The Myth Of Prometheus Frankenstein English Literature Essay

September 26, 2017 English Literature

Mary Shelley aˆ¦ . 30th August 1797 aˆ¦a British novelist, short narrative author and playwright aˆ¦ . best known aˆ¦ widely acclaimed Gothic fresh Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus.

aˆ¦ alternate rubric for Frankenstein “ The Modern Prometheus ” aˆ¦ I am traveling to concentrate on in my presentation aˆ¦ how the Mary Shelley has used different literary devices and linguistic communication to portray the constructs aˆ¦ in the myth of Prometheus in Frankenstein. In order to aˆ¦ , I shall analyze the characters and subjects of Frankenstein every bit good as other facets, highlight how they compare to the myth and eventually, effort to understand why Mary Shelley used the myth of Prometheus in such a manner.

aˆ¦ analyzing the myth of Prometheus, I discovered aˆ¦ about 25 writers who wrote about the myth between eighth Century BC and fourth century BC entirely, aˆ¦ difficult to separate the true narrative, as all of these writers may hold altered the myth in some manner.

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aˆ¦ earliest writer of whom there is grounds of was Hesiod, and in his heroic poem verse form, Theogony, the Prometheus myth aˆ¦ This was written in the late eighth Century BC. Even though the different writers ‘ readings of Prometheus differ, aˆ¦ many similarities. It is these similarities that I will analyze in item and comparison to Frankenstein.

aˆ¦ . about the fabulous entity Prometheus, he was the Titan God of premeditation who was responsible for the molding aˆ¦ . Prometheus was allocated this undertaking by Zeus.

aˆ¦ . Prometheus became progressively doting towards worlds. Zeus aˆ¦ tried to forestall work forces from holding certain power, aˆ¦ fire. However, Prometheus cared aˆ¦ and stole fire from Zeus ‘ lightening and gave it to the worlds disguised in a fennel chaff. Prometheus aˆ¦ aid adult male in a figure of other ways for which he was punished for.

aˆ¦ penalties was Zeus ‘ creative activity of the first adult female, Pandora whom he gave her as a bride to Prometheus ‘ brother, Epimetheus, aˆ¦ box which Zeus instructed Epimetheus ne’er to open. Nevertheless, aˆ¦ , Pandora opened the box and unleashed all the immoralities known to the human race including disease, dearth and natural catastrophes.

Therefore, this aˆ¦ a critical entity in the creative activity and development of world, Prometheus unwittingly caused great devastation. This construct aˆ¦ Frankenstein where Victor creates the animal nevertheless rejects it, aˆ¦ break in its life. Prometheus aˆ¦ punished for his actions by Zeus aˆ¦ chained to Mount Caucasus and an bird of Jove continually ate out his liver which would turn back each twenty-four hours.

I am now traveling to look at aˆ¦ used the word picture of persons in Frankenstein to symbolize thoughts or represent characters in the myth of Prometheus. aˆ¦ first comparing and aˆ¦ obvious usage of the myth is that the features of the one of the aˆ¦ Victor Frankenstein aˆ¦ Prometheus in the myth who is evidently the chief supporter.

For case, they are both really intelligent. Victor aˆ¦ wisdom aˆ¦ one of the greatest heads at Inglostadt. aˆ¦ more intelligent than most of his equals and had a comfortable hereafter in front of him. Professor Waldman, aˆ¦ Victor ‘s professors, stated that “ he has outstript us all ” , showing aˆ¦ learning ability even surpassed that of those who taught him. Matching to this, Prometheus was one of the cleverest and brightest heads in the celestial spheres. Even though he was less powerful, Prometheus was able to overreach Zeus on many occasions and proved that he had great cognition and penetration.

aˆ¦ illustration of his humor is where he fooled Zeus through world ‘s sacrificial rites. aˆ¦ juicy meat of an ox inside the liner of its tummy and the castanetss inside rich fat from the ox.

He so asked Zeus to take between the two sacrificial bundles and doubtless Zeus chose the apparently rich fat, nevertheless, was horrified to happen the uneatable castanetss inside the fat, go forthing worlds with the mineral rich meat. This thought taken from the myth demonstrates the aptitude of Prometheus, enabling Frankenstein to be seen as a direct representation of him.

