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The competitive strategy used by Huggies is focused on cost. This is because Huggies are aimed at families with babies or families with babies. Huggies only produce products for babies, such as diapers and baby wipes. Therefore, it is already clear that the market goal is parents. All parents will carefully evaluate the quality of the products used by the baby and choose the most suitable for the baby to ensure that the baby uses the safest and healthiest products.

In my opinion, Huggies use this focused on cost strategy to make Huggies more and more successful in the field of infant care. For example, in 1989, Huggies launched growth pants, setting a milestone in the field of infant care. Huggies also introduced wet wipes for babies in 1990 and launched a large baby shower gel in 2004. Huggies has always focused on improving the product to get more parent support and confidence in the huggies product. Over the past few years, Huggies has made breakthroughs again and again, and has introduced more and more baby-specific care products, and the reputation has become better and better.

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In addition, the costed focusing strategy used by huggies is that all Huggies products are priced lower than other infant care brands. In this way, almost every family can afford Huggies products regardless of their personal income. Even though the price of Huggies is already low compared to other brands, huggies often hold various offers to



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