The Migration For MKS To CVS Information Technology Essay

CVS is Concurrent Versions System. CVS is a version control system. Using it, you can enter the history of your beginning files. The older version of the files can besides be retrieved from the CVS. You can acquire CVS in a assortment of ways, including free download from the Internet. This is besides unfastened beginning system which can be used by any one. CVS saves the memory infinite by hive awaying the differences between versions in a individual file. Like the other version control system has the lock system but CVS does non utilize file locking. Alternatively, it allows many people to redact their ain working transcript of a file at the same time. The first individual that commits his alterations has no automatic manner of cognizing that another has started to redact it. Others will acquire an mistake message when they try to perpetrate the file. They must so utilize CVS bids to convey their working transcript up to day of the month with the depository alteration. CVS maintains a depository for the beginning codification.

The of import footings which we should acquire acquainted with are

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iˆ Check out- To bespeak a working transcript from the depository. Your working transcript reflects the province of the undertaking as of the minute you checked it out ; when you and other developers make alterations, you must utilize the commit and update bids to “ print ” your alterations and position others ‘ alterations. This is besides tantamount to making sandbox in MKS

Commit- To direct alterations from your working transcript into the cardinal depository. Besides known as cheque in. This is besides tantamount to look into in MKS

Conflict- The state of affairs when two developers try to perpetrate alterations to the same part of the same file. CVS notices and points out struggles, but the developers must decide them.

Log message- A remark you attach to a alteration when you commit it, depicting the alterations. Others can page through the log messages to acquire a sum-up of what ‘s been traveling on in a undertaking.

Repository- The maestro transcript where CVS shops a undertaking ‘s full alteration history. Each undertaking has precisely one depository. Revision-A committed alteration in the history of a file or set of files. A alteration is one “ snapshot ” in a invariably altering undertaking.

Update- To convey others ‘ alterations from the depository into your working transcript and to demo whether your working transcript has any uncommitted alterations. Be careful non to confound this with the commit operation ; they are complementary, non indistinguishable, operations. Here ‘s a mnemonic to assist you retrieve: update brings your working transcript up to day of the month with the depository transcript.

Working copy-The transcript in which you really do alterations to a undertaking. There can be many working transcripts of a given undertaking ; by and large, each developer has his or her ain transcript.

MKS versus CVS

This gives the inside informations about the defects of the MKS and the ground why we are switching from MKS to CVS.

MKS Defects

Need to get licence every twelvemonth

Every twelvemonth we need to accrue the licence for the MKS. As the licences keeps run outing every twelvemonth. For accruing new licence we need to pass a batch of money on that. Even those licences which we get are non lasting.

Care Cost Every Year

Not merely the cost of the licences but the care cost for the MKS is besides present.

Restricted # of Users and Extra Charge for any excess users.

The no of users are besides restricted for the MSK. If we need excess users so we need to pay for the excess users.

It is non an unfastened beginning

It is non an unfastened beginning we need to purchase it and can non be downloaded from the cyberspace.

Very Expensive Version System

The accruing licence, care cost and the restricted users make it really expensive for us to utilize.

Not widely Used in IT industry

These all grounds add up to do it unpopular in the IT industry and it is non widely used.

Benefits of Traveling to CVS

GE Initiative

OpenGe takes complete Responsibility of Maintenance.

The CVS waiter is maintained to the full by the openge people. We do n’t necessitate to make anything about the curriculum vitae waiter.

No Cost to GE Money

The care cost is non required. It does non be any thing for the GE.

200 GB of free disc storage

200 GB free disc storage has been given by the openge for puting up our depository.

No limitation on # of users.

As many no of users can be created for the curriculum vitae there is no limitation. For this we do non necessitate to pay any thing for them

unfastened beginning ( does non necessitate licence )

This an unfastened beginning which can be straight downloaded from the net and merely necessitate a enrollment into the openge site that all.

