The Marketing Mix In Marketing Strategy Essay

August 13, 2017 Marketing

The selling mix is the set of governable. tactical selling tools that a company uses to bring forth a coveted response from its mark market. It consists of everything that a company can make to act upon demand for its merchandise. It is besides a tool to assist selling planning and executing. The four Ps of selling: merchandise. monetary value. topographic point and publicity.

The selling mix can be divided into four groups of variables normally known as the four Postscript:

Merchandise: The goods and/or services offered by a company to its clients. Monetary value: The sum of money paid by clients to buy the merchandise. Place ( or distribution ) : The activities that make the merchandise available to consumers. Promotion: The activities that communicate the product’s characteristics and benefits and persuade clients to buy the merchandise.

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Selling tools

Each of the four Ps has its ain tools to lend to the selling mix: Merchandise: assortment. quality. design. characteristics. trade name name. packaging. services Monetary value: list monetary value. price reductions. allowance. payment period. recognition footings Place: channels. coverage. mixtures. locations. stock list. transit. logistics Promotion: advertisement. personal merchandising. gross revenues publicity. public dealingss

Selling scheme

An effectual selling scheme combines the 4 Ps of the selling mix. It is designed to run into the company’s selling aims by supplying its clients with value. The 4 Ps of the selling mix are related. and combine to set up the product’s place within its mark markets.

Failings of the selling mix

The four Ps of the selling mix have a figure of failings in that they omit or underemphasize some of import selling activities. For illustration. services are non explicitly mentioned. although they can be categorized as merchandises ( that is. service merchandises ) . As good. other of import selling activities ( such as packaging ) are non specifically addressed but are placed within one of the four P groups. Another key job is that the four Ps focal point on the seller’s position of the market. The buyer’s position should be marketing’s chief concern.

The four Ps as the four Cesium

The four Ps of the selling mix can be reinterpreted as the four Cs. They put the customer’s involvements ( the purchaser ) in front of the marketer’s involvements ( the marketer ) . Customer solutions. non merchandises: Customers want to purchase value or a solution to their jobs. Customer cost. non monetary value: Customers want to cognize the entire cost of geting. utilizing and disposing of a merchandise. Convenience. non topographic point: Customers want merchandises and services to be as convenient to buy as possible. Communication. non publicity: Customers want bipartisan communicating with the companies that make the merchandise.

Marketing mix of Coca-Cola

Coca Cola is the trade name with the highest trade name equity. No uncertainty it has gone through the ups and downs of concern to make that place. The selling mix of Coca Cola has been altering over clip with more and more merchandises being added such that today it has 3300 merchandises. So what is the marketing mix of Coca Cola? Read on.


The company has the widest portfolio in drink industry comprising of 3300 merchandises. Beverages are divided into diet class. 100 % fruit juices. fruit drinks. H2O. energy drinks. tea and java etc. As per Nielson’s information. Coca Cola is the No. 1 trade name in scintillating drinks. juice. and retail packaged H2O in 2010. Coca Cola has its market presence around 200 states. Coca Cola trade names in India are Fanta. Maaza. Limca. fairy. Thums up. Minute Maid. Nimbu fresh. Nested iced tea etc.

Monetary value

Due to the handiness of broad scope merchandises the pricing is done harmonizing to the market and geographic section. Each sub-brand of coca Cola has different pricing scheme. Their pricing scheme is based on the rivals pricing. Pepsi is the direct rival to coke. Beverage market is said to be an oligopoly market ( few Sellerss and big purchasers ) . hence they form into trust contract to guarantee a common balance in pricing between the Sellerss.

Topographic point

Coca Cola is the world’s most favourite trade name and is available all over the universe. The distribution system of coca Cola follows the FMCG distribution form. The effectual distribution web of coke has about eroded the little and in-between degree participants in the market. In India they have captured even the rural market by extended distribution and have eroded the market portion of Bovonto. Kalimark etc.


Coca Cola adopts assorted advertisement and promotional schemes to make an increased demand in the market by tie ining with life manner and behaviour and chiefly aiming value based advertisement. You are more likely to see a coke ad individualized for a peculiar festival or in with a general positive message. Coca Cola uses CSR as its selling tool to derive emotional benefits in consumers mind. The current publicities through CSR include “Support my school” run with NDTV. It has many trade name embassadors like Shahrukh khan. Hrithik Roshan. South Indian Actor Vijay and Trisha. Ghambir. Aamir khan etc and has signed contract late with Imran khan. It allows monetary value price reductions and allowances to distributers and retail merchants in order to force more merchandises into the market. It employs both push scheme through publicities and pull scheme through advertizements and runs.


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