The Outcasts of Poker Flat Review Essay

August 9, 2017 General Studies

The Outcasts of Poker Flat and the Metaphor of Texas Hold ‘em The narrative of “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” by Bret Harte is a attractively written narrative about a character named Mr. John Oakhurst. During the narrative. Oakhurst is placed through a assortment of state of affairss that finally lead to his elusive decease. The narrative of “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” follows as a analogue to the game of Texas Hold ‘em in a really alone manner. In the game of Texas Hold ‘em. every participant is given two cards.

This states the metaphor for where Mr. Oakhurst is presently at and what variables he has been given. In the beginning of the narrative Mr. Oakhurst is known to be a professional gambler and he has been kicked out of the town of Poker level along with a few more Outcasts named the Duchess. Mother Shipton. and a adult male named Uncle Billy. Sing the fact they have been kicked out of the community. they now have to venture to the closest town. over a scope of mountains. named Sandy Bar ( 1. 2 ) . They have a limited supply of goods to do it at that place. and these are the cards they have been given.

The following bend of events in the game of Texas Hold ‘em is called the “flop. ” In this bend. three cards are flipped over for everyone’s usage in hope that the gamblers will hold a better opportunity at winning the manus. These three cards are variables. The floating-point operation can sometimes profit the gambler. and the other clip the cards don’t aid at all. In the narrative. the variables given to Mr. Oakhurst are three hinderances. One variable in the narrative is during the center of the first dark there are some added invitees to the campground for the dark.

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These invitees are named Tom Simson and Piney Woods ( 3 ) . This makes the living state of affairs for the dark a little more hard. The 2nd variable happens in that same dark. Uncle Billy goes on his ain manner without the remainder of the castawaies. To do the state of affairs even worse. Uncle Billy took the mules from the castawaies ( 3 ) . Now. the people were without transit. The concluding variable in the floating-point operation is: there is a storm brewing for the campers and they had been snowed in ( 4 ) . Now in the game. it is up to the gamblers to throw in their french friess and wager if they can win the manus.

If the gambler doesn’t believe he can win the manus he has the option to turn up and discontinue betting. In this instance of the metaphor. this option would be to kill himself. In the case of John Oakhurst he decides to chance and go on on playing with the variables he has been given. The following and concluding bends of the game are called “the turn” and “the river. ” These bends are two more cards. and in the metaphor two more variables added to the state of affairs. For the gamblers it can be added confidence of the win. or it could be more elucidation that the gambler will non win.

In the instance of Mr. Oakhurst. “the turn” card is another ruin. Mother Shipton had folded her cards. She no longer could last the winter cold and deficiency of nutrient and supplies ( 6 ) . In Oakhurst’s frame of head this was an added desperation. Peoples were giving up and psychologically he was experiencing the same manner inside. It was now clip for the “River card” and it was the last stretch for Mr. Oakhurst. The added variable is that the storm continues to acquire worse ( 6 ) . Oakhurst is recognizing the badness of his state of affairs nevertheless he doesn’t Lashkar-e-Taiba that emotion show.

He lets the other gamblers continue on and he makes his last determination in the game. He folds his cards ( 7 ) . He had given up on the venture to Sandy Bar and decided that the manus he played was his last. The “Outcasts of Poker Flat” written by Bret Harte goes to demo sometimes many are given a lucky manus and sometimes a gambler is “struck with a run of bad luck” ( 7 ) . Mr. Oakhurst received the latter in this narrative due to his chancing ways. Through this statement one has seen that this narrative follows as a analogue to the game of Texas Hold ‘em in a really alone manner.


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