Allied with this thought of Victor and Prometheus both being basically the “ Godheads ” in the two narratives ; I envisage Frankenstein ‘s creative activity to mean world in the Prometheus narrative.

Even though the crude world in the Prometheus myth was non hate-filled or vindictive like the creative activity, it represents an unwanted creative activity in the eyes of its Godhead, as Zeus, who instructed the creative activity of worlds, grew to contemn them.

In Frankenstein, despite the fact that Victor ever dreamed of conveying new life into the universe, he was horrified by what he saw as his creative activity opened its eyes. The contrast of his old exhilaration to his daze and disgust can be seen when detecting the undermentioned quotation marks:

The first citation is: “ the Moon gazed on my midnight labors, while, with unrelaxed and dyspneic avidity, I pursued nature to her hiding-places. ”

The usage of personification and linguistic communication in this infusion demonstrates how Victor worked hazardously through the dark and twenty-four hours to garner the needed stuffs to make his being. Therefore foregrounding the devotedness and enthusiasm he felt for his experiment. Contrasting to this, upon the waking up of his creative activity, Victor provinces:

“ unable to digest the facet of the being, I rushed out of the roomaˆ¦ . ”

After he “ saw the dull xanthous oculus of the animal ” ”

This usage of ocular imagination emphasises how the creative activity disgusted him and shows the hate he felt when he foremost laid eyes upon it. Victor can non bare the sight of his creative activity and rejects the being he had ever wanted to convey into the universe. This construct of rejection by one ‘s Godhead is echoed in the myth of Prometheus where, despite the fact that he ordered their creative activity, Zeus does non desire the human race to last and refuses to allow them any facet which would supply them with any sort of power.

This disregard demonstrated in the myth corresponds exactly to the abandonment of the animal by Frankenstein. This facet further displays how Shelley has related and intertwined the thoughts of the myth into her novel, enabling her to supply the disposed caption: “ The Modern Prometheus. ”

The following comparing between characters which I am traveling to analyze may look unlikely, nevertheless I feel, both persons had the same consequence in kernel in their several narratives. The Frankenstein novel starts with a series of letters from Robert Walton to his sister. Walton is an English Arctic adventurer who comes across the dog-tired Victor Frankenstein, who is in chase of the animal, and while recovering, tells his narrative. This facet of the novel is indispensable in understanding the comparing as I feel Walton symbolises Hercules in the myth of Prometheus.

Heracless and Walton are similar non in physical features or even mental features. However, in the myth, Hercules freed Prometheus from his bonds in the Caucasus Mountains and killed Zeus ‘ bird of Jove that ate Prometheus ‘ liver everyday, which was penalty for confering world with fire.

He stopped Prometheus ‘ agony and Walton did the same thing for Victor. Walton allowed Victor to state his narrative. That may non look of import, but for a individual who had to populate in secret and saw his full household dice, it can be seen as really of import.

The fact that Walton listened to Victor allowed him to decease more peacefully. Victor ‘s load of old ages of torture and emphasis was released onto Walton and made his ain decease easier. Walton and Hercules both freed the two from their physical and mental jobs. It is for this ground that I believe Mary Shelley modelled the character of Walton on that of Hercules in her novel.

Following on from the characters, I will convey my analysis of some of the subjects in Frankenstein and how they relate to the myth of Prometheus.

First, the subject of penalty for moving against natural cause or direction is cardinal to both Frankenstein and the myth of Prometheus. In Frankenstein, Victor uses all of his cognition to make life. He had followed the ancient humanistic disciplines of the natural scientific disciplines and achieved something that no person had done before which is conveying life into things which were antecedently non populating.

However, in my sentiment, I feel that Shelley is proposing he is moving against the natural cause of decease. He took upon the function of God even though that was non his original purpose. His act of playing God caused him to endure greatly. His full household was demolished by decease through his ain creative activity ‘s choler which was initiated as a consequence of its rejection by Victor. The defeat felt by the animal s highlighted through the violent death of Victors brother. After strangulating him to decease, the animal provinces:

“ I gazed on my victim, and my bosom swelled with jubilance and beastly triumphaˆ¦ ”

Shelley ‘s usage of this dark oxymoron to depict the decease of Victor ‘s brother William demonstrates how the animal appears to about bask taking retaliation on his Godhead and suggests that this is non his last act of retribution against Victor.