Widely Used in IT industry

Due to the grounds of less cost, unfastened beginning, no care and the instant support given by the openge makes it widely used in the IT industry.

Migration stairss

Before put to deathing the stairss in MKS waiter we need to register in the openge site given below hypertext transfer protocol: // and make a undertaking in the openge.

Openge login process

The process to login to the openge site and registry is first we need to snap on the above site mentioned so we come to the login screen. Then we click on the nexus of Login via SSL which has been highlighted in ruddy colour in the screen shooting. After we click on this nexus we come into the login screen where we need to give the login Idaho and watchword. In this site we can acquire the inside informations about the curriculum vitae. This is the topographic point where we can see the depository in the web. Here we can interact with the openge people who take attention of our CVS depository. In the following page chink on the New Account link so we are transferred to the following page where we need to give our SSO ID, Login Name, Password, and Full/Real Name. After you fill all the inside informations so we click on the registry button. For any mention you can see the screen shoots. After registering we will have a mail about the conformation so we can accessing the login name and watchword.

Openge chief page

Migration stairss to be followed

The stairss to be followed in the migration are

1. Make certain all locks are removed from the SI undertaking ( including locks on

Older versions of files ) before you begin. You can utilize the followers

bid to scan for files with locks:

discovery. -type degree Fahrenheit -exec grep ‘^locks [ ^ ; ] ‘ { } ;

Any lucifers will include the name of the user with the lock, and the version

of the file they have locked. It ‘s best to hold the user take the lock,

to be certain they are non actively working on the file.

2. Copy the all the MKS files into the appropriate directories where you will be running the books


cadmium /home/prittenh/Backup/swt_root/host_code/python_tools/mem/code/rcs

cp -R /usr/local/share/projects/design_kit/python_tools/dsp_package/dsp/rcs/* .

3. Copying all the files which are in rcs booklet into the booklet outside and cancel the rcs booklet.

4. Remove all the.pj and.vpj files. First make sure you ‘re taking the

right files with:

discovery. -name ‘*.pj ‘ -exec cubic decimeter { } ;

discovery. -name ‘*.vpj ‘ -exec cubic decimeter { } ;

Then run:

discovery. -name ‘*.pj ‘ -exec rm -f { } ;

discovery. -name ‘*.vpj ‘ -exec rm -R -v -f { } ;

5. Runing a book for change overing the binary files of MKS format binary file to CVS format double star file


6. Run to change over the MKS SI binary diff format to RCS

criterion. Run it from the root of the tree you wish to change over:


7. Similarly, run to deprive out debris, and add the ‘ , V ‘ to the

file name:


8. To change over the SI labels to legal RCS labels, run in the root

of the tree:


9. Following, exchange back to your place directory and redact the rcs2cvs book:

cadmium ~


You will see near the top the instructions for puting the three


# rcs2cvs – convert beginning tree from RCS to CVS

# – takes no parametric quantities, run from any directory

# – modify the variables PROJECT, RCSROOT, and CVSROOT to

# lucifer you local config

# – you must hold write privileges to the CVSROOT directory




PROJECT=’working booklet name ‘


RCSROOT= ” the place directory ”


CVSROOT= ” curriculum vitae booklet for the, V files ”

Once you have made the necessary alterations run the book.


It will end product something like:

/usr/local/share/projects/cvsrep//swt_root/host_code/python_tools/mem/code/./, V

10. To put the file and directory permissions, you must redact the book

set_cvs_perm. The default group id ‘enggrp ‘ , should be changed to whatever

group you ‘d wish to hold permissions in the CVS depository. You need to

alteration two lines in the book. Then travel to the directory above the

root of the curriculum vitae tree you created and run ~/set_cvs_perm.


