the pilgrims regress

The Pilgrims Regress has many characters throughout the book so many that it would be a waste of time to name them all. However there are a few main characters that are present throughout the entire story. The first main character is 1) John-john is a young man who was raised in the city of puritania. At a young age john happens to see an island. This Island is so beautiful to him he must have it. This desire for the Island is what causes him to leave home and search for it. Another main character is the 2) Landlord- The landlord is the character who built the country that john lives in. He decided to share his beautiful country with people thus the tenants. The landlord has laid out specific rules that you must follow to live with him. The last main character is 3) Vertue-he is a young man about the same age as John. John happens to meet Vertue while he is on his journey. Vertue decides to go along with him and they become companions for the rest of the book.

This book takes place in a fictitious country that the landlord has built. It is round like the earth and even has some familiar names like the Grand Canyon. In the Far East are the mountains this is where the landlord lives and has a castle. The book does not give a specific time of when it takes place because it is all a part of C.S. Lewis” dream.

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The major conflict of The Pilgrims Regress is the search for the Island. As a child john saw what he thought was the island and in the book he is on a search for this island. On the way he meets many different people who represent the world’s views. He also meets some who are the landlords” tenants. At one point in the book John reaches a valley called Wisdom’s Valley he stays in that valley for some time and is finally convinced that his desire for the island is good but his hope is bad. The climax occurs when john and Vertue finally make it to the Landlords mountain and discover that they must go all the way back to cross over the creek to get there, Thus the Pilgrims Regress.



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