The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey

April 22, 2018 Management

In the book, The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, it shows how if you are overwhelmed with problems, you can control it. It stresses the key concepts of time management and shows you how to focus on the tasks that you need to focus on. The main point is to show how managers can start taking the load off of their own backs and start giving other workers responsibility. This is shown by how the manager starts to take on to many “Monkeys” on his own and can’t seem to find time for himself anymore. I feel that this is how many people are in today’s society and they just can’t seem to figure it out.

In the beginning of the book we learn about a manager who is struggling to stay ahead in his career just like many managers today. He worked hard like he should be but he was starting to realize that no matter how much time and effort he put toward his job, he could never seem to get ahead. This is when he learns about monkey management. This showed him that if he stopped taking the work from people below him, they would learn to be better at managing their own “Monkeys” and it took a major load off of his back.

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The performance of his company increased dramatically because he had less to do and his employees were able to do what they are hired to do. Triumph of technique over purpose is a key point expressed in this reading. This talks about how someone can be doing more work but accomplishing less, all because they are not utilizing the resources given to them. Managers are so focused on the tasks that they need to complete; they forget to take care of the things that they should be doing as a manager.

When a manager isn’t consistently worried about all the work he is supposed to accomplish it gives him the opportunity to plan and coordinate like he is supposed to. The monkey is something that they use to describe the tasks a person has on him, they describe these tasks to be like have a monkey on your back. If you give some work to someone else, the weight of the monkey gets lighter and allows you to take care of more things that need to be done. The book gives four simple rules in order to manage this monkey without being accused of passing unwanted work to someone else.

Rule number one is describing the monkey. This tells that it must be clear between a manager and a staff member what the next moves will be. The second rule stated is assigning the monkey. This rule says that monkeys shall be taken care of by the lowest organizational level possible in order to keep things running smoothly. Rule number three is insuring the monkey. This means that if the monkey leaves your back and is put on a member of your staff, then you either need to recommend, then act or act, then advise.

Finally the fourth rule of monkey management is to check up on the monkey. This means the manager must check up to make sure that everything is going smoothly and getting done. Just taking the time to complete this list of rules helps to avoid a build-up of monkeys. These are all rules that I feel if applied correctly, can guide me to become a successful manager in my future. This book shows that if tasks get done right and at the right time, the stress you will take on as a manager is reduced immensely.

This will also help improve the productivity of your company as well, just by doing these simple tasks. I know that after reading this book I have a good idea of how to manage my tasks when I am in the position that requires me to be a manager of a company. If I would not have read this book I think I would be in the same position as this manager, trying to juggle all of my tasks and never seeming to get ahead. Thankfully I now know how to successfully manage my monkey and will be able to be a great manager when the time comes.


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