The Mob Is An Important Featur

December 26, 2016 General Studies

In the scene (Act 3 scene 2) we are presented with the death scenario of Julius Caesar, .

This scene is one of the most important to the rest of the play. .

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Before this scene, we see the run up to the murder, and after, we see the effects it has. .

Rome was a republic and they were proud of this. Romans were very patriotic, and .

did not want a monarchy, this was probably one of the reasons why Brutus and the .

conspirators felt it necessary to remove Caesar, as Antony had previously offers Caesar .

a kingly crown, and although he refused it, Brutus and the others felt it was possible he .

actually wanted to accept this, therefore posing a threat to their republic. .

At the beginning of scene 2, the mob are confused as to the reason for the murder .

of Caesar and demand an explanation. .

This scene is set in the Forum, and there are several dramatic devices used by .

Shakespeare in that the speakers are in the pulpit making them physically higher than .

the crowd. This is symbolic in that not only are Brutus and Antony literally higher than .

the mob, they are of a higher class, and social status. Because the crowd see the .

speakers as figures of authority, they listen to them and the mob obey their wishes as .

they have control over the mob. .

Brutus speaks to the crowd first at the funeral, allowing Antony to speak after him, .

which later proves disastrous for Brutus and the conspirators, and uses Cassius to help .

separate the crowd between them to facilitate their hearing and to keep the masses as .

small as possible. We do not hear what Cassius says to the other half. .

Brutus begins his speech to a now much smaller mob, in his dry, bland, formal, .

disjointed “antithetical” style, getting straight to the point and attempting to avoid .

rousing the crowd. His speech is constructed in the Latin style of Exordium, Narratio, .

Conformatio, Confutio, and Conclusio, which are ways of breaking up a speech in such a .


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