The decease of his household can be seen as his “ penalty ” for playing God or traveling against the natural order of decease. Prometheus was besides punished for traveling against an order, nevertheless his order was from Zeus ( King of the Gods ) , as in the myth he attempted to assist the human race on Earth by confering on adult male the gift of fire which was purely forbidden by Zeus. As penalty, Zeus had Prometheus chained to a extremum in the Caucasus Mountains where an bird of Jove continually ate out his renewing liver.

He was forced to endure for all of infinity until the reaching of Hercules. Both Frankenstein and Prometheus went against a superior order or cause and were punished for making so. Furthermore, the fact that in Frankenstein, Victor efficaciously causes his ain penalty and enduring implies that Mary Shelley is noticing on how positions on scientific discipline and even faith have changed.

By titling her novel “ The Modern Prometheus ” and detecting the subject of penalty, Shelley appears to be proposing that the construct of God has small relevancy in the modern-day society. The contrasting factor that in Frankenstein there is no God to penalize Victor suggests that God has been compromised in her “ Modern ” society.

Another construct in Frankenstein which can be related to the Prometheus myth was that both world and the creative activity of Victor were both brought to life through a specific instrument. Victor ‘s creative activity was brought to life through electricity. As electricity went through the creative activity ‘s organic structure, it was brought into being. Victor ‘s usage of electricity as a tool in conveying to life is demonstrated through the quotation. “

“ the instruments of life around me, that I might inculcate a flicker of being into the exanimate thing that lay at my pess ” .

The usage of affectional linguistic communication and ocular imagination used to depict the “ lifeless ” animal high spots Victor ‘s exhilaration every bit good as his usage of a “ flicker ” of electricity as a tool in giving life to his creative activity. In the myth of Prometheus, fire allowed world to develop in life and permitted them to turn, in bend helping their endurance, which Zeus did non desire. In Frankenstein, fire appears to be a metaphor for the yesteryear or antediluvian scientific discipline as it is used in the ancient myth of Prometheus.

Electricity aˆ¦ . demonstrate modern-day scientific discipline. By utilizing these metaphors, Shelley aˆ¦highlighting some of the alterations which are happening in her modern society and aˆ¦ older impressions have been replaced by new aˆ¦ via media of God which I antecedently stated.

To reason, I aˆ¦utilises the myth of Prometheus in item through the usage of symbolic mention, metaphors and aˆ¦conveyed through the subjects and characters of Frankenstein. Iaˆ¦ Frankenstein provides a compelling fable of both the myth of Prometheus every bit good as some of Mary Shelley ‘s positions which remark on the scientific discipline and modern-day development in her society.

It is from my old analysis of the subject of penalty in Frankenstein aˆ¦ infer some of Shelley ‘s possible logical thinking behind aˆ¦ linked Frankenstein to the myth of Prometheus in such an expressed manner. The subject of penalty aˆ¦ reflected from the myth to Frankenstein indicates that Mary Shelley is aˆ¦ how society or certain modern-day scientists possibly should be punished when tampering with creative activity.

Alternatively to thisaˆ¦ seen that Mary Shelley is connoting that through interfering with creative activity, major negative reverberations will happen.

One of these modern-day scientists aˆ¦ noticing on was Luigi Galvani aˆ¦ experiments on “ the resurgence of dead carnal tissue ” in 1791. .. .with “ carnal electricity ” which was transferred from the encephalon to other variety meats through nervousnesss.

This method is alarmingly… Victor Frankenstein brings to life his “ animal ” and may hold been aˆ¦ influence in why Shelley used the myth of Prometheus in her novel.

Personally, I agree with these positions and believe that aˆ¦ applied in today ‘s society aˆ¦animal rights militants for illustration, aˆ¦ against scientist ‘s work with cloning, aˆ¦ likewise to Victor Frankenstein are efficaciously playing God through creative activity.


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