The Philippine Revolution Essay

August 6, 2017 General Studies

Spain maintained control of the Philippine Islands for more than three centuries and a half. During the Spanish colonisation of the Philippines we Filipinos lived in wretchedness. development. bondage and agony. Because of misconduct and maltreatments of the Friars and the Civil. exhausted the forbearance of the indigens and caused them to do a despairing attempt to agitate off the intolerable system so get downing the revolution to the Spanish colonial.

The Filipino Revolution ( Filipino: Himagsikang Pilipino ) was an armed military struggle between the people of the Philippines and Spanish colonial governments began in August 1896. upon the find of the anti-colonial secret organisation Katipunan which lead by Andres Bonifacio whose end was independency from Spain. This action leads other states to revolt and contend against Spaniards which in some events they won early triumphs but because of Bonifacio’s decease. Emilio Aguinaldo led his ain radical authorities.

Because of Spanish–American War and the US defeated the Spanish naval forces. Emilio Aguinaldo. on the side allied with the United States. returned to the Philippines and resumed belligerencies against the Spaniards so the Rebels had gained control over about all of the Philippines with the exclusion of Manila. Then Aguinaldo issued the Philippine Declaration of Independence and the First Philippine Republic was established. American helps the Philippines in so many ways. All this happened because of all the forfeits of our countrymen that offer their lives in order to give us our freedom.

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Bing a Filipino is of import. we should non be afraid to contend for our ain rights and state. to show what we feel and to be free. We should prize being who we are because being true to our ego. being a Filipino is adequate to protect everything we have. It would be nice to populate freely and pattern ourselves to be more responsible in our ain state. The hope of our countrymen is dependent on our dedicated group of leaders.


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