The Message Portrayed: Advertising

December 13, 2017 General Studies

The layers in which he wears his undersized t-shirts forms the impression, to the viewers, of a sesame seed bun, a tomato, and a slice of cheese. The man’s hands are positioned in a way that he seems to be holding his stomach like he would a cheeseburger and has a huge grin on his face expressing his desire to eat his own cheeseburger belly. In the bottom right corner of the print ad is the actual product in its original packaging and displays the message of the ad with a slogan that reads: “Don’t treat your body like Junk. Wildfowl sells its product to unhealthy eaters by averting their attention to the message the ad portrays, instead of the product, resulting in the shift of attention back to the apple chips. Contradiction is the main strategy used to draw the viewers in and persuade them to buy the product. The obvious contradiction is the fact that while trying to sell healthy apple chips, the advertisement depicts an unhealthy man excited about his “burger belly’. This image draws the Schultz 2 attention away from the product by generating the thought that the viewer may be “treating their body like Junk.

With this scheme the advertisement can effectively get into the mind of the viewer and manipulate them into purchasing Wildfowl apple chips. Contradiction, in this case, is very effective because the ad aims the attention away from the product and focuses on the emotions of the viewer. Emotions are extremely influential in the decisions people make and by connecting to the emotion of being unhealthy the advertisement causes the viewer to make a decision to eat better. This is done by making people see that they eat unhealthy with the image of the obese man with a burger belly.

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The aspiration to become a healthy eater directs the attention from the message right back to the apple chips being sold, which is exactly what the ad is trying to do. The setting is an important factor in which this advertisement uses to persuade the viewer into purchasing apple chips. The scene is set in a dark room lit by a single lamp in the background. By placing the light source behind the man it causes the viewer to have a feeling that something devious is or is going to happen. This lighting forces the viewer to see the man as the antagonist for dating and/or desiring to eat unhealthy.

By creating this emotion toward the cartoon man, the ad is able to divert the attention from the apple chips to unhealthy eating because the viewer feels apple chips can help them become a healthy eater. Another aspect of the setting is the sense of feeling trapped, due to the man being located in a dark room that appears to have no way out. This trapped feeling would apply to the viewer if they feel they have no way to get out of eating unhealthy. The advertisement is offering a hole in the wall for the cartoon man to get out and start nowhere new.

The same goes for the viewer as the apple chips are giving these people a way out of eating unhealthy by giving them a starting Schultz 3 point to living a healthier lifestyle. This advertisement effectively uses the setting to its advantage by forming the diversion from the product, to the viewer feeling trapped in an unhealthy diet and redirects the attention back to apple chips which are the key to escape harmful eating habits. Muff are what you eat. ” This popular saying is used by healthy eaters across the nation to keep themselves from starting unhealthy eating habits.

The advertisement uses this saying to portray to its intended audience, unhealthy eaters, that eating unhealthy will lead to an unhealthy body. This causes the viewer to rethink the lifestyle in which they are living and in response will lead to healthier eating habits. The attention to apple chips is returned by showing the viewer eating healthy is not hard to do and starts with the small step of substituting harmful snacks with a healthy snack. Placement of the actual product is also an important factor in persuading the viewer to buy apple chips by Wildfowl.

The product is placed in the bottom right corner so that when the viewer of a magazine flips the page apple chips will be the first thing they see. This is effective not only because it draws attention to the product but also because it diverts the attention away from the product by revealing an important message about the way people eat. This advertisement uses contradiction, setting, and placement to draw the attention away from the product to the message of unhealthy eating. In effect, the drawing of attention to poor eating habit leads straight to the attention of healthy apple chips.

The advertisement does not want the viewer to focus only on the product. It wants the viewer to focus on the message the ad is portraying. It wants the viewer to feel something and it wants to help people live a healthier lifestyle due to the ad stating “don’t treat your body like Junk. ” It doesn’t directly state that it is Schultz 4 only trying to sell apple chips which leads to the impression the ad is trying to sell a healthy lifestyle. Apple chips Just happen to be the product they sell and a product that can help people begin their path too healthier life.


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