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August 16, 2017 English Language

Have you of all time wondered why you park your auto in the private road, and drive your auto on the drive? Or possibly, why people play at a narration, and recite at a drama? Why do army genitalias eat in the general muss, but the generals eat in the private muss? If you choose to be bad everlastingly, do you take to be bad for good? If pro is the antonym of con, is progress the antonym of Congress?

On its manner to going the unofficial linguistic communication of the universe, English is the most variously spoken linguistic communication across the Earth. Sixty per centum of all scientific documents, 70 per centum of all mail, and about 80 per centum of all computing machine texts, are in English. It is the linguistic communication of air power, calculating, diplomatic negotiations, scientific discipline, and even, touristry. But often we take the English linguistic communication for granted: all those different sounds coming out of our oral cavities that comprise verbal communicating. How frequently do we step back and believe about what we are stating? Today I will research the English linguistic communication, its quirkier side, some of its history, and even, its impairment.

Despite its utmost popularity, English is far from being a perfect linguistic communication. In what other lingua can a tree be cut down, and so the following minute be cut up? Or, where else does a house burn up, and so fire down? Let ‘s analyze some of the many grammatical oxymorons that exist in the English linguistic communication. Have you of all time wondered why phonic is n’t spelled phonetically? Why does n’t onomatopoeia sound like what it is? Abbreviation is barely a short word and monosyllabic has five syllables. Why is n’t there a equivalent word for equivalent word in the synonym finder?

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Logically, English does n’t do much sense either. If you have two gooses, they are geese. If you have two elks, they are n’t meese. You have one tooth, two dentitions, one booth two beeth? If you read a book one time, merely so can you reread it. But you can retrieve something without holding to member, retain something without holding to tain, and recognize something without of all time holding alized it before? If you ‘ve baited the same hook twice have you given it a discount?

Despite all of these contradictions, oxymorons, and paradoxes English does hold a few redeeming features. The English linguistic communication does non necessitate its words to hold genders, nor must we conjugate nouns, even our sentence sentence structure is reasonably predictable. However, built-in within its nature, English does hold a few proficient jobs. See plurals. Equally far as spelling goes, plurals are really easy, in most instances you merely add “ s ; ” One auto, two autos. Wait a 2nd, it sounds like we merely added a “ omega. ” Our linguistic communication is littered with different exclusions such as that one. In fact, eight words in the English linguistic communication do n’t even utilize the missive “ s ” for their plurals ; can you believe some? Listen closely to these following sentences: I met two adult males and two adult females with their kids. Each kid had three mouses, lices, and gooses. Two of the gooses used their tooths to seize with teeth my pess.

If plurals are n’t difficult plenty, we can speak about all the inordinate words in the English Language. Your vocabulary has the potency of including over 2 million words including “ disproportionableness ” and “ incomprehensibilities. ” However, harmonizing to the Webster ‘s Dictionary Third Edition, the longest word in the English linguistic communication is PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS. ( Nuh mono extremist micro scopic silico vent keni osis. ) You all likely thought I was traveling to state Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. Not this clip, at 35 letters PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS was excessively long for even Marry Poppins. In fact, you use fewer letters by giving the definition, which is a “ A Lung disease caused by the inspiration of really all right silicon oxide dust. ” Well, so much for English holding any redemptional features. Merely in our linguistic communication can a hot Canis familiaris be cold, quicksand move easy, or a boxing ring be square. You ‘d believe that if a author can compose and a vocalist can sing, that a grocer could groce, a cock could overact, an Ussher could ush, and a finger could fing. So who invented English in the first topographic point? With what we ‘ve seen so far, it must hold been person from the refuge for the verbally insane.

Let me to analyze the development and patterned advance of the English linguistic communication throughout past centuries. English is a Germanic linguistic communication, portion of the Indo-germanic Family. The English linguistic communication has developed over three separate clip periods Old English, Middle English, and Modern English. We can follow the history of the English linguistic communication back to 3 Germanic Tribes: The Jutes, Angles, and Saxons. Migrating from Northern Germany to Britain, their linguistic communication replaced the Celtic linguistic communications of the dwellers. Now, the oldest Anglo-saxon authorship we have day of the months back to 480 AD. One folk, the Angles, entitled their linguistic communication, Englisc, from which English, has derived its name. During the following few centuries, four separate idioms of English emerged. However, non until the tenth Century did the idiom West Saxon become the official linguistic communication of Britain. Interestingly plenty, this idiom was really written in Runic. Not until Christian missionaries arrived from Ireland did our linguistic communication follow the Latin alphabet that we use today. In the twelvemonth 1066, after the Normans conquered Britain, Gallic became the linguistic communication of the nobility. Britain had to wait until the twelvemonth 1399 before an English-speaking male monarch, Henry the IV, regained the throne. The period known as Middle English began around the terminal of the fourteenth century. By the sixteenth century, modern English appeared. Since so, merely 5000 words remain unchanged from Old English. Almost one thousand old ages from its beginning, our linguistic communication has grown as people from many different civilizations contribute to its vocabulary.

However, during the past century, our linguistic communication has apparently deteriorated. A wise adult male one time said, a linguistic communication is merely every bit good as its talkers. Actually no wise adult male of all time said that, but that statement still holds true. The English linguistic communication is merely great because many great people have used it. Two centuries ago, when our sires wrote the Federalist Papers, the degree of communicating was astonishing. See this extract from the General Introduction to the Federalist documents by Alexander Hamilton, “ After an univocal experience of the inefficiency of the existing federal authorities, you are called upon to consider on a new Fundamental law for the United States of America. ” Surprisingly, the Federalist documents were a public dealingss run, designed to inform the layperson, of the issues sing our Fundamental law. Despite this beginning, two centuries subsequently, our society has become so careless with words. From trash news media, to the political rhetoric of our functionaries, our usage of the English linguistic communication has deteriorated ; and if uninhibited, this impairment will merely go on. How frequently do you believe about what you are traveling to state before you really state it? Remember every word has significance. The power of the lingua is matchless. We can all acknowledge the immortal words of the past century… Martin Luther King ‘s, “ I have a dream… ” JFK ‘s, “ Ask non what your state can make for you… ” And Todd Beamers last words on Flight 93, “ Let ‘s Roll… ” The power of those phrases is odd ; the English linguistic communication is a powerful tool. So, the following clip you speak, remember to believe foremost, because every word has significance.

While you are believing about that you can besides inquire, why does the dark autumn, and ne’er interruption, but the twenty-four hours keeps breakage, and ne’er falls? or how can your nose tally, and your pess smell?


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