The painting Las Meninas Essay

October 8, 2017 General Studies

The picture Las Meninas ( The Maids of Honor ) ( see Figure 1 ) harmonizing to art critics is apogee of Velazquez’s calling. ( Brown. 1986 ) The canvas depicts the Infanta Margarita Maria. surrounded by her amahs of award ( meninas ) . her retainers. midget and buffoons. in an severe room in the Alcazar. The picture therefore reflects the popularity of midgets in seventeenth-century Spanish tribunals.

It shows Velazquez at his easel. with the members of the royal household and their attenders in his studio. but it is non clear whether he has shown himself at work on a portrayal of the male monarch and queen ( who are reflected in a mirror and are therefore both the theoretical accounts that Velazquez pigments and the viewing audiences of the picture ) when interrupted by the Infanta Margarita and her amahs of award. To accomplish his extraordinary diversion of world. Velazquez utilized all the resources of his art. The assortment of brushwork in his rendition of the figures. and the elusive drama of visible radiation in the infinite they inhabit. accomplish an semblance of deepness and ambiance.

In Las Meninas. Velazquez besides postulates the thought of the aristocracy of the art of painting through the presence in his workshop. existent and implied. of three members of the royal household. Velazquez’s prominence in the image seems to asseverate his ain importance and his pride in his art. but in the background he has included two images ( transcripts of plants by Rubens. as asserted by Brown ) demoing the ruin of persons who challenge the Gods in the humanistic disciplines. Apparently self-generated but in the highest grade worked out. it is both Velazquez’s most complex piece of portrayal and an look of the high claims he made for the self-respect of his art.

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