“The Obliteration Of Innocence



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January 29, 2002.

“The Obliteration of Innocence”.

The short story, “A Stolen Party,” illustrates how a child’s innocence and happiness can be ruined because of inequality and injustice. In this story, Rosaura, the maid’s daughter is invited to Luciana’s birthday party. Throughout the story, the author illustrates the foreshadowing of the story’s situation throughout many events that take place in the story; enabling the reader to have an idea of the outcome of the story’s situation.

In the beginning of the story, the young girl, Rosaura is invited to Luciana’s birthday party. Her mother, however is not too happy about this and starts yelling at her daughter when the event is first mentioned. Because Luciana’s mother Senora Ines is the mother’s employer, the mother immediately dislikes her daughter attending a “rich people’s party.” The mother puts Rosaura down, and tells her that she’s foolish for believing anything that she’s told, right after Rosaura had gushes to her about the monkey that would be at the party. The mother puts her down and tells her that they don’t look at her as Luciana’s friend but instead of as the “maid’s daughter.” As her mother argues, Rosaura gets deeply offended and doesn’t like the way her mother was talking. She believes that it was very unfair for her mother to accuse other people as liars simply because they were rich.

Later on in the story, on the day of the birthday party, Rosaura gets dressed up with the help of her mom and then attends Luciana’s party. Rosaura is extremely excited about the monkey that will show up later on at the party. She asks Luciana about it and then is told that it is in the kitchen. Rosaura sneaks into the kitchen to admire it as it sits in its cage. Luciana had earlier whispered to her that only she can go in the kitchen to see it.



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