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April 14, 2019 Management

The unstable economic condition that cause fluctuation of USD which lead to rises in material and production cost. US is a key market for glove industry and has contribute parts of the market share of Malaysia industries. High latex price also is the one of the problem faced by Hartalega. The prices are volatile due to quantity of supply factor that influencing the price movement. During dry season in Malaysia and Thailand, the output of latex is slowing down and that cause the increases price of latex compare to other season. Even though Top Glove is the industry leader, but recent research showed that Hartalega has had taking on Top Glove in term of success on the R&D. Hartalega can use it as their strength to overcome the increases of costs. For example, to decrease the manufacturer cost, Top Glove has ventured upstream into rubber plantation to secure stable latex supply. Hartalega can take it as an example to follow in order to prevent from any decreasing in profit because of other rises.

By accessing the competitive position of the firm, the organization able to more accurately forecast both its short and long-term growth and its potential profit. Hartalega is the world’s largest glove manufacturer where Top Glove is the industry leader. Although Hartalega not industry leader but in term of quality, Hartalega generating more high-quality gloves with its new automated production lines and glove removal system. Production efficiency one of the factor that can influence the company’s cost, profit and growth. Well managed in operating could result a better performance. Hartalega able to produce 40,000 pieces of gloves per hour. These technologies make Hartalega to become the world’s largest synthetic glove manufacturer. To maintain as a largest manufacturer, Hartalega should more alert on the changes of technology.

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The management for the human capital within the organization is vital for the organization to develop competitive advantage so that the organization can compete with their competitors. The organization needs to determine whether their workers are capable, skillful and experience or not because this is the factor that can influence on company’s growth. The more effective the management of human capital, the easier the firm to achieve success in the industry and also it will improve the performance in terms of operating, sales and profit of the company. Basically, Hartalega’s customer are generally on the international market where they export their products to gain more profit, by having this performance, Hartalega able to expand their business and generate more profit.


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