The Objectification In Lolita English Language Essay

In the novel, Lolita, the supporter Humbert Humbert, who speaks through the writer Vladimir Nabokov, objectifies the females who have played functions in his life. He goes through his life utilizing people as pawns in a drama in order to try to animate his first love. He invents originative names for these people therefore roasting, dissing and dehumanising them. He has nonreversible relationships and seldom stops to believe about how his actions are impacting others emotionally. In so making, he can go on utilizing people without experiencing overly guilty. In add-on, he objectifies himself to seek to convert himself and others that he is a victim, and hence, non wholly responsible for the offenses he commits.

Humbert Humbert fell in love with Annabel Leigh when they were both 12 old ages old. She is the lone female that he treats like a individual. He recounts their love matter in agonising item retrieving their beautiful, albeit frustrating, love matter. After Annabel Leigh ‘s decease, Humbert begins sorting female kids as either “ nymphets ” or as human small misss. He defines a “ nymphet ” by stating that “ between the age bounds of nine and fourteen at that place occur maidens who, to certain ensorcelled travellers, twice or many times older than they, uncover their true nature which is non human, but nymphic ( that is, demoniac ) ; and these chosen animals I propose to denominate as ‘nymphets ‘ “ ( Nabokov 16 ) . By making these types of animals, Humbert Humbert is warranting his hereafter actions and behaviour by puting the incrimination on the “ nymphet ” instead than on himself. In other words he is stating that he has fallen under her enchantment and is, therefore, helpless to defy her enticements.

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Humbert Humbert ‘s first case of exteriorizing adult females shows up even before the nymphets – with his female parent. He ne’er names his female parent, and his description of her decease is besides instead cold ; merely two words ; “ field day, lightning ” ( Nabokov 10 ) . He states that “ nil of her subsists within the hollows and dingles of memory ” ( Nabokov 10 ) , which is instead rough. He has no emotion for her, and he justifies this by stating it was because she died when he was merely three old ages old.

Humbert chooses Valeria, his first married woman, because she looks like a nymphet. On their nuptials dark Humbert Humbert was satisfied with Valeria. In taking her, he was “ looking for a soothing presence, a canonized pot-au-feu, an alive merkin, and the imitation she gave of a small miss ” ( Nabokov 25 ) . Shortly thenceforth he realized that she was non a nymphet and to Humbert she became “ a big, bouffant, short-legged, big-breasted and practically headless baba ” ( Nabokov 26 ) . After Valeria admitted to holding an matter and their matrimony ended, Humbert references that Valeria and her hubby moved to America where they were used as an experiment that “ dealt with human and racial reactions to a diet of bananas and day of the months in a changeless place on all 4s ” ( Nabokov 30 ) . Therefore, in Humbert ‘s head, Valeria alterations from an about nymphet to person fat and stupid and, finally, to something amusing and about animal-like.

The following important adult female in Humbert ‘s life is Charlotte Haze. Charlotte is a widow who owns the embarkation house to which Humbert has been recommended. He stays in her unsavory and instead mussy get oning house in order to acquire near to Dolores Haze, Charlotte ‘s nymphic girl. When he foremost meets Charlotte, he is non at wholly attracted to her and refers to her as “ the Haze adult female ” ( Nabokov 40 ) , “ fat Haze ” ( Nabokov 43 ) , and even worse “ the old cat ” ( Nabokov 47 ) . After get marrieding her so that he could stay close to Dolores, he refers to Charlotte as “ she of the baronial mammilla and monolithic thigh ” ( Nabokov 76 ) . Bing impatient to hold a relationship with Dolores ( aka Lolita ) , Humbert fantasizes about killing his married woman when they are at the lake. During this phantasy, he refers to Charlotte as “ the confined cadaver ” ( Nabokov 86 ) and a “ trusting and gawky seal ” ( Nabokov 87 ) . Slightly subsequently in their matrimony, Charlotte reads Humbert ‘s journal in which he confesses to his attractive force to Lolita. Charlotte becomes enraged and Humbert refers to her as “ the huffy bitch ” ( Nabokov 97 ) . He farther dehumanizes her after she was run over by a auto by depicting the top of her caput as “ a porridge of bone, encephalons, bronzy hair and blood ” ( Nabokov 98 ) . She was ever merely an object to Humbert ; a agency in which he could accomplish his end of staying close to his nymphet. However, at this point in the book, Charlotte has been reduced to an inhuman and abhorrent mass on the street in forepart of their place.

