The most important person in your life

November 26, 2017 General Studies

My grandmother Mother High school teacher 2. Choose 1 of the 3: My grandmother 3. Select to 5 adjectives to describe the person: She was responsible, kindness and patient. 4. For each adjective write a paragraph. A. Responsible: My grandmother took care of me when I was young. Because my mother have a Job in day. I remember at that time, my grandmother was not only wanted to take care of me, she had a small vendor in front of our home.

Sometimes she was very busy, but she also took a good care of me. She did not let me hungry and let me get any hurt. I think she was a responsible person, because she would do everything as well as she can. B. Kindness: My grandmother was a kindness person in my memory. She always smiles to others and she was seldom angry to people around her. When she was working at vendor, she was kindness and polite to every customer. Although she was very busy. Every afternoon, she would come to kindergarten and took me home. When she saw my classmates, she always chatted with them Just like their grandmother.

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She could let everyone felt the love and tender, there was the reason that I think she was kindness. C. Patient: My grandmother was a patient person. When I was young, I often did something wrong, but she never fault me at once. She would tell me what I should do and pay attention at the next time. She told me and taught me again and again. I never felt she had any inpatient for me. She was very patient not only to her family, but also to her Job. 5. Choose one of the adjective that is the dominant impression: Responsible 6. Free-writing 7. How is she significant to you? My grandmother left us when I was seven years old.

That is the saddest moment in my life. Before she left us, she took care of me every day when my mother works in day. On one weekend afternoon, my grandmother wanted to prepare lunch for me. She asked me what I want to eat. When I was thinking of her question, I perceived that her expression was a little painful. I asked what happened to her; she told me she was very uncomfortable. I immediately called my mother took her to hospital. After a month, my grandmother left us and that afternoon was the last time I get alone with her. I will always remember how she was taking care of me.

Although she as very uncomfortable, she still worried about whether did I hungry. She was very significant in my life and I will never forget her. 8. Describe the change in you-how were you before and after? I don’t remember how I was young, so I can’t exactly describe my change. I consider my grandmother was a teacher. She taught me much common sense and some knowledge, also told me how valuable our life is. She hopes I could have a happy life. I think she had very important influence on me. She gave me a good care, so I can happily grow up. Now, I am optimistic and independent. 9. Have you seen the person since the significant time?

How is that person today? From I have a memory; my grandmother was a kindness and tender person. She was not only kindness to her family, but also to others. She had a tender voice and tender heart. She had treated everyone as her friend. Although she was died, she still lives in our family heart. 10. Outline (1) Introduction In our life, there will be a significant person. My grandmother was a significant person to me. She gave me a good care when I was young. In my mind, she was a kind and beautiful woman.


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