The Most Beautiful Woman In Town English Literature Essay

Her name was Cass. She was the youngest of 54 sisters and the most beautiful 1. She knew her beauty and the consequence this one had. But she was besides interesting, smart, originative etc. She was so beautiful ; she could hold every adult male she wanted. But she wanted more than merely expressions, so she used to pick the ugliest adult males around. She had no parents and she ended up at a convent, where she was really unhappy. And when she left the convent she went to a saloon and met this adult male.

Probably the ugliest adult male in town, and she was the most beautiful adult female he had of all time seen.

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With her long black hair and dramatic organic structure. Every adult female envied her ; and all adult male envy him because she had chosen him. The ugly adult male about, non the most fine-looking one or the richest.

But this was because she was looking for a individual, a personality. Not natural philosophies. Because adult male merely saw her outside, they did n’t care if she was the smartest one or the most originative 1. They all wanted merely sex.

And she wanted spirit, a talk, a relationship. So she chose him. After a piece they saw each other many times. They made love and so they were both happy. But people claimed she was insane.

And possibly she was. But what she wanted was to be loved by who she was, non because of her beauty. She wanted to take away her beauty so people could se her intern beauty.

Beauty is a gift, and it is a expletive excessively. At the terminal she killed herself. She could n’t happen what she was looking for. So she cut her pharynx.

At 20 old ages old. The most beautiful adult female in town was dead. She died because of her beauty.

Six inches

This was uneven to read, he met her at a work party, he thought Sara was beautiful, but no 1 else did, everyone was off from her. After he asked they told him that she was a enchantress and that she has disappeared 2 other cats. They merely disappeared.

He did n’t care and maintain speaking to her.

They left together that dark and after a month they were married. She was a great cook. So he began to win a small spot of weight and three months after they got married she was acquiring annoyed by his size.

So one clip she told him he was so fat and that he was n’t size allow so she put him on a diet. No carbs, no french friess, no nil! Except for beer. He did n’t let that.

He began to lose weight more and more. And he was really happy with it, he felt good and people were detecting how good he looked. But so he was excessively thin, his castanetss were get downing to demo in his face. But the shook was when he started to shrivel.

He told his married woman he was shriveling and she said that was silly but he truly was. Then he was 6 inches. And she used him as a sex advice. But so he killed her with a chapeau pin.

He escaped and he began to turn back to his normal size, he had killed the enchantress, he was turning thanks to nutrient, he ate cat ‘s nutrient to turn and hold more strength. He went to a supermarket where he lived for a piece and ate the nutrient there which helped him to turn. Then he stole money from at that place and left to Hollywood and lived happy?

Life and decease in the charity ward

He found himself in an ambulance with a clump of other people. He was purging blood. Blood non from a cut, but blood from the interiors, the dark heavy blood we see in the horror films. So close to decease, and near to other people deceasing

When he got to the infirmary he was in a room full of other sick adult male. The adult male next to him started speaking about a cat. This adult male was strong looking yet fat. He was sort of delusional. He kept purging blood. He felt on the floor, he felt like he was deceasing, the technician was an asshole and alternatively of assisting he was reasoning. A nurse helped him up but he was to hebdomad to make that.

Then they changed him into another room full of people deceasing. And I truly hope people is non like that in infirmaries but the nurses and physicians were speaking shit about him right on his face and naming him names.

he needed blood but he did n’t hold any blood recognition. So they did n’t give him blood.

Alternatively, they offered him a priest. To decease. Awesome hu? .

I merely liked the first 1.



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