11. Make the pitch file of the curriculum vitae converted file in the curriculum vitae booklet

pitch cvf mycvs.tar *

12. Adding the gzip to the pitch file

gzip mycvs.tar

13. Connecting to the unfastened Ge through file transfer protocol

file transfer protocol


username: anon.

watchword: chinmayanand.mishra @

mput file name ( antique mycvs.tar.gz )


14. Then log support petition in the unfastened Ge stipulating file name where you have sent and where you would desire to hive away in which booklet.

Example: –

Project Full Name: A Struts Application Project

UNIX Name: migration

Uploaded by: File transfer protocol

File name:

Email reference: chinmayanand.mishra @

CVS Demo

After the migration is done so we learn about the CVS utilizing the wincvs tool. We do that in measure wise procedure.

For bing undertaking in CVS

If there is an bing undertaking in the CVS waiter for making the sandbox the process which we need to follow are listed below.

Loging into the wincvs

Below you can see the wincvs screen which looks like this. For logging in into the wincvs waiter we need to snap on the Admini? Login. Then you will come to the following measure.

Entering the CVSROOT

After the login is clicked we come into the 2nd screen where we need to stipulate the CVSROOT. The CVSROOT looks some thing like this: pserver: chinmayanand @ /cvsroot/migration. This cvsroot specifies the waiter where you have to link the user name and the undertaking name which you are linking. Below you can see the image of the cvsroot where you have to stipulate. After you specify CVSROOT and click Oklahoma it will motivate for the watchword. After you give the watchword snaping ok so you will be connected.

Taking Module name from CVS WEB

For taking faculty name signifier CVS WEB foremost we click on the nexus hypertext transfer protocol: // Click on the Login via SSL nexus.

After we click on the nexus so we come into the login screen where we need to give the Login name and the watchword which we have already registered in the measure no 3.1.

Click on the Login button which can be seen in the screen shooting. After that we come into the place page where we can see the full undertaking which has already been created. We need to snap on the undertaking which of all time is required an illustration you can see in the screen shooting.

After we click on the undertaking we go to the following screen where we will happen the inside informations related to the undertaking. We click on Browse CVS nexus after snaping that nexus we go to the CVS web where we can see the whole undertaking faculties. From this which of all time project we want to make the sandbox we can observe the name.

Checking out faculty ( making sandbox )

This measure tells about the cheque out procedure in the CVS. This procedure is tantamount to making a sandbox in MKS. In this procedure we have to compensate chink on the booklet where you want hive away the undertaking. The below screen shooting shows the cheque out procedure.

After we click on the check-out procedure faculty one more screens pops up where we need to stipulate the faculty name which has been taken from the CVS WEB and the local booklet where you want to hive away the checked out codification. In that we besides need to stipulate the CVSROOT for linking to the waiter. This below image will unclutter your every uncertainty about the procedure.

After pressing all right button so the codification is checkout into the specified booklet. This is followed with a message in the bid line which some thing looks like this.

The line CVS exited usually with codification 0 specifies that it has been completed with out mistakes.

Changing the codification and committing

For altering the codification we merely necessitate to snap on the file so it comes to the editor so we can alter the codification. After we save the file the icon against the file in wincvs becomes red in colour. This specifies that the file has been modified.

For updating the changed codification the term used in CVS is perpetrating. If we press on the ruddy colour circled so the file is updated to the following version like for 1.1 it is changed to 1.2.

If more than two developers are seeking to update the file so the CVS has installation of struggle. If one developer changes the codification and the other 1 besides changes the same file if any one attempt s to perpetrate the file the hundred symbol with ruddy colour against the file icon is displayed.

If there is a struggle so we can look into the difference or the ground of the struggle by diffs. Right chink on the conflicted file and we will happen diff below image you can happen the diff.

After we press Diff we are taken into another screen. In this screen we find that we are comparing local transcript with the file with the distant transcript. The below image you can happen the image. When we press the all right button so in the bid line it clearly shows the difference between the files. By detecting the file comparing we can decide the struggle.

Previous the diffs in the bid line looks some thing like this below.