Humbert objectifies his 3rd and most important miss, Dolores Haze, by seldom mentioning to her by her existent name. He gives her monikers such as “ L. ” ( Nabokov 45 ) , ” Lo ” ( Nabokov 9 ) , “ Lola ” ( Nabokov 9 ) , “ Lolita ” ( Nabokov 9 ) , and “ Dolly ” ( Nabokov 9 ) ; in fact, he has over 50 monikers for her. He does non believe of her as the individual she is, Dolores Haze. Alternatively, she is merely his compulsion, Lolita, the nymphet and embodiment of his Annabel Leigh. He even blurs the line between the two misss when he takes Lolita to the beach in an effort to animate his past experience with Annabel by mentioning to Lolita as “ Annabel Haze, alias Dolores Lee, alias Loleeta ” ( Nabokov 167 ) . When he foremost meets Lolita, Humbert refers to her as his “ warm-colored quarry ” ( Nabokov 49 ) . At one point when mentioning that she was conceived during the Hazes ‘ honeymoon trip to Mexico, he equates her to the “ Mexican rubbish ” ( Nabokov 36 ) or novelties ( Nabokov 57 ) that adorns/adorn their life room. In bespeaking his fervent desire for her, he refers to Lolita as “ Hot small Haze ” ( Nabokov 57 ) , “ my distant aureate end ” ( Nabokov 59 ) , “ my loath pet ” ( Nabokov 164 ) , “ my filly ” ( Nabokov 234 ) , and “ the vile and beloved slattern ” ( Nabokov 236 ) . He therefore reduces her to a mark, an animate being, and a lower-class cocotte. Notably, after Lolita runs off and is married to Dick Schiller, Humbert eventually tracks her down and while he is in their house calls her “ Dolly Schiller ” ( Nabokov 270 ) . This is every bit near as he gets to mentioning to Lolita by her name, nevertheless this name is so different from all the other descriptive names he invented for her that she is transformed into a mere, pregnant homemaker with an uneducated hubby. He farther debases his once cherished Muse by saying that “ Charlotte Haze rose from her grave ” ( Nabokov 275 ) when he sees Lolita smoking a coffin nail. Thus Lolita has fallen from idol position to being equated with her female parent who has already been dreadfully and awfully dehumanized by Humbert. In the celebrated essay, “ Lolita Lepidoptera ” by Diana Butler, the writer claimed that the thin line between normal females and nymphets has many similarities to the thin line between moths and butterflies. Though Nabokov himself dismissed the essay as factually wrong ( Gold 198 ) , Butler ‘s thesis is however challenging. Humbert ‘s esteem of Lolita and other nymphets and his desire to roll up them as pets surely echoes the behaviour of an recreational butterfly aggregator or as Butler more compactly puts it, “ [ aˆ¦ ] As portion of an luxuriant literary game, small Dolores Haze is a butterfly. ” ( Roth 60 ) .

After Lolita escapes from Humbert ‘s appreciation, he meets Rita. He begins his relationship with Rita by mentioning to her as the “ sweetest, simplest, gentlest, dumbest Rita conceivable ” ( Nabokov 259 ) . He farther diss her mind by saying that compared to Rita, Valeria was Schlegel, ( a German bookman ) and Charlotte was Hegel, ( a German philosopher ) . After holding a battle with a adult male who maintained he was Rita ‘s former classmate, Humbert references that he “ walked her and aired her a small ” ( Nabokov 263 ) . This makes Rita sound like she ‘s either an animate being or a carpet or some other object that needs to be tended.

