted by the 20 % of Australian families. ( Ibis universe, 27th July 2012 ) .According to Ibis universe, National Solar Group, Origin Energy and CBD energy are three chief major participant in Australian Solar panel installing industry.

Market characteristic

Harmonizing to Australian Clean Energy Regulator, by the terminal of June 2013 there will be about 858,000 families will able to bring forth around 2 gig Watts. After accomplishing the 1 million families it will helpful for Australian authorities and carry through the 20 per cent of electricity by 2020 from green power while big coal and gas based public-service corporations to be lessening. Last twelvemonth 1st of June 20120 the Australian authorities introduce the C revenue enhancement which consequence on the electricity rates, around there was 12 % to 13 % increase in rates. In Queensland, there was increase about 10.4 % in electricity rates. ( Renewable Energy News, n.d ) Customer holding the solar discounts harmonizing to province authorities and in the Queensland authorities supplying the 44cn per Kwh and can counterbalance their electricity measures and yearly consumer can easy salvage $ 1050.

Customer analysis

As a new house in the solar industry our company has cohesive capablenesss in design, enlargement and production. The company provide harmonizing to client demands across commercial, residential and the industrial sections in different footings. If the clients holding solar power system 100 kilowatt and non will be more than 250 mWH of electricity per annum this system is eligible for the STCs and at that place has ne’er been an exact clip to put in the solar system ( Commercial Solar Solution, n.d ) . Harmonizing to Clean energy Australia, study at the terminal of August 2011 there were 513,585 solar PV system installed and about 430,000 of these were installed in merely last two twelvemonth.

Rivals analysis

Australian solar PV industry is now one of the best growth and bring forthing Renewable Energy sector. As a new house in this industry it ‘s difficult to take get down a good start because there are plentifulness of bing companies at present in the market with a strong place and Origin Energy remains one of the top three and while AGL is besides in besides list. AGL besides declared that after AGL solar fillip in last twelvemonth of July they grew gross revenues by the 25 per cent. ( Solar Insight, 22nd August 2012 )

Product/ Service Offering

As a new house in solar industry we will supply a different scope of solar panels harmonizing to the clients need. The solar panel system includes at scope from 1.5 kilowatts to 5.0 kilowatts systems which are by and large running merchandises for the families and little commercial countries. The system includes batteries, panels and inverters and all the equipment are the assembled. We will supply the assembled Solar system with the low-cost monetary value and services. Foldable system and Portable system these two advanced merchandises attract the clients, through this merchandise costumiers can easy bring forth power at different topographic points. In order to keep the valuable clients we will supply the assorted types of services in footings of best service after sale, long term of warranty period for the system, custom-making the merchandise harmonizing to client demand.

SWOT Analysis


For the last decennary in Australia the Solar system has been drastically increased and at the terminal of this decennary there will be one million families holding solar panel system on their roof so it will be the good potency for the concern to spread out. Customer can get down doing money through the solar discounts and this is the most attractive factor to derive client. The system will be supplying by the modern engineering with quality services and low-cost monetary value.


As a new house in the Australian Solar industry it ‘s difficult to do strong place and compete to the bing companies. The stuff used in the solar panel “ Silicon ” is high so the systems have high capital cost and shortness cost.


As a turning solar industry in Australia anyone can get down ain concern who holding strong finance and give us strong competition. And we will anticipate the less figure of order in the off peak seasons and it will cut down our hard currency flow.


Now this yearss are solar power system are so demanding because of the solar discounts and can easy counterbalance their measures. As the turning market of the solar industry the clients are more interested in to the turning market and derive more and more clients.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is focussed more on making, instead doing the planet earth a much more sustainable topographic point for the dwellers populating in it.

Our mission is to make new chances in footings of act uponing the thought of immature heads every bit good the behavior of the people towards doing the energy much more efficient and increasing the usage of natural every bit good as sustainable methods for bring forthing energy every bit good as optimal use of energy.

Marketing aims


The chief job which exists in today ‘s universe and which stops people from put ining the solar merchandises is high down payment every bit good as un audited high costs which is a large issue and the long wage back periods hold the people determination on put ining the solar merchandises.

Our merchandises are much cheaper every bit good as have a low down payment. It would certainly hold more people interested for subscribing the solar merchandises


Proper literacy about the solar merchandises is absent amongst the people as a limited exposure is seen when it comes to reexamine the solar merchandises. The major concern of the people is the dependability of the solar merchandises and the engineering used like the photovoltaic cells used in the solar panels. It is besides non considered a proper beginning for bring forthing electricity.

We would be taking steps where people would be given a proper apprehension about the merchandises.


The complex nature of installing of the solar merchandises is something which drawbacks client from put ining or accepting the merchandises for usage as it is really much complicated to acquire the things done and it besides discourages people i.e. the possible clients from put ining the solar merchandises. We would offer a free installing of our merchandises to the willing clients.


The much longer determination devising procedure is something what the client do n’t wish every bit good as the fiscal complexness of the solar sale creates inertia amongst the possible clients.

Fiscal aims

Fiscal aims for 2013-2018

EBITA border


5 %



& gt ; 12 %



& lt ; 10 %

Equity ratio


25-40 %

Gearing ( NIBD/EBITDA )



Dividend output ( PAT )


45-65 %

Target market ( s ) /segment ( s ) and positioning

The mark market for our merchandises are specially the families, commercial and residential belongingss. The merchandises will be positioned in a mode concentrating largely on the residential belongingss as the solar merchandises are largely used in those countries i.e. the energy used is on a much higher graduated table as compared to other beginnings.