Adding a new file into the undertaking

For adding a new file to the created sandbox we need to glue the file in the sandbox booklet which we created. Then the file is displayed as unknown with a? Icon on that file.

After snaping on the file chink on the bill of fare saloon Modifyi? Add under it this will change over file into ruddy in colour. Then we can utilize the commit process mentioned in the measure 5.

Adding a new booklet to the undertaking

The same procedure is followed for adding the booklet as above. Copy the booklet in the topographic point where we created the sandbox and by snaping on the Modifyi? Add as shown in the screen shooting.

Making new undertaking

For making a new undertaking the first and foremost we need to login to https: // Login to the site utilizing the login inside informations created in the measure 3.1 openge login processs. After that chink on the Register New Project link to register a new undertaking.

After we click on the nexus we come to the following page where you need to snap on the I AGREE associate where you will accept the footings and conditions.

After you press on the nexus you come to the following page where you will hold to make full the undertaking inside informations and imperativeness on the following button.

After we press on the following button we come into the following screen where we need to give all the inside informations about the undertaking like undertaking full name, undertaking short name.

After we press on the following we come to following screen where by default category name is present we merely necessitate to snap on the following button. When we click on the following button we need to choose the GE Business Group.

After that procedure we need to give the concluding verification by pressing I AGREE.

After the procedure is complete so a verification mail comes to you mail box after that you can entree your undertaking.

Uploading files into the new undertaking

After you create the new undertaking you can upload the files into the waiter by taking the CVSROOT inside informations. For acquiring the inside informations you need to login to the openge site as mentioned earlier and snap on the undertaking you will come to this screen below.

After this clicking we will happen the inside informations for the login we can copy this and login through the wincvs.

Then for importing the faculty we can utilize this procedure

For importing any faculty into the CVS waiter we can mention below screen shooting. In the left column on that booklet we need to make right snap on that booklet and chink on the Import faculty after we click it goes to the following screen.

In the following screen we can see the types of files if it is a binary or a text file. The below image show the undermentioned thing.

After we click on the all right button it goes to the following screen where depository way is by default kept. In this we need to stipulate the seller ticket and the release ticket which is tantamount to the labeling in the MKS. The below image shows clearly show the tagging.

When we click on the all right button after that in the bid line window this sort of thing is displayed.

If this sort of thing is non displayed so it has non been loaded into the waiter.

After that for making the sandbox we use the process mentioned above in 4.1.4.

CVS storing system

There are three parts in the procedure of the uploading faculty to look into out. Image given below gives the thought of whole procedure. For lading a faculty we use the import faculty as stated in the old stairss. After the import is executed it is stored into the CVS depository. After that we use the CVS check-out procedure bid to acquire the faculty to the system where we can work on it.

Labeling a file

For labeling any file foremost we have to snap on to the wincvs and login by giving the CVSROOT. After you login to the wincvs so snap on the file and chink on Modifyi? Create a ticket.

After you click on the Create a ticket nexus the another screen pops up where you need to stipulate the ticket name which is tantamount to the label in the MKS.

Labeling a file for the old version

The old procedure was labeling for the concluding version but if we need to label old versions so we need to open the file in the graphical manner. For that we need to compensate chink on the file the we need to choose Graph.

After we come into the graphical manner so we need to choose on the old version should be Updated to selected ( gluey ) .This will enable us to add label to the old version.

Then we can follow the old procedure to adding a ticket which has been described in 4.5.

Labeling a version with label already present in older version

If a old version like version 1.3 has been labeled with CX. But now this label has to be shifted to the following version 1.4. As seen in the screen shooting.

So here we have to come back from the graphical manner by snaping in Graphi? Close

After that we have to snap on the Modifyi? Create a ticket

We come to a screen where we need to give the ticket name which we want it to be shifted from 1.3 to 1.4 so we need to snap on the cheque box Overwrite bing tickets with the same name. Then we can see the graphical manner the label has been shifted

To the resent version you can mention the screen shooting.



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