The Masstige Cosmetic Line Marketing Essay

October 23, 2017 Marketing


In my assignment, I have been given the chance to work with Majolica Majorca. It is one of the Masstige Cosmetic Line that comes under Shiseido Co. Ltd. Majolica Majorca was founded in 2003, aiming the childs who loves makeup and ready to be a taste-maker. It offers a broad scope of make-up merchandises that makes every girl expression reasonably, experience good and to be more confident. Besides, harmonizing to the client from Majolica Majorca, it had won Watson ‘s best sole trade name gross revenues award for 4 back-to-back old ages. With the latest tendency of this fall or winter 2012, Majolica Majorca launches its new merchandise, Cream De Cheek. It is a liquid blusher the blends in absolutely for a natural healthy freshness. It contains Macadamia nuts oil and Vitamin E derived functions to maintain dry-prone cheeks moisturized at all times. I was given 2 hours at selected Watson ‘s mercantile establishment to educate shoppers on Cream de Cheek, at the same clip seek to sell this new merchandise.

Selling Concept

A selling oriented concern is one that which has adopted the selling construct. The term “ selling ” was derived from its original signifier of the Latin word “ marcatus ” , which means purchasing or selling goods in market. Harmonizing to Kotler ( 1997 ) , selling is typically seen as the undertaking of bring forthing, advancing and providing goods and services to consumers and concerns. It is defined as the direction doctrine harmonizing to which a company ‘s ends can be best achieved through designation and satisfaction of the clients ‘ demands and wants. The company lays accent on marketing direction with the duplicate ends of client orientation and profitable gross revenues volume ( Christian, 1994, p.6 ) . Therefore, Majolica Majorca comes out with merchandises that satisfy clients need and wants, which is to carry through every miss ‘s wish to go more beautiful.

Selling Mixs

Sellers use many schemes to pull and retain their clients. These activities include different perceptual experiences, the most indispensable one being the selling mix. The selling mix helps in specifying the selling elements for successfully positioning the market offer. Four Ps is one of the best known theoretical accounts, which helps in specifying selling options in footings of merchandise, topographic point, publicity and monetary value. Businesses usage this theoretical account when be aftering a new venture or measuring an bing offers to heighten the impact with the mark market ( Walter and Christophe, 1992 ) .

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Merchandise can be defined as the goods-and-services combination the house offers to the mark market. Walter and Christophe ( 1992 ) in their research province that a good merchandise is anything that can fulfill a client wants or demand. It provides value to client but does non hold to be touchable at the same clip. Basically, it involves contriving new merchandises or bettering the bing merchandises. For illustration, an of import facet is functionality. Audi autos are popular because of their high public presentation. Another of import facet is appearance. This is why some consumers are willing to pay premium monetary values for some of the Gillette ‘s razors. Majolica Majorca ‘s freshly launched merchandise, Cream De Cheek is a liquid blushing mushroom that blends effortlessly go forthing a natural healthy freshness on misss ‘ cheek. Therefore, better self-appearance and encouragement assurance.

Monetary value

Monetary value is the sum of money charged for a merchandise or service. It is besides the amount of the values that clients trade for the benefits of devouring the merchandise or utilizing the service. Pricing must be competitory and must do net income, because even a great merchandise at the incorrect price-point will hold a difficult clip making market success ( Christian, 1997 ) . The pricing scheme can consist price reductions and offers. Pricing determinations is an of import component in the procedure of marketing planning, they are based on the costs of production and merchandises and services bringing, but besides on deliberations related to preferred trade name image and how a specific mark client might respond to assorted monetary value points ( Scott, 2002 ) . For illustration, McDonald ‘s beefburgers are priced lower than Wolfgang Puck ‘s beefburgers. Majolica Majorca ‘s Cream De Cheek is charged at monetary value which is somewhat lower than other premium branded blushing mushroom.

