The Meta Analysis Of Newspaper English Language Essay

September 25, 2017 English Language

This survey is qualitative in nature. It is based on the Meta analysis of newspaper. The usage of this method is appropriate with the intent of this survey. Research is conducted while utilizing qualitative attack. Because the consequence of the informations analyze is in the descriptive phenomenon such as words and sentences. This research is based on content analysis methodological analysis. Contented analysis is described as an organized analysis of content. With the mid of twentieth century content analysis started to be used as a method with other research method like participant observation, studies, experiments, qualitative research and types of informations.


In this research, information is qualitative in nature and based on the content analysis methodological analysis. Instrument that is used for informations assemblage is newspapers. The two most circulated newspaper of Pakistan “ The News ” and “ Dawn ” are selected as an instrument as the survey is based to happen out the loan words of Pakistani linguistic communications in English. Newspaper is selected for the survey because the linguistic communication of newspaper is considered a simple linguistic communication of communicating and it is read at a broad scope by the people of Pakistan. It includes a big sum of local words that are used for civilization association or to make bang among the people. On the other manus, other written paperss like books, written texts do non affect such stuff at broad scope. We have analyzed the whole content of 20 newspapers to garner the information.

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Procedure of Datas


Population in this research was all newspapers daily, hebdomadal, monthly, yearly. This defined population is pretty suited for this research as it is designed to seek the effects of local linguistic communications on English Newspapers.


Sampling is a procedure of pulling representative elements forms the larger population or existence is called trying. Obvious advantages of trying are particularly salvaging in clip and money.

Stairss taken for trying.

Designation of the job

Determination of needed sample size

Required sample size

Choice of sample

Required sample size.

We have indiscriminately selected 20 newspapers “ The Dawn ” from May 31, 2012 to June 9, 2012 and “ The News ” from May 12, 2012 to May 21, 2012.

Data Collection

Pakistani English daily “ Dawn ” and “ The News ” were selected for the research. Founded in 1941 by the Quaid-e-Azam, “ Dawn News ” and “ The News ” are Pakistan ‘s oldest and most widely read English-language newspaper. The newspapers for the 10 yearss were selected for the analysis. The borrowed words were isolated from the paper and their frequence of usage was besides recorded. The words so were put into a tabular array harmonizing to their frequence of happening. Data was collected utilizing a principal of 20 English newspapers. The newspapers were scanned carefully and all Urdu and local linguistic communication points were taken out.

Datas Analysis

Datas of this research was analyzed by utilizing simple per centum and comparing the words of both newspapers “ The News ” and “ Dawn ” . At first the frequence of the words taken from the newspapers was compared and checked in parts so the highlighted points from all the newspapers were compared at the terminal.

Chapter 5



This survey was an attempt to analyze the emerging tendencies in Pakistani English newspaper by analysing the content of English newspaper. This survey aimed to happen out to what extent the local words of Pakistani linguistic communications had been used in English newspaper. We collected 20 English newspapers “ The News ” and “ Dawn ” read them exhaustively and categorized the words from different subdivisions of newspapers and compared them harmonizing to frequence.


To sum up this elaborate survey, we have come to conclusion that linguistic communication is a manner to show your ideas and feeling and it is fact that linguistic communication is altering from its development and there are any many factors that involves that alteration. Particularly when languages come in contact with the other linguistic communication it adopts some characteristic of that linguistic communication and different civilization besides influence the linguistic communication. When linguistic communication is used in a non-native context it becomes the portion of that context. As English is the most common usage linguistic communication all over the universe. It is disputing, animating and infinitely changing linguistic communication. English linguistic communication that is used in our Pakistani context is non standard in assortment. It involves several localised words that a portion of our civilization. English is used by native and non-native talkers and it is considered the belongings of the people who use it. When the non-native talkers speak English the native linguistic communication characteristics are involved in their conversation. When they communicate they borrow words from their linguistic communication and utilize these words in day-to-day duologues. Every facet of linguistic communication can be borrowed from non-native to native and native to non-native linguistic communication. All the Englishes in the universe that exist in assorted idioms they have their peculiar sample and manner. These English languages have a batch of loan words that are borrowed from their native linguistic communication idiom.


Language of newspaper must be clear from local words that the reader may non be confused.

If the newspaper will be in Standard English version loose from the cultural looks it may be helpful for the pupils, instructors and assessment establishments.

Media should take some stairss to sublimate the linguistic communication of newspaper by utilizing Standard English.

Government should set up some establishments to learn the Standard English for Pakistani newsman. The native talker and newsman of English intelligence should learn in these establishments.


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