The Murder

January 26, 2017 Communication

“The Murder” by John Steinback reveals events that take place in an untraditional marriage between two very different people. Jim Moore marries Jelka Sepic, mostly because of her beauty. Jelka, a Jugo-Slav girl, has lived a different life compared to Jim. Jelka tries to please Jim by working hard around the house, but later in their marriage Jim catches her in bed with her cousin. Jim gets very angry and shoots Jelka’s cousin. Jim beats Jelka for her actions, but he doesn’t get into any trouble by the law for the murder. Jim decides that Jelka and he will move out of that house and build a new one. Jelka Sepic has an unexpressive, seclusive, and easygoing personality.

Jelka has an unexpressive disposition. First, she hardly ever speaks unless spoken to. “She [is] very quiet.” “She never [speaks] first and then with soft short replies.” (4) Jelka has a very quiet and soft-spoken personality. Jim feels that her lack of communication hurts their relationship. Secondly, Jelka Sepic appears to be a very independent woman. “I”ll help you get your shirtwaist off No I”ll do it myself.” (10) She seems to want someone to lean on at times, but she also wants to be self-reliant. Finally, Jelka’s personality seems very distant most of the time to Jim. “He [realizes] before long that he [cannot] get in touch with her the barrier in her eyes [is] not one that [can] be removed- (4).

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Jelka comes across as a woman of seclusion. First, her actions seem questioning to Jim at times, but hardly concern him. “Why do you sit there tonight?” he asked. “You always sit over here.” “The moon,” she said quietly “But you”re silly I thought you knew direction better than that.” She may do something out of the ordinary but her behavior rarely troubles Jim. Next, Jelka seems to be a very shy woman, quite possibly another reason for her seclusion. “I”ll tell you what I”ll do,” he said. “If you would like to go She smiled and shook her head I would rather stay here.


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