Topographic point

The topographic point component in the selling mix scheme refers non merely to location, but besides the handiness to entree the merchandise or service. Bert and Boryana ( 2011 ) stated that a extremely demand merchandise, with recognized monetary value will fight to achieve consequence if the merchandise is hard to acquire or sold out whenever consumers try to do a purchase. Issues related to the trouble in doing purchase and telling online is besides included in topographic point considerations. For illustration, a all right dine eating house is better situated in a busy market as against on the town outside of a metropolis. Besides, a holiday resort is better located in the geographics location off from the haste and noise of a metropolis. Different organisations use different tactics to making their chances. For illustration, McDonald ‘s uses a franchising system leting it to run in a broad diverseness of geographical locations, and Amway distributes its merchandises through Independent Business Owners worldwide. Majolica Majorca ‘s merchandises were placed in assorted mercantile establishments like Watson shop in many shopping promenades.


Companies with high-quality merchandises, wanted by consumers, handily available and priced suitably, need to see how they will pass on about the merchandise to aim clients. Promotion can be group into four ; they are the gross revenues publicity, advertisement, personal merchandising and public dealingss. Ad publicities include print advertizements in newspapers, streamer advertizements on the net and commercials. Gross saless publicity is a short term inducements to promote the sale of a merchandise or service. Public dealingss activities include everything from composing and administering imperativeness releases, acquiring bloggers to post about merchandises and fliping articles to magazines. Personal merchandising is done face to face, or utilizing the phone and the web. Promotion becomes of import in the head of the clients. Thus, service providers offering indistinguishable services such as Bankss or air hoses and insurance companies invest to a great extent in publicizing their concerns. This is indispensable in pulling clients in a concern where the services suppliers have about indistinguishable offerings ( Christian, 1997 ) . There are two schemes used in publicity, which are pull scheme and push scheme. Pull scheme dressed ores on advancing a merchandise that encourages the client to buy. Examples include verifier, referrals and client trueness bundles. Push scheme are like direct selling. Examples include point-of-purchase exhibitions, publicities at events, boxing design and working with concerns to offer merchandises in their mercantile establishments or on their web sites. As a consequence of publicity attempts, consumers are educated on new merchandises and reminded about bing merchandises. It helps concerns introduce new uses for bing merchandises to pull new clients of the market ( Robert, 2005 ) . Sellers can utilize concern qualitative and quantitative day of the month to be after future runs to aim their best consumers through publicity attempts. It is able to mensurate the figure of people who view the online advertisement, as effectual promotional attempts produce results from client remarks that left on client and service sites. Therefore, publicity schemes are of import to companies and can assist them present their merchandises and services into a market. It is of import that the concerns use the appropriate media to aim their consumers with the aid of societal selling and other signifiers of on-line selling, telecasting and publicities. Sellers must happen out where their mark market gets the bulk of its merchandise information. Majolica Majorca gives out price reduction verifier to pull clients for its new merchandise. Besides that, as a gross revenues booster for Majolica Majorca, I had used personal merchandising in advancing the new merchandise.

Gross saless Experience

I was given two hours to work as gross revenues booster at Times Square Watson. This is my first clip working as a gross revenues booster, hence I faced a figure of challenges in advancing the merchandise. It was a public vacation, but my group did non pull off to sell even one bottle of Cream De Cheek that twenty-four hours. As there were deficient Numberss of experient boosters in my group, so even when there are big crowd of possible clients in Watson, we did non win in doing any gross revenues. There are many clients that choose to lodge with their bing make-up merchandise. It can be difficult to acquire them to seek on a new merchandise, because they do non desire to pay money for a merchandise that do non accommodate their tegument type. This is frequently one of the top grounds why clients prefer old trade name than new trade name. Many clients did non even want to seek on the examiner given on that twenty-four hours. Their ground being, they do non merely utilize other trade name merchandises. There are besides clients that complain about our merchandises priced at the expensive zone. Besides, our markets are extremely competitory, they are many other trade names of blushing mushrooms available in the shop. Customers choose to buy our rivals ‘ merchandises, which result in nothing gross revenues made that twenty-four hours.


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