The Misinterpretation of Non Verbal Communication

April 19, 2017 Communication

There are times in every person’s life when they encounter a certain conversations or events that they wouldn’t like to indulge in. You can tell by their facial expressions or by their sudden change in posture or composure. Sometimes those looks and shoulder slouches can be misinterpreted by your boss, friends, family, or your partner. With the help of studying non verbal communication, I have begun to improve my own non verbal communication skills as well as the interpretation of the non verbal communication of others.

If you have had the privilege of interacting with me, you would agree with the statement that I have a vast range of facial expressions. From frowns, smiles and sarcastic eye rolling, I have a few for every occasion and conversation. By studying for quizzes in speech class, I came to realize that the use of oculesics and adaptors can be misinterpreted by your audience if they are used incorrectly. For example, while I was having a conversation with my best friend Jessica, she disclosed an event that happened to her and my facial expression and body orientation relayed to her that I didn’t want to hear what she was telling me.

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What I perceived from her body language and looks of hurt and disgust was that I offended her and I quickly apologized. My use of facial expressions may have seemed harmless to me but, when taken out of context, portrayed me to be disrespectful and non caring. The use of gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact are essential in communication. Therefore, I have learned that they must be used correctly to prevent confusion and to have a great conversation.


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