Broad overall scheme

Supplying a type of service to the clients in footings of free installing every bit good as low apparatus fees. This would assist to convey in more possible clients. We would be concentrating largely over the house holds as more electricity is produced in the houses.

Selling Mix

Solar panel as a merchandise or service should hold different scheme to full into a new market and survive in the bing market.

Strategy depends on the merchandise features aiming clients. Marketing mix gives single to hold a better expression for its selling in the market and it depends on the type of merchandise and service offered by the company.

There is difference between merchandise selling mix and service selling mix.

Development of Marketing Mix: Selling mix evolved as a solution for a job to get the better of the cost of advertizement and other disbursals which are non giving good consequences for the company but incurring cost.

Footing for Marketing Mix: Though sometimes how originative one person is will utilize the work of another individual as a demo. For illustration, James Watt invented Steam engine but every engineering like creative activity of steam, Power of steam, Vacuum creative activity, Power generated out of vacuity by Piston motion were invented prior to his creative activity. We can non name him merely aligned but given a utile worth full Transport mechanism. So, in some state of affairs some elements are used and in different state of affairs different group of elements some may be common are used. Different ingredients organize different mix for different merchandise and service harmonizing to the state of affairs built like properties of the merchandise and service, Targeting client, and Market.

For illustration if it is a decorative merchandise publicity should be done with the aid of famous persons moving in the advertizement which shows the competitory advantage or particular quality it have and the beauty of the merchandise is reflected in the beauty of the famous person.

Solar panel industry can offer merchandises or supply service depends on the scheme they develop and implement.

It can offer solar panel merchandises in retail for families where there service can non make or it can offer electricity service by set uping a works for a small town or metropolis ( group of small towns or group of metropoliss )

The difference between Marketing mix of merchandise and service.


Service Selling MIX



Monetary value

Monetary value

Topographic point

Topographic point





Physical grounds

The first four elements of Product and service selling mix are common. They are:

Merchandise: It includes all the inside informations sing the properties of the merchandise like the followers:

Product assortment,




Brand name




Guarantees and returns.

Solar panel is a merchandise which gives renewable energy i.e. one time installed will give electricity till the terminal of its life span.

This merchandise should be packed safely and instructions to utilize the merchandise should be given clearly with the aid of a booklet.

As it is focused to extreme external clime quality should be maintained with characteristics which are updated in the market.

Brand name should be focused as they are closely associated with the environment as friend, which gives a positive image on the trade name and merchandise.

This merchandise serves the client by giving eco friendly electricity.

This merchandise is dealt with solar engineering and every one can non cognize about it clearly so service should be provided for the client so that he can purchase the merchandise as there is a opportunity for fix if any job arises sing its working.

Monetary value: It depends on the fabrication costs of the solar panel and the market they are offering. It contains

List monetary value



Payment period

Recognition footings

Topographic point: It depends on the type of environment, topographic point and merchandise, preferred to offer these services in cragged parts, desert parts where the general electricity supply is really low. Information technology contains







Promotion: Promotion includes promotional mix. They are

Gross saless publicity


Gross saless force

Public dealingss

Direct selling.

For solar panel any promotional component for the publicity can be used.


Fiscal prediction is based on premise and estimates as gross revenues, production, and hard currency required for get downing concern. Financial prediction dramas really critical function in marketing program as it estimates when the company will hold net income, acquire return on its investing, how much cost is required to run the concern and clip period in which company will hold to run in loss.

Get downing Cost Appraisal

Particulars Sums in AUD $

Start up disbursal 5600

Legal 1000

Office supplies 700

Office Equipment 2000

Booklet 300

Website 1000

Others 600

Money in the Bank 37800 ( 6 months of disbursement for modesty )

Estimated monthly paysheet 5500

Estimated monthly rent 650

Estimated extra disbursals 200

Entire estimated monthly disbursement 6300

Start up stock list 30000

Other current Asset 3000

Entire Assetss 70800

Entire Start up Requirement 76400

Break Even Analysis

Monthly Unit of measurements Break Even= 9.0

Monthly Revenue Break Even= $ 27,000

Based on this graph, our company has to sell 9 units in a month in order to hold a breakeven point. The gross revenues have to be at least of $ 27, 000 to cover all monthly disbursals and derive net incomes.

Cash Flow

Net Present Value ( NPV ) = $ 461,500


Control refers to the procedure by which company reaches to its end. There are different methods of accomplishing marketing research like market shop analysis, gross revenues analysis, market research, feedback from client, hard currency flow statements, market reaction and service degrees.

Control chiefly involves measuring, rating and monitoring. Company has to mensurate its public presentation, comparison with set criterions i.e. rating and proctor whether it is as per planned or non. The selling director is responsible for comparing advancement against criterion and taking connective actions. The entire budget has to be allocated among the several selling activities. The public presentation mark for solar company would be presenting its merchandise and services to the people and deriving new market. The budget control includes gross revenues degree per centum, selling incursion and advertisement effectivity. The chief thing is gross revenues prognosis. The forecasted gross revenues merchandise should be compared with existent gross revenues.

Marketing Contingency Planning

Proper stairss taken by direction and employees in exigency to guarantee the proper stairss. It is a program made to get the better of the failure, during the map of the organisation.

The major aims are to

-ensure damaged contained or loss of personal belongings

-consistent operation of the organisation.

The chief five stairss of eventuality planning are

Analysis jeopardy and hazard

Identifying shaping and prioritising contingencies- In nexus to the first stairss eventualities are examined to concentrate, give precedence to the most of import eventualities.

Developing scenarios for be aftering process- scenarios are developed to calculate the possible eventualities.

Fixing a eventuality program for each to choose scenario

Keeping and updating the eventuality plan- the programs must be revised for altering fortunes.



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