Humbert Humbert besides objectifies himself in order to look less responsible for the condemnable Acts of the Apostless of which he is guilty, and so the reader can be sympathetic towards him. He has a batch of monikers for himself every bit good. He starts off with names like “ Humbert the hurt spider ” ( Nabokov 54 ) and “ Humbert the low ” ( Nabokov 54 ) , which evoke emotion in the reader and do him look trapped by his nymphet. His ain monikers besides tend to be less take downing that those of his adult females. With names like “ Humbert the hound ” ( Nabokov 60 ) , “ Herr Doktor Humbert ” ( Nabokov 111 ) , “ Bert ” ( Nabokov 192 ) and “ Mr. Haze ” ( Nabokov 194 ) , he creates the feeling that he ‘s merely a normal adult male despite the fact that he ‘s a self-proclaimed paedophile and liquidator. Many critical observers on the fresh note that Humbert is about a solipsist in the grade to which he makes the full universe revolve around him and his caprices. Critical observers such as Alfred Appel, Jr. and Elizabeth Prioleau note that mirrors play a major function throughout Lolita, whether they are actual mirrors ( such as the legion mirrors found in the Enchanted Hotel, where Lolita and Humbert begin their sexual relationship ) or more nonliteral mirrors in the signifier of doppelgangers, such as Humbert and Quilty. Priloeau takes the metaphor more literally and argues that, for most of the book, Humbert basically lives in a mirror universe and merely rejoins world at the terminal, when he realizes that he destroyed and stole Lolita ‘s childhood ( 4-11 ) . There is so the affair of Humbert ‘s manner of composing. As noted by Dana Brand, Humbert ‘s authorship is distraught, flowery and cluttered with poetic allusions. Brand suggests that Humbert prose is so violet ; he may be covering, seeking to convert himself and his readers that his emotions are all wholly echt. Another issue to reference is his blazing denial when he claims that he is “ non a condemnable sexual sociopath taking indecorous autonomies with a kid ” ( Nabokov 150 ) . He besides states right after that “ [ T ] he raper was Charlie Holmes ; I am the healer – a affair of nice spacing in the manner of differentiation. I am your daddum, Lo ” ( Nabokov 150 ) . And in order to warrant this claim, he quotes a book that says “ the normal miss is normally highly dying to delight her male parent ” ( Nabokov 150 ) . Here, he is highly despairing to warrant his holding sex with a twelve-year-old, and it truly shows the reader that he ‘s non the normal adult male he wants to portray. He is non merely a pedophiliac at this point, but besides a raper and kidnaper, and the reader sees it all here, but still his appeal and humor still pull off to score the reader in a similar mode to how he seduces his victims. But he ‘s non a psychopath wholly devoid of all human emotion. He realizes his ain mistakes in a few minutes of lucidity which he indicates with monikers such as “ the authoritarian old male parent ” ( Nabokov 242 ) “ demented ” ( Nabokov 253 ) and “ lunatic ” ( Nabokov 257 ) .

Throughout the fresh Lolita, Humbert Humbert objectifies many of the people he encounters. He claims that because of his unconsummated love matter with Annabel Leigh at the stamp immature age of 12 that he is stuck in the past and can non retrieve from his lecherousness for immature misss. In this manner he is keeping that his subsequent behaviour is neither of his ain choosing nor his mistake. He is really originative in contriving descriptive monikers for the persons he meets throughout his life. The nicknames he chooses are dissing, humourous, endearing and take downing. They serve the intent of giving the reader an penetration into Humbert ‘s anguished and distorted head. The reader laughs at one point and calls out with disgust at another. However, these monikers function as a manner of transforming a human being from a individual with emotions to a unidentified marionette or object. In this manner, Humbert can distance himself from his victims and non go emotionally involved with them because they are simply things for him to utilize and mistreat in any manner that helps him accomplish his seamy end.



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