The Petticoat Affair By John Marszalek English Literature Essay

Womans felt it was their responsibility to guard and protect the moral values of their society. he was to represent submissiveness, piousness, pureness, and domesticity, that is, she was to be the depository of goodness, thereby guaranting the endurance of a moral society despite the male onslaughts against it. ( P. 53 ) . Any divergence from accepted behaviour and society would see the wrongdoer as missing breeding. The wrongdoer would be ignored and belittled by those who considered themselves the societal elite. The writer shows the consequence these effects could hold non merely on a social degree, but on a political degree every bit good.

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. Nicknamed a??ld Hickory he became president in 1828 when he defeated John Quincy Adams. A few months after his triumph, his darling married woman Rachel Donelson Jackson died of a bosom onslaught. Feeling uneasy about her new function as a First Lady, she became disquieted about negative remarks made about her in a booklet. He ever felt that her decease was the direct effect of slander which he was ne’er able to forgive. During this clip, a friendly relationship he had with attorney John Henry Eaton was made even stronger by Jackson ‘s deep heartache.

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It was while going with Eaton that Jackson was to run into Margaret O’Neale Timberlake. Unbeknownst to Andrew Jackson at the clip, she would go a lasting portion of his life and bequest.

Margaret O’Neale Timberlake resided with her household in the Franklin House, which was a embarkation house for visitants go throughing through Washington, DC. ???argaret was an plus to the tap house. To name her a mere barmaid would be erroneous, but at that place seems small uncertainty that she helped suit her male parent ‘s thirsty patrons. ( P. 35 ) . Margaret really much enjoyed the conversations she would hold with the politicians who frequented the embarkation house.

Margaret was besides a really beautiful adult female who drew the attending of many work forces. She radiated a gender that many in society did non O.K. . She finally married John Bowie Timberlake, who was a purser in the Navy. Timberlake was good friends with John Henry Eaton, and while gone, he encouraged Eaton to look after his married woman. John Timberlake died at sea after sliting his ain pharynx. While comforting the grieving widow, John Eaton fell in love. He consulted with his good friend Andrew Jackson, seeking his blessing to suggest to Margaret. Jackson gave his approval and the brace was married less than a twelvemonth after Timberlake ‘s death. This was against social norms as an appropriate sum of clip to sorrow had non yet passed.

When Jackson was elected president, John Henry Eaton joined his cabinet as Secretary of War, despite turning resistance by other cabinet members and the populace. Many did non experience that Margaret was appropriate for the function of a Cabinet Lady. his Margaret Eaton was clearly a flooring individual. Accept this coarse, impure, frontward, worldly adult female, and the wall of virtuousness and morality would be breached and society would hold no farther defences against the forces of scaring change. ( P. 56 ) . Even Jackson ‘s ain niece and nephew refused to accept her. Peoples would non let Margaret into their genteel society. Margaret visited Vice President John C. Calhoun ‘s married woman, Floride, and left her naming card. ?“?loride Calhoun, the highest superior adult female related to the Jackson disposal, had decided to ignore Margaret Eaton. She saw it as a affair of award and etiquette. ( P. 54 ) .

On March 4, 1829, 1000s of people gathered for Jackson ‘s startup. Guns saluted and people cheered, nevertheless one individual was cryptically absent. President John Quincy Adams boycotted all the ceremonials. He was angry because Jackson did non pay him the accustomed visit before he took the curse of office. e„­ndrew Jackson had ignored a central regulation in etiquette, and proper society shuddered at the new president ‘s deficiency of gentility. ( P. 69 ) .

As Jackson ‘s presidential term progressed, clefts in the disposal worsened. Vice President Calhoun, defended province nullification which would see the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832, imposed by John Quincy Adams, as being void and nothingness within the province boundaries of South Carolina. Jackson was adamantly against province sovereignty. he president and frailty president, hence, disagreed on the really core significance of the authorities, and their difference shortly became dramatically evident for all to see. ( p.125 ) . With choler climaxing from their differences sing nullification, Jackson besides began to experience that Calhoun was behind the onslaughts on Margaret Eaton. He felt that the hapless intervention of Margaret was a thinly disguised artifice to coerce John Eaton out of his cabinet, thereby aching his disposal. It was besides his married woman, who refused to return Margaret ‘s visit.

Andrew Jackson focused most of his attending on the sensed wrongs of Margaret Eaton. A adult male of rule, he considered her a victim, and he hounded his household, cabinet and society to accept her. He fought to support her, exhausted clip seeking to expose false claims, and alienated those who would non flex to his point of position.

For a piece, Jackson had been doing empty menaces to fade out his cabinet if they did non get down handling Margaret Eaton more civilly. Martin Van Buren had treated Margaret Eaton kindly and with regard. He decided to vacate from his ain place within the cabinet. He felt he would earn more fondness from Jackson, while procuring more political favour from the voting populace. he disposal ‘s job would so be solved, Jackson would be thankful, and the populace would be impressed at his selflessness. ( p. 158 ) . At first, Jackson opposed the thought, nevertheless after being persuaded, he met with several other cabinet members to discourse their surrenders. In the terminal, cabinet members John Eaton, Martin Van Buren, Samuel Ingham, and John Branch resigned. John C. Calhoun resigned from his function of Vice President and returned to the Senate.

Upon the disintegration of the cabinet, John and Margaret Eaton went to Florida where he was Governor for a three twelvemonth term. They spent some clip in Europe sing England and Spain where Eaton was an Ambassador. Eaton besides began practising jurisprudence once more, reasoning instances before the Supreme Court.

In September 1856, John Eaton died. Margaret had been married to him for 26 old ages. Several old ages after his decease, on June 7, 1859, she married Antonio Buchignani, a 19 twelvemonth old dance teacher. They signed a premarital understanding, nevertheless, after several old ages of matrimony he stated that unless she gave him everything, he would return to Europe. She offered him half for a promise he would remain and he agreed. Subsequently he reiterated his demand for all of her money. Antonio and her measure granddaughter, ran off to Europe with her money, where they finally married. Margaret was ne’er able to retrieve financially.

Margaret was now entirely with the exclusion of a loyal grandson. She passed off on November 9, 1879. cs„ am non afraid to decease she said, ??±ut this is such a beautiful universe to go forth. ( p. 235 ) . Harmonizing to the imperativeness, her funeral was good attended. She was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery and placed following to John Eaton and near her girl and son-in-law.

The snubbing Jackson received when he did n’t do a call on John Quincy Adams, demonstrates that although adult females had their regulations and protocols for societal behaviour, so did work forces. Proper society was mortified at his deficiency of breeding.

I feel that although Margaret lived a different life, with opposing values, she was a merchandise of her environment. Bing raised in a embarkation house and working in a tavern, doubtless shaped who she was to go. Due to her beauty, he father saw her as an plus to his tavern during hard fiscal times. I ‘m certain her topographic point in society and her standing with the societal elite, was of small concern to her household who was seeking to forestall the merchandising or rental of their constitution.

I exhaustively enjoyed reading this book and felt that it complimented our category good. It ‘s sad that Jackson ‘s bequest has been marred by this dirt. I would hold liked for the writer to hold included more about Jackson ‘s achievements while in office.

Besides, I believe he gave excessively much information about people who were merely briefly mentioned in the book. I truly did n’t necessitate to cognize when Margaret ‘s parents married, how many kids they had, or that her two brother ‘s had attended West Point, but failed to graduate.

Bing outspoken, opinionated, and educated are no longer considered the same as being audacious, bold, or uncouth. Women no longer experience that they are the guards of morality, instead people are persons who make their ain picks and take their ain waies.



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