The Nokia Swot Analysis Marketing Essay

Nokia is a Finnish company, one of the largest companies of the telecommunication equipment sector. It ‘s one of the most celebrated trade names and its presence can be noted in many local markets. Its mission is to “ link people ”[ 1 ].

But recently, Nokia registered losingss of one million millions of dollars. It seems that it is populating rough times, it ‘s losing its popularity and go forthing infinite to other “ giants ” ( Apple, Google and Samsung ) , Nokia is barely seeking to suppress the smartphone market. So, the ex-world ‘s biggest marketer of nomadic phones fell from the top and is in diminution. Obviously, the lessening matched with the spreading of the smartphones on the market.

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So, that we can understand the place on market of Nokia, we are traveling to do a SWOT analysis of the company to see why Nokia has lost its popularity and besides what it can make to better and to maintain the measure with other of import mobile phone companies.


With a really easy to utilize and procure merchandises, Nokia phones have ever delighted a strong and profitable connexion with the web service suppliers and cell phone traders. With low-cost monetary values comparatively to other trade names, Nokia was the first pick when about purchasing phone ( and is still is on some markets and sectors ) . For illustration, in Romania, for about all contracts ( Orange, Cosmote, Vodafone ) there was a Nokia phone that you could purchase for a really small sum of money or you could acquire it even for free. So, the balance between quality and monetary value is really favourable.

Nokia merchandises are celebrated for their dependability and lastingness. Talking about the quality of the batteries, is good known that the stand-by clip of the Nokia phones is one of the lasting.

Now talking about mapping system, Nokia is the best. So, concentrating specifically on public presentation it should be clear that Samsung has non his ain function solution, and therefore makes usage of Google services while Nokia has a alone package offer. Although the other rivals ( Apple, Samsung ) provide maps for Europe and North America, in the remainder of the coverage countries the maps are really uneven. Merely Nokia covers more than 110 states for which it provides pilotage characteristics, followed far behind by Apple, and most late Google.[ 2 ]Nokia shops the maps on the phone and can be downloaded for free from all states available. In the other two platforms, it is non possible. Apples force its users to remain connected ( bad thought if you travel abroad ) and Google allows us to download but limitedly. Nokia has besides one of the best Research & A ; Development sectors.


First of all, one of the failings that Nokia Mobile phones have, is the design. Nokia ‘s design might non be every bit attractive as it is Apple ‘s or Samsung ‘s.

Furthermore, another failing might be considered the fact that Nokia does n’t offer considerable price reductions for old phones. I believe there are still people in this universe who are interested in purchasing older theoretical accounts of nomadic phones. Not everyone wants or affords to purchase a smartphone.

Third failing in our SWOT analysis is the little figure of service centres. Sing how of import and known is the company, Nokia ‘s service centres should n’t be less of import.

Last but non least, Nokia seems “ to endure ” from a certain deficiency of other types of merchandises. We all know that Apple and Samsung for case, have other types of merchandises every bit good. Apple has mobile phones, laptops, mp3 participants and Samsung has TVs, nomadic phones, digital cameras. Nokia on the other manus, makes merely nomadic phones which are no longer plenty in order to vie.


China, India and Latin America are some markets where Nokia could spread out and increase its gross revenues. These parts and besides the developing states offer immense market chances. It ‘s of import to cognize that take downing the monetary value of the phones or merely offering some publicities, Nokia could increase its affordability for some market zones and sectors.

Besides the European integrating and the creative activity of European Single Market and the Euro Zone can be a great chance for Nokia to spread out its concern.

The relationship between Nokia and Microsoft that is announced to be a long term partnership ( Nokia smartphones following the new Windows 7 runing system ) . Microsoft is the leader in package country and this manner could vie against Apple ‘s market-leading iPhone. This is a prove of invention and new engineerings.

Nokia could besides take advantage on the extension of on-line market and do a more effectual advertizement and a better market communicating.


Equally far as this portion of the analysis is concerned, we should first take into consideration the rivals. If ten old ages ago, Nokia did n’t see to hold so many rivals on the market, today Nokia has plentifulness. Amongst them, Apple and Samsung are the strongest.

Talking about the developing states like China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan which have an tremendous demand potency ( fact considered as an chance ) , that could be besides a dainty in order to run into it because they are developing their ain trade names. This leads us really to another menace which is the monetary value. There is a monetary value force per unit area sing nomadic phones that is acquiring higher and higher presents. Everyone is looking for cheaper and better phones.

As concluding solution, we consider that Nokia should follow an violative scheme ( S-O ) and to believe positively. They could diversify their portfolio of merchandises, to do more attractive 1s.

Another solution in order to get away the diminution, is that the R & A ; D section work in order to detect a battery for the smartphones or laptops that could last more than what we have really on the market.



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