The Move

by the time I had finished packing up and we were planning to leave for Oxford by 11 a. As I approached the trailer with Tinker in hand, my Welsh Mountain pony, Laura had just about finished laying the straw onto the floor of the trailer. He marched proudly up the ramp and onto the trailer with no hesitance. Everything was ready and packed up into the van, so we headed off just on time. We slowly drove up the driveway and the sound of whinnying horses could be heard as Tinker was separated from his companions. All this was strange to him. He had travelled once before but never alone. I could tell he was afraid as his eyes began to water and his facial expressions were an obvious sign of nervousness.

As we got further away from home things were running a lot smoother, although he didn’t calm down completely. There was constantly banging and pawing at the ground because he was very impatient and he just wanted to get out of the trailer. During the journey I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him, being cooped up in a small confined space, alone for such a long period of time.

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Six long, tiring hours later we arrived at our destination. A small Stud yard in Whitney, a small town outside Oxford. Instantly Tinker was greeted by many horses. Cries of joy and relief came from him as I carefully reversed him out of the back of the trailer. Tinker showed great pleasure when he was put into a stable for the night. He didn’t look well! He was extremely tired and his eyes were swollen and bloodshot. All he needed was some rest. .



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