The Outbreak Of WWI An Accident History Essay

The blackwash of Archduke Franz Ferdinand occurred on 28th June 1914. It can be argued that the Archduke ‘s blackwash has led to the thought that the eruption of World War One ( WWI ) was an accident, an event that led to the greatest war the universe had of all time seen at that point. However, no individual event can be entirely responsible for doing such annihilating effects. There were other factors that led to the Great War, tensenesss that had been constructing for some clip, a consequence of issues derived chiefly from the past centuries imperialism and the rapid industrialization that was altering the face of the universe.

Alliances between states had been taking to and doing clash between European states for rather a period of clip, viz. between the old ages 1879 and 1914. These confederations were cardinal in factoring towards the eruption of World War One. Furthermore, a complicated web of confederations across Europe was in topographic point in 1914. The chief confederations on either side were ; The Triple Alliance ( 1882 ) , which was an confederation between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, which stopped Italy from taking sides with Russia and The Triple Entente that, was made between Britain, Russia, and France to counter the increasing menace from Germany. At the point of the eruption of war, it was highly clear who would be allied with one another. The edifice tensenesss between states factored towards the eruption of WWI, whilst the confederations in topographic point throughout Europe contributed towards the size and graduated table of the First World War.

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Another cardinal factor that contributed towards the eruption of WWI was militarism. States competed were viing with one another in footings of military art. The period predating WWI has been called & A ; lsquo ; The Arms Race ‘ . In kernel, the large four powers of Europe ; Britain, France. Germany and Italy were viing to construct the most effectual battlewagon. & A ; lsquo ; If Archduke Franz Ferdinand had been assassinated in 1904 or even in 1911, Herrmann speculates at that place might hold been no war ; it was the armaments race and the guess about at hand or preventive wars which made his decease in 1914 the trigger for war’ . Furthermore, the German naval construct up is seen by some historiographers as the principal cause of deteriorating Anglo-German dealingss.

The eruption of the First World War occurred at a clip of imperiums and imperialism. Furthermore, many of the economic causes of WWI can be attributed to a turning stuff dependence of progressing European states on patriotism. France and Great Britain, for illustration maintained domestic economic systems and accumulated great wealth in the late nineteenth Century through trade, and their control of foreign resources, markets, districts and people. Furthermore, Germany being a late reaching on the universe phase, had a really modest imperium compared to that of Britain or France. It was besides locked out of the most valuable colonial parts in Africa and the Far East. There was besides an disturbance in the trade balance with the rapid exhaustion of natural resources in many European states. This exhaustion of natural resources made many states eager to seek new districts rich in such resources. Out of this bitterness intense competitions developed between the emerging economic powers and the & A ; lsquo ; great ‘ powers.

Patriotism was another deep rooted factor that contributed to the eruption of WWI. In Germany for illustration, Foreign Minister Bernhard Von Bulow adopted a policy called Weltpolitik in 1897. This policy aimed to seek & amp ; lsquo ; Germany ‘s topographic point in the sun’ commensurate with its lifting industrial strength, viz. by the creative activity of a colonial power to equal those of other powers. Furthermore, Germany ‘s Weltpolitik policy contributed towards the weaponries race, another cardinal factor in the eruption of the First World War. When Wilhelm II became the new Kaiser in 1888 he had really different purposes for German diplomatic negotiations. Weltpolitik was basically a program that aimed to do Germany a big, strong and unbeatable imperium in every possible manner. The Agadir crisis was the international tenseness sparked by the deployment of a German gunboat to the Moroccan port of Agadir on July 1, 1911. The Agadir crisis occurred as a consequence of both imperialism and patriotism. The Triple Entente came into drama during this crisis with Britain at France ‘s assistance as it had been in the first Moroccan crisis. Furthermore, on 21st July David Lloyd George delivered the Mansion House address in which he declared that national honor was more cherished than peace ;

& A ; lsquo ; If Britain is treated severely where her involvements are vitally affected, as if she is of no history in the cabinet of states, so I say decidedly that peace at that monetary value would be a humiliation intolerable for a great state like ours to digest ‘

The address was interpreted by Germany as a warning that she could non enforce an unreasonable colony on France. Furthermore the Balkan wars are normally seen as an of import precursor to WWI, to the extent that & amp ; lsquo ; Austria-Hungary took dismay at the great addition in Serbia ‘s district and regional status’ . Germany besides shared this concern, which saw Serbia as a & A ; lsquo ; orbiter of Russia ‘ . These events factored towards the eruption of the First World War in the sense that Serbia ‘s rise in power contributed to the two cardinal powers willingness to declare war following the blackwash of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

However, in footings of a counter-argument it can be argued that the eruption of WWI was an accident, as from surface value it appears to hold been sparked by a comparatively little event in comparing to the desolation and convulsion that occurred afterwards. On 28th June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand inheritor to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his married woman Sophie, were assassinated in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. The bravo ‘s ultimate end was the separation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and perchance other states from Austria-Hungary and attachment to Serbia to organize a greater Serbia or a Yugoslavia. This event basically led to a concatenation reaction influenced by the confederations between the chief European powers. The confederations made prior to the blackwash of the Archduke meant that states were obliged to travel to war. Therefore, Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia in revenge for the blackwash ; Russia intervened to assist the Serbians. Germany joined forces with Austria-Hungary, and France and Britain were bought in as a consequence of The Triple Entente an confederation between Britain, France and Russia.

So in decision, I personally believe that the eruption of WWI was non an accident to any extent. It was a consequence of deep-seated factors that had been constructing tensenesss for some clip, sparked off by a individual event ( the blackwash of the Archduke ) If other factors such as imperialism, patriotism, etc, did non come into drama so World War One would about surely ne’er have occurred. The nature of the period itself, really much a period about unbelievable power and wealth, a consequence of rapid colonization and industrialization would hold besides been a taking factor towards the eruption of World War One.


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