The Parthenon and Pantheon


The Parthenon represents a symbol for the metropolis of Athens every bit good as the highest point of the development of the Doric and Ionic order. It’s a construction which is the result of the work of designers and sculpturers such as Ictinus and Calicrates, Mnesicles and Phidias.Originally the Parthenon was a building dedicated to goddess Athena who was the city’s defender, although throughout the old ages it has besides served as a cathedral and a mosque.

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What makes the Parthenon the most distinguishable Doric edifice is its alone sculptural character showing the abstract and the animal every bit good the monumental and the delicate feelings through the eyes of the sculpturer Phidias.In comparing to the remainder of the Doric temples the Parthenon is the first one to incarnate Ionic elements in the design.Ictinus provided the inside of the Parthenon with four Ionic columns. In footings of materiality the Parthenon’s foundations were made out of limestone and the columns every bit good as the chief construction of the edifice is made out of Pentelic marble which was used for the really first clip in Grecian temple.You could depict the full Parthenon as a sculpture on its ain.


The most important symbol of Roman classicalism is the Pantheon in Rome commissioned by Hadrian ( the designer is unknown ) . It was constructed to observe the ancient Roman Gods.No other edifice since so had been designed in such a dramatic and olympian manner.The Pantheon is a combination of three truly of import elements of the architecture so, which are the creative activity of interior infinite, the concrete building every bit good as the endurance of classical signifiers.

The portico of the edifice has maintained the traditional manner of the temple at the clip, in contrast with the inside that is the most advanced design seen in history up to that point. One of the outstanding characteristics of the Pantheon is its manner of building.In order to minimise weight and mass its stuffs are used in altered combinations making six building beds get downing from the heaviest one the foundations and completing in the top one which is the dome.As a design it decidedly embodies the construct absolutely, the floor every bit good as the walls are enticed by the round bed of visible radiation from the dome on the really top making this sence of brotherhood between the Gods, nature, adult male and the province which was its original construct.

Decidedly the Pantheon and the Parthenon are the most famed memorials of the Western universe, stand foring absolutely the doctrine of the two different times and of class Roman and Greek classicalism.Both edifices are, in footings of proportions absolutely balanced and are an faultless combination of philosophical, mathematical, spiritual and political architecture.



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