The Pilgrimage And The Canterbury Tales English Literature Essay

“ What was society like back in the late 1300s? ” you may inquire. “ I bet it was n’t that fun without electricity and telecasting. Would things that were amusing back so be funny for us now? ” Geoffrey Chaucer ‘s realistic description upon society within the narrative of The Canterbury Tales made the comedic word picture of life into a momentous narrative for all to read. The narrative in itself contains a myriad of narratives that is told by each single character partaking in the pilgrim’s journey to Canterbury, combined with some satirical facets. Chaucer ‘s usage of the narrative ‘s scene, elaborate character description, and secret plan all slightly correlated with what society must hold been like during his clip. Due to his originative digest of each and every narrative, The Canterbury Tales remains known as Chaucer ‘s best debut to his work.

Chaucer ‘s pick in scene was one facet that could associate to his society during his life-time. His thought of the pilgrim’s journey to Canterbury had placed the narrative within a specific period of clip which had prevented it from being implemented universally. Furthermore, in making so, the reader could deduce that the events described within each of the narratives were slightly a little description of what occurs within his society. The scene of the narrative ‘s beginning had placed all of the characters at an hostel in which they were all fixing to put Forth for a pilgrim’s journey to Canterbury. This thought of the pilgrim’s journey, which was by horseback, evidently restricts the narrative ‘s catholicity by that it describes a past where people still paid court to St. Becket. It has even been stated that:

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Chaucer had taken the scene for his narratives fresh from the Earth of his native England and had skilfully and vividly kept his storytellers in action that the history of the pilgrim’s journey to Canterbury was as much of a narrative as any one of the narratives told on the journey.

The scene of the narrative that Chaucer had chosen adequately depict his society in a assortment of ways.

Within the confines of the narrative, Chaucer had chosen to depict a legion figure of characters by their distinguishable features. These features could easy be inferred by the reader in the intent to detect how people of that clip period acted and dressed within society. Though, most of the descriptions were satirical ( such as for the reeve and forgiver ) some were really rather descriptive of the character and his/her function in society.

Among the remainder a Merchant besides came. He wore a bifurcate face fungus and a beaver chapeau from Flanders. [ aˆ¦ ] In figured fabric, his boots clasped handsomely, presenting his sentiments pompously, ever on how his additions might be increased. At all costs he desired the sea policed from Middleburg in Holland to Orwell. He knew the exchange rates, and the clip to sell Gallic currency.

With that given description the reader learned of some apparels that were worn at that clip and of the booming mercantile profession. Furthermore, each character ‘s description within the General Prologue seemed to hold influenced their narrative. The Miller was said to hold American ginseng and shouted his laies and gags of prostitutions and offenses, which both are coarse subjects to talk of. Not surprisingly, his narrative was about promiscuousness and obscene Acts of the Apostless including a adult male named Absolom snoging a adult female ‘s ( Alison ) bare rear. Ultimately, the narrative ended with Absolom scorching off a mass of Nicholas ‘ ( Alison ‘s secret lover ) buttocks with a searing Fe. Chaucer ‘s originative combination of sarcasm and elegant description is no admiration why this narrative is read to this really twenty-four hours.

Last, the secret plan of the narrative was the largest part upon The Canterbury Tales ‘ description of Chaucer ‘s society. The secret plan contained a great digest of narratives, each incorporating their ain narratives within themselves. The General Prologue began with everyone fixing to venture out for a pilgrim’s journey to Canterbury to pay court to the sufferer, St. Thomas Becket. As the storyteller enters the hostel and learns about the 29 other residents fixing for the trip to Canterbury besides, the reader discovers that a pilgrim’s journey to Canterbury is a wide-spread tradition for people within Chaucer ‘s society. After the storyteller specifically identifies and describes each of the 29 lodgers, the following twenty-four hours they leave for the pilgrim’s journey. The reader so learns what people did before wirelesss, cellular telephones, and iPods to go through the clip as the host challenges each character to state an entertaining narrative during the trip. After the knight had told his baronial narrative, the Miller decided to drunkenly give his narrative to “ even up the mark. ” The narrative was of a adult female named Alison who was holding an matter with her hubby for a immature pupil by the name of Nicholas. She besides caught the oculus of yet another adult male, a parish clerk by the name of Absolom, and though she found no involvement in him he was relentless to seek to get her love. One dark, he asked her for a buss, but merely received nil more than her bare underside to his face. In a secret plan for retaliation he came back with a “ coulter ” that had non cooled down and asked for a buss once more. This clip as Nicholas stuck out his rear and allow out a deafening flatus, “ off flew the tegument, a good handsbreadth of fat ballad bare, the Fe so scorched him where he sat. ” The coarse narrative of the Miller teaches the reader of how, even 100s of old ages ago, promiscuous actions had even taken topographic point within Chaucer ‘s society. In add-on, it showed that comedic narratives of times centuries ago can still be found as amusing to this really twenty-four hours. Though Chaucer ‘s overall secret plan is non found as one that can be implemented universally, its screaming sarcasm can still be found diverting to this really twenty-four hours.

Geoffrey Chaucer ‘s satirical narrative, The Canterbury Tales, genuinely is a dramatic wonder of Medieval Literature. The narrative could be used for non merely comedy alleviation to go through the clip with, but besides a gateway to a past society filled with long disregarded traditions and alone vesture. His clever thought of uniting a elaborate description upon his society and satirical comedy makes the over six hundred twelvemonth old digest of narratives a admiration for all to lay eyes on. The overall narrative ‘s scene, elaborate character description, and good though-out secret plan is why The Canterbury Tales, without hyperbole, is one of the really best ways to acquire lost within a past society.



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